Wasting Seed

Wasting seed is the silent spiritual cancer that is plaguing our nation that nearly no one wants to teach about today. Not only is this an issue in secular homes but it is also reaching boys in Yeshivot, men in Kollel, and even married religious men! This distasteful act is considered 100% murder according to the Torah (RAMBAM Hilchot Issurei Bi’ah 21:18). If one murder was not enough, every time a man wastes seed he is guilty of murdering as many as 100 million souls (each sperm cell is a potential soul).  Those who do not do teshuva for this awful sin lose their share in the World to Come. Although it’s an addiction that may feel impossible to overcome, there is much hope for those who suffer from it. With extraordinary Siyata D’Shmaya (Divine Assistance), we have helped countless teenagers; men (and even several women) stop wasting seed or otherwise promiscuous behavior entirely and do TeShuva.  

Baruch HaShem we have seen some rewarded from Heaven in front of our own eyes by seeing them build or fix their Jewish homes after their TeShuva.  This of course is only with the help of HaShem and careful, honest and respectful teachings of His holy Torah.  

Our extensive teachings about this topic has made our own Rabbi Yaron Reuven and Rabbi Efraim Kachlon the leading Rabbinical Experts on this topic, with over 30 hours of publicly available Wasting Seed/Pgam HaBrit videos & audios, that have had hundreds of thousands of listeners and beneficiaries from around the world. If you or someone you know suffers from this addiction, please watch the playlist below for an understanding of the severity of this sin and even guidance of how to overcome it step by step. You may also contact any of the rabbis directly for personal guidance.   

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