Team HaShem

Founders & Board Members

Founder & Board Member 

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Rabbi Efraim Kachlon

CEO & Board Member

Rabbanit Levanah Reuven

Founder & Director 

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Rabbi Yaron Reuven

Project MPA & Board Member

Gavriel Nestlebaum

Team Members

Team Leader 

Vimesh DeSai

BH Films & Digital Media

Sunny Gigi

App Development & Programming

Yona Andryuschenko

Social Marketing

Emmanuil Angelov

Digital Advertising

Amanuel Bayable

Rodrigo Chame

Youth Director (Torah Challenge) 

Michal Tempelberg

Albert Beyzer 

Event & Fundraising Coordinator

Batyah Gigi

Social & On-Field Marketing

Adis Naomi Perez-Shiffman 

Subtitles & Kiruv Marketing

Yishai Srivastava

Contributors & Volunteers 

Alon HaKodesh Contributor 

Rabbanit Sarah Kachlon

Alon HaKodesh Contributor 

Balanit and Madricha for

Kallahs, Lectures for Women

Rabbanit Shulamit Kachlon

Alon HaKodesh Contributor 

Head of Irgun Bnei Yeshivot  

Tel Tzion

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Rabbi Benyamin Alimi

Maggid Shiur, Kever Rachel,

and Project Sefer Pri HaAretz

Rav at Tel Tzion 

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Rabbi Shlomo Bar-Kochba

Project Doresh Tov

Kochava Nestlebaum

Maggid Shiur & Alon HaKodesh Contributor

Yeshivat Maor Yisrael

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Rabbi Haim Kachlon

Maggid Shiur & Alon HaKodesh Contributor 

Dayan in Jerusalem and Author of Mispatei Yosef

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HaRav Yosef Chaim Mizrachi

Books & Alon HaKodesh Graphics

Rabbi Itai Alfasi

English/Hebrew Media Translation 

Rachel Zomer

Social Marketing

Jose Alvarez Calvo

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