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JOSHUA AFRAHIM: Acquiring Bitachon That Brought Financial Miracles During COVID-RTH Podcast #10

In Episode 10 of the "Returning To HaShem" podcast we meet Joshua Afrahim--a Sephardic Jew, raised in a family that held on to traditional values but wasn't fully observant. Public school life and adherence to only some mitzvot were the norm. Marriage and the birth of his first child stirred in him a longing — a need for his family to embrace the richness of Judaism, fearing assimilation and intermarriage.

His prayers for guidance were soon answered when he stumbled upon Rabbi Yaron Reuven's riveting lectures on Bitachon. The profound realization dawned on Joshua: God wasn't just the Creator but the ever-watchful caretaker of the universe. Each response from Rabbi Reuven to Joshua's seeking inquiries exceeded his expectations, deepening their bond. Joshua remarks in this episode, "Rabbi Reuven doesn’t just teach the laws; he molds better human beings."

This relationship with Rabbi Reuven became a cornerstone for Joshua's transformation. Witnessing miraculous financial blessings even amid the turmoil of the COVID era fortified their faith. Beyond his successful CPA career, the Torah's wisdom now drives Joshua. Regular Torah study sessions with loved ones have become a staple, and he dreams of soon taking on roles like Chazan and Ba'al Koreh, with God's grace.

Join us in Episode 10 to trace Joshua Afrahim's inspiring journey from casual observance to profound dedication to Torah.

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