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There isn't enough time in this world to truly say Thank You to Rabbi Yaron Reuven for his selfless acts of giving his life to save those gone astray! I'm so blessed to have Rabbi Yaron Reuven as my guide, as my Rav and as a source of all that is EMET! Thank you HaRav for ALL you do in ALL ways!!! With much love and respect Leah! May Hashem continue to bless you and ALL who support your efforts!!!


Leah Ort 

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To all of my fellow brothers and sisters,

I'm so glad that you are here (aka connected in some way to R' Yaron Reuven) and I hope you have already merited or will very soon merit understanding the truth of this world and of your existence.  If you just open your ears, your minds and your hearts to the appropriate teachings of the Torah it will transform your life in the most beneficial ways possible and in ways that are beyond your imagination.
To me personally, I feel like I have finally found what I didn't realize I was looking for.  Because until a short time ago my physical desires were on one path, my conscious mind on another, and my soul was on a journey of it's own.  Now, I strive to live each and every single day with an utmost purpose with my entire being progressing on the same path which will Beezrat HaShem take me directly to the place my soul is yearning for.
My story is a bit different than many other Baalei Teshuva because I grew up as a religious Jew in an Orthodox Jewish community.  As the Rav often says, religious Jews must become Baalei Teshuva too.  I'm a young woman in my twenties who went through the typical religious school system and I always thought that I was living my life as a great Jew who did the Mitzvot and who basically knew right from wrong.  Little did I know that in actuality I wasn't "living it".  Mostly because my understanding of right and wrong was false since it wasn't GOD's determination of right and wrong.  Meaning, I would come to my own conclusions based on my limited Torah knowledge and would rationalize and permit myself to see, hear, or associate with certain things, people, surroundings, etc. because I didn't think I would be negatively affected by it.  Either because I didn't see anything wrong with it, which is backwards since who is little old me to make such decisions.  Or because I felt like I was already a very righteous person, meaning that I compared myself to those around me and assumed that I kept the Mitzvot better than them based on my observations.  Or because the one thing that I always did fear is Gehinnom and I thought that fear would be sufficient prevention against all sins. (See the Rav's Gehinnom shiur for an awakening of truth on this topic - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxYGqSV-gIo.)  The problem though was that, A - I did not and still do not know of all the sins and their severity and, B - just because I feared Gehinnom when I was reminded about it every now and then (for example in a Torah class or story), I had no idea how to or that I should in fact practically apply this fear to my daily thoughts and actions.  
I'm not implying that one should be living in constant fear as that would most probably be very detrimental physically, emotionally and spiritually.  However, we must live every day with meaning and purpose in accordance to HaShem's will and we should also keep the next world close by in our minds at all times as this will greatly affect every single one of our many daily choices which affect our future, our descendant's futures and will affect the many people who we will impact over our lives either for the good Beezrat HaShem or for the bad Chas V'shalom.  These choices, thoughts and decisions to go after certain actions, desires and pleasures cannot be based off of what we want if it goes against what HaShem wants.  
HaShem is the Master of the entire world.  The One who is in control of EVERYTHING at every moment.  The One who sees and hears everything - even our thoughts and true intentions!   Just ponder on that for a second, or for an hour...  He is there in ALL of our thoughts and thoughts are often considered even worse than actions to HaShem (for example when the thoughts are not modest).  And He records everything to later give us reward and punishment.  HaShem in His eternal greatness and glory is Whom we need to be serving every single second of the day.  If you disagree, my friend, then I hope HaShem will grant you the correct understanding very soon because at some point it will be TOO LATE.  Firstly because you can pass on to the next world at any given moment and also because once Mashiach is here you may not be worthy to survive without doing complete Teshuva. 
So, back to my story about how I Baruch HaShem became a Baalas Teshuva. I would like to share a little about how I wasn't living a True Torah lifestyle despite looking it and unconsciously convincing myself of it.  My main struggle was modesty related and in case you are unaware, HaShem considers a woman's modesty of utmost importance.  I dressed modestly by covering my knees, elbows and collar bones but dressing modestly in itself doesn't make me a modest woman as you can see for yourself if you listen to many of the Rav's incredible shirium.  To further explain, I generally kept Mitzvot and the Halachot to the best of my ability and I'm not just saying that as a way of speaking, I sincerely cared about my religious observance and was meticulous about it.  As I mentioned before, many times I thought that I was better, religiously speaking, than my classmates, relatives and other Jews that I saw.  I later learned in lectures by the Rav that very often the evil inclination specifically goes after such people (who think highly of themselves when comparing themselves to others) and causes them to fall and sin in his sneaky, tricky ways.  His tactics attack us at unexpected angles and we fall for them.  And FYI, he visits you too.  He comes to all of us.
Anyways, after suffering through a few months at a low spiritual level, which stemmed from immodest thoughts and intentions over the years, I Baruch HaShem came to the realization that I must change things in my life immediately.  The reason being because there was no way that I was living appropriately in the spiritual sense which was always something that meant a lot to me.  However, for about 8 months after that point, I was on a growth quest in both spiritual and other areas.  Via books, lectures and courses, I looked into a variety of topics such as human psychology, emotional health, self-motivation and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships.  As well as how to live with more mindfulness and meaning to live an accomplished life.  During that time I learned a lot of Mussar too to perfect my character traits (which is one of the main reasons why we are here on Earth) and to improve my overall mindset on Judaism and life.  
At one point in the earlier stages, I contacted a Rabbi to advise me in my Teshuva process.  Even though he is a highly esteemed Rabbi, he did not explain to me the severity of certain sins that I was involved in, specifically one of the worst sins out there which is causing others to sin.  I honestly was not aware of the magnitude of my inappropriate actions that potentially caused men to sin by looking and/or thinking of me.  Nor did he direct me in the complete Teshuva path. He told me the basic Teshuva steps and that was it.  I'm so thankful that months later, Beezrat HaShem, HaShem guided me to some great Rabbis (such as R' Reuven, R' Mizrahi, R' Anava and R' Zitron) who opened my eyes and mind to understand important Torah teachings in a new light and that there was more to be done in my Teshuva process.  Especially because as an atonement for causing others to sin; I now should attempt to bring people back to the Torah and to help others to stop doing the same or similar sins.  Baruch HaShem after listening to hours and hours of Torah classes, I gained an incredible perspective of the True Torah and I now know that the meaning of living a purposeful life is to ALWAYS connect to HaShem.  I also learned a lot about modesty and I've grown so much Baruch HaShem in this area.  In my way of dress, in guarding my eyes and my thoughts, and in being conscious of how men might perceive me, a woman.  I now aspire to live the rest of my life Beezrat HaShem as a genuine Jew who lives according to the right and wrong of HaShem and who is always growing spiritually.
The bottom line is that we must try our best to live the Torah way.  To learn and understand the truth, to be aware of our sins, to repent, and to constantly perfect ourselves going forward.  Yes we all sin, but in no way should this prevent us from devoting our lives to connecting to our Creator and living according to His will.  Don't procrastinate the necessary changes that you can do right now.  Just start and HaShem will help you. No matter where you are holding in your life, you can always do Teshuva and He is always waiting for you.  Return to Him and you will gain eternal reward and of course, much blessing in this world too.  You will also live a fulfilling and meaningful life if you follow the Torah, which in essence is what we all yearn for (whether we are aware of this or not).
The next step of the journey is to bring more and more people to the true Torah, which can be so easily done by sharing links to Torah lectures.  As the Rav says, bring a person to the Torah but don't bring the Torah to him (to whatever level he is at).  Because we can't make it work for us or do things only when we feel like it.  It is our responsibility to spread the truth no matter what our listeners might choose to do with this information.  HaShem wrote the Torah and it is our job to keep it in it's entirety since the purpose of the world is for the Torah.  
Another extremely important thing to keep in mind is that you are not off the hook once you do Teshuva.  Teshuva must be done as often as possible because we are still sinning.  As the sages say in Pirkei Avot (Chapter 2, 15) ... R' Eliezer says... Vishuv Yom Echad Lifnei Meesuscha - "repent one day before your death". His disciples asked, "but does one know the day of his death?" and R' Eliezer explained to repent EACH day lest you die tomorrow.  Teshuva should be frequently done throughout our entire lives.
P.S. After being inspired by the Beezrat HaShem Teshuva stories and seeing how some have noticed personal health improvements, I want to share that in my humble opinion, I was also blessed in this area.  I suffered from chronic headaches for about 6 years which obviously affected my day to day life.  The medications that I did try during the earlier years, unfortunately, gave me many temporary side effects and did get rid of the problem.  As a result of that (but also due to a lack of desire to go that route), I chose to tolerate the pain without the meds and doctors.  These daily headaches are mostly gone by now Baruch HaShem which I think may have have to do with the fact that my mindset is now more aligned with the Torah and because I'm actively becoming more and more modest.  
I would like to end by thanking the Rav so much for teaching us the crucial truth and Mussar to live our lives as authentic Jews and for all that he does for Klal Yisroel both behind the scenes and not.  
May HaShem bless all of you readers with much success in following His ways and in spreading His Torah.
From the depths of my heart, THANK YOU HASHEM for showing me the truth.


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May the donations I make to Bezrat Hashem help atone to going to mixed dancing clubs when I was younger...

All my problems started when I introduced a "friend" who is Jewish to go to a mixed dance club after someone first introduced me for the first time almost 18 years ago. The person who introduced me was my cousin and I told him I wanted to take my "friend" but he didn't want to take him. So I pleaded that he should take him. Well my cousin gave in and that "friend" told other people (also Jewish) about mixed dance clubs right after me introducing him and he started to go with them from my initial influence. Soon thereafter I have had chronic health problems of my own for near 2 decades all occurring very soon after taking my "friend".

This I concluded more recently after watching more shiurim is probably because of being the seed of negative influence to cause others to stumble in this major sin of going to those filthy dance clubs all those years ago..It is truly a horrible sin and had I known better I would have never gone to a mixed dance club or worse yet gone with someone else to show him the ropes of what goes on there to influence this behavior to him which led him to influence it to others. The shamefulness is worse because "dance" is not really what it is...I have had major setbacks in my life which I believe it to be mainly from this particular sin (maybe some others as well) attached to wrongful sexual behavior in one form or another including possibly file sharing lewd videos images with "friends" as well). But I believe it is mainly my initial wrong influence on my "friend" from the club that day who then told it to others etc...so I guess I may have been a Machti Es HaRabim albeit unintentionally...Rashi says the punishment of the stumbling block falls upon the one who initially caused it...

The sources of your shiurim and the Zohar address the most important mitzvah to protect is the bris and it is the most severe penalty for violating it...I try to keep all the mitzvot since becoming a baal teshuvah (since 2009) but this sin of my past won't let me be truly successful in life yet...

This is mainly because I had chronic pain and anxiety right after this club incident so I was prescribed SSRIS and other medication to deal with it at college. Finally 3 years later the gauntlet was dropped when I took an antipsychotic drug that caused sexual dysfunction upon the first dose instantly (4 years after the club introduction incident). The drug I took messed me up instantly when I just turned 21 years of age by increasing prolactin and blocking dopamine and I even lactated on the drug (I'm a guy mind you) when I was 22 and I'm still sexually dysfunctional to this day despite being on the drug for less than 6 months at the time. Now at 35 almost 36 years of age along with a host of other problems from the previous use of that prescription drug and some others I am still suffering. I haven't taken any prescription drugs in over 10 years either and have increased my service of Hashem during that time. A few times I thought I was going to get better and basically it fizzled out and I'm in a chronic state of emotional numbness (anhedonia) and dysfunction despite my best efforts to get better. I believe its the judgement I was given for mainly that one negative influence as per above (despite not having any intent to do anything wrong whatsoever).

I tried to get back to the ones I feel I had a bad influence last year and I feel like I messed up by not telling them the whole story because I thought I shouldn't admit my sins explicitly in that it could be dangerous somehow. Little did I know I found out right afterwards I could and probably should have. I tried again and my Rav said I did enough (he didn't know about the side effects/dysfunction part I was dealt) even though I feel like I hadn't told them the full details when I could have. They laughed and made fun of me for what I did say to them however but I feel like its more important to get this message out now to kllal Yisrael in a larger way to atone for this iniquity once and for all since I don't think I can really reach out to them for this anymore without sounding stalkerish or too crazy and it may even embarrass my parents.

Despite my problems I'm not giving in and my hope is still for a refua shelama and geula.

I ask the Rav to please warn his listeners of the dangers of dance clubs with this story.

People may think its not such a big deal because its not real sex but my experience and punishment tell otherwise.

I know it may seem absurd or silly to most that one incident of someone taking his "friend" to a dance club for the first time could really do this to someone but I'm living my own Gehinom daily for almost 2 decades later and I have no incentive to write this but for Hashem to look upon me favorably and to atone for my sins and elevate kllal Yisrael in doing so.

I know with the coronavirus pandemic most people are not going to clubs now but maybe this can prevent people from ever going and for those that went allow them to repent to see the seriousness of their "good time".

I also try to help kllal Yisrael since becoming a baal teshuvah in other ways but nothing has truly fixed this health problem. I haven't wasted seed intentionally (have a very small libido left) for almost a decade and guard my eyes and my salvation has still has not yet come. I try to keep shabbas 100% as well as try to follow all the laws of the Torah to the T. I believe this sin and its punishment is still upon me and one of the biggest factors in my state of health not improving and hopefully the Rav can share this story somehow as an additional atonement.

I wish I knew what I knew now then and you couldn't pay me any amount of money today to dance with a woman like they do at those filthy clubs when even non touch dancing is utterly forbidden...

Keep up the great work Rabbi..Keep speaking the truth...I'm a big listener to all your shiurim and try to finish all of them each week. I left a lot of details out and the unedited story is much longer but the message is clearer this way and I feel the most important message is to don't ever be a negative seed of influence on anybody...Goes without saying especially in a sexual crime...Dance clubs with touch dancing or any dancing are extremely severe punishments despite not seeming like a "big deal" to some...I never even had sex in my life probably because of the dysfunction the drugs caused and that still didn't get me out of this Gehinom I still find myself in today. Hopefully with this story along with many donations to Bezrat Hashem Hashem will look upon me favorably, atone for my iniquities that are not yet fully atoned, elevate kllal Yisrael and finally allow me to heal my nefesh and guf...

kol tuv kvod Rav


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Bechem Hachem Naassé Venatsliah

Hello Rabbi Reuven, I'm sorry to take 5mn of ur time but I had to send you this little message. I'm sure you'll understand. Everything happens for a reason. My name is Rebecca Teboul, I'm founder and CEO of a French non profit Jewish organization called Tov ALLIANCE since 28 years, here in Paris). It happens that yesterday HM made me watch ur amazing story on YouTube. I still can't believe what I saw.. Mind blowing.. 👏👏👏 tears were rolling on my face and it's not a hasard if HM made me watch it. I'm still in awe. What a beautiful message he sent me yesterday.. Like I always say... HM cannot speak to us directly but He will use all means to do it. With all due respect we have a lot, a lot in common... .I too lost everything 35 yrs ago... I'm a Baal techouva since 30 years and since then, living miracles after miracles every day b''h. .shared my story with thousands, blessed by the biggest tsadikim of our generation.. Had lots of nissayon and hurdles.. too long to explain.. But baroukh Hashem, I feel so blessed and grateful to HM. HM gave me the huge merit to create my wonderful organization in 1992 Kirouv, Chiddoukhim.. more than 600 couples happily married, helping the needy, writing my articles, teaching..... I'm still in awe how Hachem rules his world and guides each and every one of us in the path he wants us to go.. .. How I found ur video!? Just Amazing!! Since yesterday I'm calling lots of friends in Canada, France and Israel to see the video. They absolutely have to see it!! Everything happens for a reason.. HM wanted me to see it for a reason.. I just wanted to say to you, Rabbi Reuven ur a tsadik.. hazak ou baroukh to you for sharing ur wonderful story with the world. What an inspiration! I love the way u express yourself with simple words that touches the heart and soul. Kol hakavod to you. May Hachem's light shine on you always. Arbé behatslaha in good health. With ur permission I would love to share ur story and video '' HM took his millions '' on my website.. All the best from Paris, chabbat chalom oumevorah

Rebecca Teboul

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My story is long so I’ll make it as short as possible, I grew up in a fairly shomer Shabbat home and kosher home, the only problem was that it was more forced down our throats and was a drag rather than given with love and understanding and simcha, I went to a yeshiva as a kid and kept things not knowing why, I was bullied for years and harmed myself as a young girl all of my problems began from there, not having self respect or self love and wondering how Hashem can do this to me, fast forward high school I was kicked out for reasons I still don’t understand  (which now I see was a bracha) but I blamed the religious Jews because I believed all they cared about was money which I didn’t grow up with, so I knew letting me go was nothing since I couldn’t afford most of the tuition anyway - so I despised most religious people I then went to a school for kiruv and fell off completely, I dated a non Jewish person for 2 years almost 3, I hung out with the wrong crowd, I was sexually harassed in a home with 2 boys I had to fight off for hours , Barcuh Hashem I got out of it but I shouldn’t of been in that situation to begin with which I later on understood, keeping Shabbat was the last thing on my mind. I wore pants I did it all without even thinking. 

Eventually Hashem tried to save me and my family found out about my non Jewish relationship , even though I knew it was wrong, for some reason them saying it helped me wake up and I realized I’d never be able to introduce him to my family and if I don’t change and marry this person, my family will have to sit shiva for me, and the thought of it broke my heart, so eventually I started to change slowly, deciding to let go of the relationship and started with my journey back to religion which was the hardest and most painful thing I had to do, letting go of a life I cherished and enjoyed but instead I  received a beautiful life that’s  full filling better then I believed I deserved  - I did cried every night for strength  to move forward and Hashem was next to me the entire time holding my hand through the journey , it’s been almost 10 years , Hashem answered all of my  tefilot that I davened those nights with tears and pain of regret. I married and have a religious home that does mitzvot with love and happiness.   I still have so many different difficult obstacles, but with Hashem I know I can and will get through it because my father is the king of the world. 

After getting married and being religious, I knew that being religious meant to always improve yourself and I stumbled upon Rav Reuven on Facebook and have been listening ever since, I’ve burned my wig, improved the way I think, fight for the truth and spread the truth and continue to try and bring others closer to Hashem.


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Rabbi Yaron Shalom u'Vracha! After viewing the various video clips about the "Kosher Wigs" that you so graciously put out there...I felt compelled to no longer deceive myself!

Erev Pesach I burned (with much joy) my 2 gorgeous wigs without hesitation along with the chametz! I always say the truth will liberate you! Thank you & the messenger who selflessly went to India to get to the deep truth! Its undeniable that the wigs are totally AVODAH ZARA! Any "dust" of it is unacceptable...but the video clips CLEARLY show that millions if not already a billion people donating their hair for idolatry! I didn't want any part of it! I wanted to start Pesach with a clear slate! BH I hope HASHEM accepts my TESHUVA completely too!


Talia A.

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Hi rabbi I wanted to share something with you I know that I have so much hashgacha pratit that yesterday after I donated to you I was literally saved as they say צדקה תציל מי מוות 
I took the psyllium husk flakes yesterday for the first time and apparently I’m allergic to it at 7 pm my air ways closed up and couldn’t breath my husband called Hatzaloh and they gave me the shot for the reaction I believe that if I didn’t donate I would’ve died.

That’s one story second story: 

Also back in July I received a WhatsApp message to donate and i did , after I did  literally 20 min after I had a car accident and my daughter and I got saved. Someone ran a stop sign and even the Hatzolah guys here said you and your daughter seriously got saved without a scratch and Hashem loves you . My car got totaled.

Donna Attias 

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I grew up 'traditional'. We lit Shabbat candles, but then turned on the TV. We went to Shul on Yom Kippur, but then went out for a meal at a restaurant afterwards. We went to a Jewish 'liberal' school where the headmaster is a priest. You get the idea. Long story short, I always knew something wasn't right, the way all of us live our lives is tragic. We lie, cheat, steal, waste time, waste energy on stupid things and then the parents wonder why their kid is acting strange. The whole world is Afuch, and I felt it. I knew nothing about Orthodox Judaism but was into very spiritual things, because that's only what I knew was out there. When kids grow up without Torah it kills them slowly inside and they get thirsty. So 6 months after I graduated high school I told my mum just book me a ticket to Israel. I went, started doing strange things - like praying from a Siddur I found in a synagogue on Friday and feeling.... like I need to do Teshuvah. You know that feeling? When your heart is screaming to come back to Hashem. I was staying on a Moshav, not really doing much - a religious hippy one, smoking weed and wearing crystals. What nonsense. Finally, after 6 months of NO ONE saying anything to me about religion, or the way I dressed, or what it means to be a Jew, someone from the Moshav asked me if I wanted to go to Seminary and I didn't know what it was, but I went. I went to Yerushalyim - the girls wearing long skirts, not gossiping about each other, carrying themselves as if they were princesses - these kind of girls and friendships I craved for them to be in the world I was brought up in all my life, but thought they only existed in fairytales.

From the same day, whatever I knew, I started to keep. Now I knew this Orthodox world existed - I knew I found my place with a life in following the Torah. Yes, the Orthodox world has its flaws but so does everything. 1 year went by, and I was craving some real information by now. Shabbat, I was keeping. Kosher, I was keeping. Tzniut - for the most part, keeping (I struggled with it a bit). But now comes the real stuff. I go to Seminary after Seminary and am disappointed. Where was the zealousness? Where was the rebuking? I craved rebuking. I asked everyone about Mussar and they stared at me like they were shocked. I did not understand people who started to learn Kabbalah and still not keep Shabbat, and this angered me. All the Seminaries I went to were sweet, sweet, sweet - no Gevorah whatsoever. What ever happened to a balance? Chesed and Gevorah? Seminaries have a major problem. Don't teach me about the levels of the soul, hey, I'm a newly baal Teshuvah, relax I just want to know how to wash my hands in the morning! "No no, go at your own pace, if you need to wear a T-shirt today, do it". EXCUSE ME? What happened to "We will do and we will listen"??? What happened to loving your neighbor as yourself? If you really loved me as part of your own soul, you wouldn't say to me do whatever you need in your own time!

If someone had come to me when I was 14 and sat me down, told me about the Torah and its divinity, showed me proofs, but whats more REBUKED me, I would have listened in a heartbeat. By 14 I was already gone anyway. Meaning, I was being extra rebellious because I want someone to tell me I'm wrong! But no one did! I have a cousin who is a Rabbi at Aish - all those years he could have come to me, and told me or my family. If you’re an Orthodox Jew - you have a mission. To not be politically correct. To save others. To tell them the way they are living is wrong but in a gently strong way. The mission is to save yourself - the Jewish people are Gof Echad. Saving others is saving yourself. So when I watched Rabbi Yaron's movie about how the people who came for Tzeddka to his business never rebuked him I also couldn't agree more.

I wanted to know about the holocaust. Everyone was shocked and even shouted at me when I suggested it might be because of our sins. "You sound Christian" they would say. But what do they know? Where’s the proof from the Rabbis? In all my time at Seminary, which is nearly going to add up to a full 2 years now, not once did they mention punishment. Not once did they mention Gehnniom. 

This generation is craving rebuking in their hearts. They push and push the behavior so someone will notice that they are dying inside from growing up like a goy and not studying Torah. Coming from a reform School, I can tell you most of the Jews from there was also craving Torah. It’s so sad. May the redemption come speedily in our days so all the scoffers will be humbled, and all the non-believers will be woken. 

Rabbi Yaron Reuven is one of my favorite Rabbis. He doesn't just accept the Torah and trends - he investigates. 'Ok, why do women wear Sheitels? Is it really ok? Am I just going to keep silent like all the other Rabbis or really investigate this?' To me, he is a true solider of Hashem and an investigator of what is wrong in this generation, and what we need to fix. The source of all this is his love for Am Yisrael. He's telling you about Gehnniom BECAUSE its coming from love. Now that, that is a real Rabbi and deserves the title Rabbi.

I have learnt a lot more from Rabbi Yaron Reuven then in most of my seminaries put together. The truths I have been seeking have been slowly answered with his videos and lectures. Baruch Hashem we are blessed with leaders such as Rabbi Yaron Revuen, Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, and Rabbi Alon Anava to light the way in the darkness of following the Torah and WHY I'm following the Torah.

Rebecca Ware 

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I am 37 years old, born as Christian, later moved to Messianic. As a kid, my parents raised us religious. My mother always used to ask us to read Psalms.


As I was growing older, I was sailing in two boats, I pretended to be religious and also committing sin by wasting seed almost every day.


As I entered into graduation, we got computers and the level of sin was just getting higher, was spending too much time on pornography.


Then I got a job, and got mobile phone and it was very easy now to watch porn and I was staying away from my parents due to my work. I was feeding porn every single day and was wasting seed every single day.


Sometimes I wanted to go back to spiritual, it was 2010 I heard Rabbi Tovia Singer’s lectures and immediately accepted that God is one, and it's not Jesus. But my sins didn't stop.


I lost my job, became bankrupt. Parents didn't know about it, I became lazy as well. But I had the potential to grab a job. I took loan with a confidence that I can get job soon, but that didn't happen, instead I ran out of the loan amount as well. Parents got to know the matter, I asked Rabbi Tovia Singer to give me some money as I hardly knew anyone to ask. Rabbi said, I don't have money but I can pray for your job. It was a miracle I got a job within a month


But I was not thankful to Hashem, I was still committing sin by wasting seed. Then sleep paralysis started.... I didn't know the term too that it's called as sleep paralysis until few weeks ago.


I was searching in internet with my experiences but couldn't really find an answer... and whenever soul comes on my body, I always used to ask " who are you"... there was no answer.


One day randomly I was listening to Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi’s video on Facebook and later somehow Rabbi Yaron Reuven’s video showed up on Wasting seed. I watched that video... it was a year ago. Baruch Hashem I didn't commit that sin again from that day. I immediately pinged Rabbi about my sleep paralysis, he said it would take time and be strong... When I decided to change, sleep paralysis happened to me every day for a week. Now that doesn't happen to me anymore.  I became stronger, started reading Tehillim, Torah... I am still doing Teshuva..


I just pray to Hashem always that I am just dust and ashes, Universe is Yours, please don't cast me away...


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Moved to a big city from another state 15 years ago and was working 7 days a week, and the only thing on my mind was $$$. Similar to the business Rav Reuven was in. 


Every Saturday when I was driving to work, I used to see families going to shul and when I was coming from work the same, seeing then coming back from the shul. 


Week after week seeing this, it kinda started making me to think about it and I told myself, one day I will do that as well. 


Once I was making an appointment with one of my clients, and he mentioned to me that he can only come on Saturday, because Sunday is the day he spends with his God, and at the moment I didn’t pay attention to what he said, but right after I hang up, it hit me, that a non-Jew spends his time with his God and me someone who shouldn't even be at work, will have to do it. So I called him back and told him that, I can’t make it this Saturday, since I had another app and can only do it on Monday. 


Since then I slowly started going to the shul, and now, years after, I have a family, thanks to Hashem, and keep Shabbat and going to the synagogue every day, to my synagogue that I opened with Hashem’s help. 


Also, a friend had the same issue that Rav Reuven had, hemorrhoids, and was out for months from work, I handed him the CD with the Wall Street story. a week after he decided to keep Shabbat, and now a person who couldn’t get married for over 40 years, got married and keeps Shabbat for a year, thanks to your life story, his life changed, completely.  


Via Email

My name is Yitzchak, I was born and raised here in New Jersey*(name and place are changed). Unlike many people in these pages, my story starts as a frum Jew. I grew up in a religious home where Torah was valued to the highest degree. My father was well respected in the community. He taught hundreds of kids and was a source of support for anyone with any sort of issue. Very often he raised money on his own for those in need, gave a listening ear and dropped off gifts secretly by their doors. My mother as well supported him. She herself does a lot chessed. She has a talent for sewing and very often can be found sitting for hours mending clothing for free. As a kid, modest clothing wasn’t available in the area she lived and she had learned how to sew by making her own modest clothing.  

Raised with such parents, some would think that there couldn’t possibly be a need to improve. That’s a big mistake and Hashem made it very clear to me that something I was doing was wrong. I needed to improve.

I was always considered a good kid. I was attentive in class, I paid attention and got average grades. I also valued Torah as my parents did. Throughout my childhood I always loved movement. I loved to play ball, skate, bike, canoe etc. Going to school was a time to learn, grow and then go out to play ball. Many Sundays were spent playing baseball. Sometimes I played roller hockey or Ice Hockey. I was a member at the skatepark. Throughout this time I also learned and always tried to be polite and sensitive to people. Every now and then I had an oversensitive moment and I got angry at something or misinterpreted something. For the most part though I did what was right. This went on for a number of years. I felt comfortable with the way I was living and figured I’m a pretty good guy. I have my head in the right place, I’m growing, what could I be doing wrong. 

As time went on I started developing health problems. In ninth grade my stomach started bothering me. I started making frequent visits to the restroom. Some more time passed I started bleeding while I used the restroom. More time passed and I started needing the restroom more frequently. It got to a point where I started needing the restroom on a constant basis. Every few minutes I needed to run. Since I was bleeding each time I went, my strength started to go. The loss of blood caused me to get very tired. All the while I didn’t know that I had any illness, this went on for about a year and half. For some reason I never thought to go to a Doctor. At some point, I started falling asleep during class and not being able to focus. One day I just stayed home from school and stayed in bed. My mother decided to talk to someone about this and she was told to take me straight to the emergency room. I spent about two and half weeks there getting tests and x-rays done. They soon discovered that I had Crohns, a genetic disease that effects the bowels. Part of the digestive tract gets sore by the food you eat and if you’re not careful you could end up requiring surgery. Thank G-d I didn’t need surgery, but regardless I had to watch what I ate. The Doctor put me on a liquid diet, which basically meant I wasn’t allowed to eat for several days. Eventually they reintroduced me to bland diet in which I had to eat foods that wouldn’t affect my stomach. Over my stay at the hospital I also developed cediphasil, which is another form of stomach illness. I lost a lot of the little weight that I had to begin with and then was released from the hospital. From then on I bounced from Doctor to Doctor with my mother, trying to figure a suitable health plan that didn’t involve a lack of food and living out of an outpatient clinic. This went on for about two years, here and there I had many ups and downs with my health. I started to get used to living this way. It was a drop frustrating but not too bad.

I was still interested in growing all this time and started investing more energy into my growth. I wasn’t necessarily adding hours to my learning but I was shaping my attitude to serving Hashem. 

After Highschool I went out of town to Yeshiva to learn. I was very driven to grow and succeed in learning. The schedule was very demanding, its about a fourteen-hour day, with meals, breaks and prayer in between. I tried my best to make it all the way through each day and sometimes staying a few extra minutes. I starting being very focused on goals of growing, often getting frustrated if I didn’t grow enough. My patience for others started going down a drop while I felt like I was going up. I didn’t realize at the time, but my service of Hashem wasn’t exactly service of Hashem. I was serving myself. I was making myself great, not Hashem. Perhaps I would even appreciate a solid compliment about my studiousness, or my level of learning. In the religious world its called the Frum Yetzer Hara (the religious evil inclination). Many people have no concept of this, but its really the same Yetzer Hara that causes a person to lie cheat and steal. You are serving yourself, not Hashem. You are serving your ego. 

My desire to grow (make myself great) pushed me to move back to New Jersey after Passover and learn as best as I could there. I learned and tried as best as I could to focus. After a few months of learning, my Yeshiva took us to Israel to learn and be inspired. Throughout our stay we visited great Talmidei Chachamim (Wise and righteous people). After the Yeshiva trip came to an end, I stayed in Israel for a little while longer with my brother and some friends. We intended to enjoy ourselves, which we did. We went on a few trips and had some fun. For one of our trips we decided to hike from Teveria to Tzfas. We walked around a little and then found a hostile owned by an old couple and we stayed there for the night.  The next day we woke up early, davened and set out towards our trail which would take us towards Tzfas. We hiked for hours in the hot sun, mountains and trees surrounded us. There was no civilization around us. After a while of hiking, some of the guys got tired and decided to hitch to Tzfas. I and another friend decided to continue by ourselves. We didn’t realize at the time, but the trail got harder, the markers were further apart and we got lost. And we kept on getting lost. By the time Tzfas was in sight it was almost dark. Baruch Hashem we made it to Tzfas, had a good time and were a drop tired out. That’s when the trouble began. 

Maybe it’s because I didn’t drink enough, regardless Hashem stepped in. My stomach started bothering me. And this time it didn’t let up. I was always on the run to the restroom. My flight home was shortly after and my stomach continued to bother me. I developed a hemorrhoid, and my continuous bowel movements caused it to burst. My stomach was bothering me constantly and I was bleeding constantly. At some point I stopped eating. There wasn’t really much opportunity for me to think about anything. I was in discomfort and had run to the bathroom constantly. I also stopped drinking and I wasn’t able to fall asleep. The human mind can only handle so much and my actions showed it. I started saying odd things and doing odd things. I don’t really have a particular order of how things played out because I don’t really remember. I tried buying cars from random people. I walked to different people’s houses and started talking about different things. There came a point somewhere between Rosh Hashana and Chanuka where I started playing around in my mother’s house. I accidently broke a few things, some by accident and some not so. My mother couldn’t handle it and called some people. Meanwhile I was making believe I was a karate guy and scaring the daylights out of my mother. I told someone I wanted a neighbor across the street to come and he did. I punched him in the stomach. Then Shomrim came and I started jumping around scaring them. Four of them surrounded me and took me down. Meanwhile I was making all sorts of comments. Then the police came and put me in handcuffs and took me to the mental hospital. Things got worse. I couldn’t sit still for more then a few minutes at a time. There were all sorts of strange people there. When they had group therapy I couldn’t really focus and I interrupted every time (I think). At some point when the staff wasn’t looking I got up and walked through the double doors out of the hospital and walked for about four hours all the way to the Yeshiva near my house. I had escaped. The police were waiting for me there and brought me back to the hospital. This time they had twenty four hour security by my door. 

Throughout my stay at the hospital many people visited me including my parents, siblings, friends, teachers and members of the community. I had gone from being good and with it, to a Chesed case. Someone who needs help. I had always been considered normal, well behaved and well liked. It was all taken away. While in the hospital several days of my life were missing from my memory. Eventually I was released and from then on it was back and forth to a psychiatrist and neurotherapy sessions. This went on for over a year. I had been diagnosed with bipolar disease with psychosis. My caring mother despite all odds and severe warnings from the psychiatrist started lowering the doses for the medicine I was getting. She figured that if I regress, at least I had fair shot at coming out normal as opposed to having to take these drugs my whole life. She was getting advised by the alternative medicine Doctor who was giving me therapy. A while later I was off all medication for bipolar and started putting my life together again. My life was changed. 

Throughout this upheaval in my life I got many apologetic stares, had many conversations. I was being helped by many people, it was very uncomfortable. I had little control of my life. I was being led by a force that was way beyond me. My intensity slowly melted away, I started introducing Faith and Trust in G-d into my life. Although I was raised religious, did everything religious people do and even spent time learning, I hadn’t been serving G-d until now. I was forced to constantly think rationally otherwise I could fall back into my previous state of being. I was forced to realize that no aspect of my life is solid or unbreakable. My body is fragile, my mind is fragile and at any point in time Hashem can take everything away. Later on I got married and our financial situation has been consistently fragile. I consistently have to rely on Hashem for physical health, mental health and monetary health. Once Hashem is part of your life you become much more calm and collected. My younger brother notified me that he saw a big difference in the way I was before the health problems and after.

Eventually I went back to New York and learned for a few years. While I was there I picked up Cd by Rabbi Mizrahi and got hooked the second I started listening. I remember saying out loud to myself this person talks Tachlis (to the point) every time. A short while later I picked up a Cd by Rabbi Reuven about his life story. It was gripping and to the point. I’ve been hooked ever since. I listened to one of his Shiurim(gehinom) on line with a Tanach in hand and started checking all the sources. Shortly thereafter I started sending him questions and Baruch Hashem got good answers. What else do you need. Take advantage of the truth being told straight and it will get you to the place you want. Consider this story a Baal Teshuva story because now my religion has G-d in it.  

Yitzchak (New Jersey, USA)

Via Email

Leo Goykhman

Via Video

I was born in Israel and my family came to the US in 1962. My parents were holocaust survivors. At the age of 22 I married a man named David, he too was born in Israel. He too had holocaust parents. David was adopted at the age of 6 from Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. He too came to the US in 1967. In 1989 we had twin girls, who are now 30, Baruch Hashem. In 1991 we had a son, who at the age of 4 months passed away from SIDS. Crib death. After he passed away, I wanted to go to Israel and find out why, why did Hashem take him away from us. A child who did no wrong to no one. 

So I started to go to all the graves of the righteous people and pray that my son Adam will be in heaven and be ever resting in the Garden of Eden. I yelled, I cried, I shouted to the heavens above to heal me, to take away my pain. On our way home back to NY, I told David, I need to go one last time to the Kotel, to put my note again in the wall and plead to the heavens to look over our souls. On my way down the steps a beggar a man who looked hungry a religious man, begged me for money he took out his bill fold of pictures to show me all the pictures of his children. I handed some dollars and he said to me: Hashem, will bless you with twins. I shouted to him in pain, what do you mean, I am here screaming in my sorrow that I need healing and twins, twins, look up the steps my twins are in the carriage with their father. He said no, no, you will have more twins. And what do you know, 6 months later I was pregnant with twins. 2 boys who are now 26. So when all despair is gone, believe in Hashem. He counts the tears, he sees the pain, and answers. 

How I came to your website was by chance. I work in a Synagogue and I am the administrator. I received a random email from your website and I started to read a story that you published. It made me feel that I needed to share with you my story. I am new to your website, and I continue to tell my children that Hashem is watching over us and never ever to lose faith. I will tell all I encounter how we need to learn and listen to others and never, never give up on Hashem. 

Osnat Beck

Via Email

Dear Rebbi Yaron,

Only wanted to let you know that your words and teaching reaches all corners of the earth.

I am not Jewish, but I have been listening to your CDS and teaching here in the United Kingdom, where I currently live. I started my journey to Judaism with your CDs.

Now I have reached out to an Orthodox Jewish community in Reading UK and I was telling my Rabbi Zvi about how much your teaching has helped me discover Judaism. Your care for people who want to convert to Judaism is exceptional.

My e-mail is to provide a word of appreciation for everything you do. I am convinced there are other people in the world whose life has been changed by your true kindness and love for HaShem.

Simona (United Kingdom)

Via Email

My son was very very bad some time ago; he was like this since he was born 9 years ago. Cursing was an everyday thing, hitting us, throwing things, problems at school, and life in our home was Geinom really. We had to do something, but what? We prayed, I did pray to H`m to show me the correct path, what did I do wrong? I continue asking him that, once and again and couldn´t reach to an answer. Years passed and we suffer, more and more, doctors, appointments, more and more, medicines, more medicines that didn´t do anything to him or made him worse.

Until one day, last week, our son got an overdose of a medication. The weird thing is that the maximum dosage of that medication per kilogram is 1500 mg, he was only taking 500 mg/kg and he overdose with it. Who would have known that?  He could have died!!!! I was called from school to pick him up and when I reach there he was crazy, under a table, half naked, crying but eyes closed (dozed like dopped), still with strength though. It was awful to see because the doctors have to give him an injection to be able to calm him down and get him in the ambulance to take him to the emergency room. When the medication was doing effect he was like a statue, like a crazy drugged person, not moving not even his eyes.  I was just soooooo sad to see him like that, my little child. My heart was broken into pieces.

After many hours, the effect was getting off his system and he fought and groaned for everything, nurses told me it was a normal thing after the medicine they had given him.

After some time, my husband came and I could go home with my other 3 year old son.

He remained in the hospital. Next day I was with him all day, until he was normal again. When we got off the hospital and reached home by the afternoon my husband and I talked. 

I felt so bad for all that had happened, I knew it was our fault. So I told my husband, I do not want to lose a child. Let´s do this, let´s keep the pact of Abraham Avinu, but both of us, you don't lose semen in vain, take care of your eyes and study Torah and I will be with you every single time you wanted me to with NO EXCUSES, of course you know that is hard for me because of the medicine I take I am never willing to be with you in that way.

It’s a deal, we hugged.

It was Friday, so we went to the synagogue while the kids stayed at home with a nanny. On Saturday, when they were reading the Torah, I realize the parasha was Ki tetze, I told my husband, NO WAY!!!!!!!!!  In that parasha Moshe tells the people that when a man has emission of semen at night he has to go away of the campsite and then into a mikveh to get in again, because the campsite has to be holy. Also, it talks about the rebel son.  Oh no, if this is not a message from H'm, WHAT IS?

From that day on, our son is a completely different kid. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT KID. It is like all the devil he had, went away. He almost doesn't curse at all, he used to call me prostitute all the time and damned, it hurt me so much. Also hit us and we couldn't even talk or have a conversation with him because it was like his capability for reasoning was completely gone. He put his hands in his ears and start singing.

Now, he gets angry, but it´s a different angry, he doesn't throw a plate to your face, he hits his fist against his leg or his foot against the floor saying "it is not fair", like a normal boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is more sweet, he apologizes easily, he is not so hyperactive. HE IS ANOTHER BOY! He is the boy that was inside trying to get out and we didn't let him, with so much tumá over him... poor little thing.

When a person thinks that when he wastes semen in vain it doesn't affect him or his family, all of that is NONSENSE!!! and I am telling you by experience. H'm showed us in the hard way because we lived with a "devil kid" for 9 years, going from one doctor to another, even going to another country to make a diagnose and loosing so much time of our lives fighting with him, crying over this crazy life of us. It was impossible to teach him anything, he was so oppositionist, cruel, but inside, sometimes he showed that little sweet boy. I knew it was somewhere inside, but what I didn't know was that what it didn´t let him get out was the jail WE PARENTS HAD BUILT around him because of our big sin.  All those demons, were on him.

Now, they are dying, they are going away, as we are taking care of the Abraham pact and my husband is studying Torah. I am trying to do more mitzvot, or improve the ones I make.

I thank you H'm for showing me the way.

A week has passed and we have a sweet boy who behaves like a boy, medicine is doing what it is supposed to do, much more accessible, almost no cursing, apologizes! I cannot describe this. My husband still thinks is a phase. I know if we continue our part, H'm will take those demons and kill them so they are not going to bother our son again. I listened to your shiurim about this and it is just like you describe it.

I wanted to tell you.

Ruth (South America)

Via Email

Rabbi Yaron Reuven, may Hashem bless his soul, connected me with Rabbi Zitron who connected me with Rabbi Kersh, who after a few private Torah lessons connected me with Ohr Someyach- Yeshiva in Jerusalem. I am happy to announce that I will be moving to Israel in the next 2-4 weeks to study there full time, and dedicate at least the next 6 months- 1 year to the full service of Hashem and study of his oral and written Torah. Rabbi Yaron Reuven also mailed me and my mother a kiruv package that contains Zamir Cohen’s Science is coming of Age book, which seemed like it was min hashamayim (from the Heavens) because I was looking to buy this book and read it again (I read it months ago, but needed to return it to my friend from whom I borrowed it in the first place).

Via Online

Thank you Rabbi Reuven! It looks like it took a lot of effort to put this lecture together, may you be rewarded for this B'H. For me this is one of the most beneficial talks I have heard in my life. This is a subject that if mentioned people will laugh. They laugh if you say G-d exists, they laugh even harder if you say there is punishment. Like you say though, we should not care what people think but what Hashem thinks. After each talk that you give I find things in my life to change. To study more Torah. To fear and love Hashem more. To think of ways to help others and to honor parents more. I used to think each day of my life was a curse and was starting to convince myself there was no G-d. Now I find each day to be a blessing and am trying to live a life of gratitude. I plan to send you a donation in the next week or two when I am able. The work you are doing is helping change lives for the better. 

Via YouTube - MUSSAR Pirkei Avot (84) GEHINOM

I remember when I first reached out to you, I told you that only you can save my life. Well my depression is gone I am happy and no longer dwelling on my past mistakes


As you advised I did not take the job at the restaurant working on Shabbat as you stated. You told me that Hashem will take care of me, true to those words and out of the blue without me searching.... an opportunity came across my way to move to Florida and work for Aramark in Health Care running the food and beverage operations for Bethesda Hospital in Boynton Beach -


Normal hours 8am-4pm and weekends off!!!!!!!!! I have went though all of the interview process and they are flying me down on Sunday to meet with the client.


I am a bit concerned about the background check as you know I have my past Felony DUI from 2009.


I have the letter from the Supreme Courts in Arizona setting aside all judgement of guilt and adjudicating me of my crime- but it will still show on a background check.


Also my back pain has subsided enormously without any medical procedures Baruch HaShem.


May I ask that you please pray for me that everything will work out with this new role and my background check if you would be kind enough to do that for me.


I would very much appreciate it.


Thank you for changing my life.

Via Text Message

      Team HaShem TeShuva Story!

I grew up in a secular family that only had meals and said blessing on wine for Shabbat and holidays. My parents and Rabbi in the community never told me how wasting seed was bad. I always loved and was happy being Jewish, I went to Jewish camp and Jewish release program since I went to public school because it was hard for my parents to pay for yeshiva since I was in Special Ed. When I went to camp they told me that if you keep Shabbat, Shabbat will keep you safe and blessing. But it never made me keep Shabbat as a teenager after hear those words from the Rabbi in camp. At age 17 I had anxiety and panic attacks, I was going to the hospital for 2 months almost every day then one day while getting my medication in the pharmacy, I see Rabbi Mizrahi CDs, Torah and Science, Is there Life After Death and The Debate, then I texted Rabbi Mizrahi saying my parents don't keep Shabbat so I can't keep it either. He said that's not a good excuse that when I die, I can't tell them that I didn't keep Shabbat because my parents didn't, I will still go to Hell!! I spoke over the phone, in person and met Rabbi Mizrahi few times in person. After 1 or 2 years I discovered Rabbi Reuven thanks to Rav Mizrahi’s page. I started being in touch with Chacham Reuven and asked him if I can help him return Hashem’s children back to Hashem, for 3 years already I am part of Team Hashem. I meet Chacham Reuven few times in person, he guided me on how to stop wasting seed and how to do teshuva!! 

Daniel Khavasov  
Facebook Marketing

K’vod HaRav, the lectures are the best thing that could have happened to me. The first lecture actually changed my life. I went on Chabad.org and read up on Gehinnom; the article portrayed a place like a washing machine and never influenced me to stop sinning. After watching your lecture on Gehinnom I was shaking all night. Afterwards I put in Tefillin for the first time since my bar mitzvah and I will never forget that moment.


Via Email

      Team HaShem TeShuva Story!

My name is Emmanuil and I'm from the small Balkan country of Bulgaria. 


This is the story of my journey to Judaism.


I was born in the year 1993 to a very devout evangelical Christian family. Ever since we were small children my parents used to raise me and my brother in a religious household and environment where we would go to church twice a week, pray, bless for our food and do almost daily Bible studies at home. My parents used to know personally all the big spiritual leaders and pastors in my hometown, visiting each other at our homes and maintaining deep friendships with them on a high level. With all this being said, one would wonder why I'm not the model example of the perfect Christian boy today?


Despite my upbringing, I was quite a handful as a small child and always had my own personal opinion on all matters. I was never an atheist and I never had a doubt for the existence of a Creator, but I had my own understanding of G-d and what a G-d should be like...


I used to ponder a lot as a child about the existence of G-d, about how He cannot be anything like His creation, How He cannot be anything but a One G-d, how He would be all knowing and all powerful, Almighty, everything would depend on Him but He would not be dependent on anything - for me, this was the G-d I believed in as a child. I have always considered myself a monotheist even at that early stage in my upbringing. In our Bible readings with my family I was being introduced to people like Abraham, David, Joseph and Moses; I used to get introduced to the commandments of G-d and naturally I was amazed at the stories of their passionate devotion to Him and His laws. The so called "Old Testament" was so exciting for me and I started to make a connection between what it said and what I believed as a child until we would get to the second part of the book and I would be introduced to the supposed three persons of god, a man of flesh and blood (Yeshu) who was born from the womb of a woman and whom I was suddenly in need to acknowledge as something else than a mere man! I couldn't wrap my childhood brain on how and why G-d would need to change His concise and clear message to mankind (of following His laws), and demand a human sacrifice with abandonment of the Torah instead? I couldn't understand why He would previously punish people in the Old Testament for worshiping created beings and products of human hands and yet demand that people worship Him only through a man in the New Testament? I couldn't understand why He would reveal His supposed new message in Greek as opposed to Hebrew, all of a sudden?


This was just a part of the things I struggled with as a child, all the different people visiting my house used to try and explain how their god is like an egg (with three parts to it), but I knew that my G-d was not an egg! Despite my family's best efforts to explain to me that now the church is the new Israel and we do things differently I silently lost my interest in the Bible all together understanding it to be some kind of a mistake or a good story gone wrong.


Fast forward in my life, I was developing into a teenager and even though I still had no doubt in the existence of this One G-d from my childhood, I was interested only in living my life and having fun at the time. "I would look for G-d later, I'll worry about this when I'm old" I thought.


Fast forward even further, when I was about to graduate from high school, I was excited about wrestling and lifting weights. Going to parties, having lots of friends, I met a new girlfriend, I started my first real job as a security guard at a nightclub, I still felt like I had no time to ask questions about G-d at the age of 19 - teen either.


One could say I had almost everything a guy like me would dream for at that time.

However, all this carefree lifestyle was about to change real soon for me, and G-d would soon remind me of His existence...


I came back home from a regular night out with my friends, around the early hours of the morning, washed up and got to bed like any other time. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, yet this time it turned out to be something very special and a big turning point in my life. I went to bed, quickly dozed off to sleep and had an extraordinary dream. Now despite what you might expect this dream was not some supernatural experience, I didn't hear voices or see any flashing images, yet I still call it special because I somehow was able to envision something even more important for my life at the time...


What I understood in my dream was what a horrible lifestyle I was actually living, how empty and how sad I was. How disappointed of myself and how ashamed I was for the things I did in comparison to what G-d did for me on a regular basis. He provided me with food so I can have the energy to go and do bad deeds, he gave me a mouth and I used it to speak evil all day, He made me healthy and I sinned in return. As cliche as it may be, I woke up from that dream determined to be a new person, to finally put my life in order and find what my purpose in life is - it was finally time to look for my Father in Heaven!


I understood right away that I couldn't continue and live the way I lived, and no partying, getting into trouble with my horrible friends at the time, or anything else for that matter could fill the spiritual void in my soul. I did what I thought was the best thing to do in my situation at the time and just isolated myself from almost everyone I knew, I cut all contact with my former friends. I quit my job, at the nightclub and virtually locked myself at my house and devoted my time to figuring out what I needed to do next. All day long I would watch debates about religion and all types of lectures trying to figure out the truth, I cried and I prayed a lot, I spent a lot of sleepless nights calling out to G-d and asking for Him to help me find the right path. This period was the start of my search for G-d and it took about three years of my life to find the religion I today believe to be the truth. After looking at the doctrines of christianity and doing research on Islam, I finally decided to look at what the people of Israel had to offer. After all, the Jews were "the people of the book" and the origin for the knowledge of the G-d of Abraham. When I started researching about Judaism I had the shock of my life, I was extremely impressed with the account of a first and only national revelation of G-d to a whole nation of people - men, women and children at the foot of mount Sinai! How according to Judaism, the Creator never changed His mind and never gave a New Testament or a Q'uran, but maintained His promises and covenants to His people. When I looked at the Rambam's 13 principles of faith I couldn't believe what I was reading, especially the first five principles of faith touched my heart deeply and I knew these are the words of my G-d, the one I dreamed about in my childhood! I still didn't know much about Judaism and my knowledge gaps were tremendous but my enthusiasm was very strong, I didn't want to waste a second from now on. I abandoned eating unclean animals even with my limited and in some ways not accurate understanding at the time, started keeping Shabbat according to how I understood it at the time and threw the New Testament literally out the window as far as I could! I also found a day job and I saved up money for a lot of new books, I bought a Chumash, a Tanach, a Kitzur Shulchan aruch and I even saved up money and had a medical Circumcision at a hospital. I didn't even know how to properly serve G-d, about the Noahide laws or even that I needed to Convert first in order to be Jewish... All I knew was I finally found the truth, I was happy and excited. In the eyes of my family I was undoubtedly crazy, and we used to debate a lot about my newfound faith but I was determined to keep my beliefs.


 At this stage I was blessed with another big event in my life, I met the person who would help me tremendously in my journey, I met with Rabbi Yaron Reuven on Facebook and began to ask him questions. I started learning from him and his lectures on a daily basis. He even helped me to come in contact with the Jewish community in the Capital of Bulgaria and start a conversion process there. A little before I started the conversation process, me and my family left my hometown and started a small dairy farm in the country. As you would imagine it wasn't easy for me, but Rabbi Reuven basically took me under his wing and supported me even financially so I could visit the Jewish community in Sofia and study for my conversion, for which I would always be grateful to him. Now I'm 26 years old and hopefully at the end of my conversion and at the end of my spiritual journey.


I hope the people who are reading this short summary of my story will find it interesting, but above all inspirational. I didn't have the privilege to be born Jewish and I had to sacrifice everything I know and love in order to pursue what some people take for granted - just to call myself an ordinary Jew and follow the laws of the Torah, and I'm still fighting for that dream today.


My message to you is be grateful and appreciate your Judaism! There is no other thing like the Torah or the G-d of Israel in this world, you have been given a tremendous blessing and honor to be able to call yourself a servant of Hashem - a Jew! And I pray and hope that my journey will help you realize what you have and cherish the enormous treasure that you were given.

Emmanuil Angelov
Social Marketing


I support my husband in kollel. It’s a challenging life and I use to get very upset. One day I cried to HaShem to help me. Suddenly, I clicked on a YouTube at work (hate internet and was afraid to see what showed up) so I typed in Torah and saw your Bitachon Shiur – loved it! Now I thank HaShem every day. All your shiurim and organization efforts are out of the world!! Amazing Baruch.

Thank you for making me understand my life and all the good HaShem is giving to us. 

Thank you very much.

Shoshana Grabel

Via Handwritten Letter

      Team HaShem TeShuva Story!

My name is Jose Luis Alvarez Calvo. I was born and raised in Costa Rica. My whole family was roman catholic and I was raised under that idolatry. My father´s family pretty much sustained that tradition, but my mother´s family did not (apparently, my mother´s mother knew about Judaism and possibly was a crypto Jew, which still I have to find out doing a lot of research). After the divorce of my parents (I was 17 at that time), still I had catholic tradition pretty strong on me, and I attended catholic church youth groups in order to "evangelize" catholics in far communities across the country. I was like this for about 8 years or so, and when I got into the middle of my university career, I became interested on eastern religions and I eventually enrolled on a meditation cult with buddhist background for about 3 years.


During that transitional time, the catholic faith was not sustainable anymore to me due to the lifestyle and inconsistencies of the religion, and I became attracted to eastern mysticism and buddhist and hindu meditation techniques. One of my aunts had begun the first Noahide group in Costa Rica with the permission of a Chabad rabbi, and one day she invited me into a "Shabbat" dinner. At the beginning, Judaism was something completely strange to me since the only information I had was from the catholic side as well as from the buddhist side. Eventually, I became interested in Judaism and formed and then I moved to pursue my graduate degree in the United States from 2002 to 2004. At that time, my brother and me became very interested in studying Judaism. Unfortunately, the only information available was from the Kabbalah Centre and from the books on the university´s library. Still, I had more questions than answers and when I moved back to Costa Rica I decided to join my aunt´s group as a Noahide and relinquish from the eastern sect.


I pretty much knew about Chabad Chassidut and even started to help to translate some of the material for Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg. Some time passed, and unfortunately the Noahide group I was in dissolved due to ideological and sectarian reasons. Still I read some kabbalah material and started to buy books, but somehow I still felt that I was missing rabbinic guidance or the contact with a competent orthodox rabbi. In Costa Rica, the official Jewish community was extremely closed at that time. I got in contact in 2011 to the website Divineinformation.com, and I started to watch Rabbi Mizrachi´s shiurim. I did not miss most of his lectures and for the first time in my life, I saw a competent rabbi that spoke clearly and unambiguously about Judaism, as well as the respect and kindness with which he treated non Jews. I got engaged in by helping for as long as 8 years, and I continued to watch his lectures and seminars everywhere. That gave me the opportunity to start having contact with BeezratHaShem.org since 2016 (almost 4 years), and became part of the official team helping translating and captioning video clips and written material.


Since then, HaShem gave me two great gifts in my life: the first one where I was able to go to give some Cds to Jews and personally meet Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, shlita, and the second great gift was the opportunity to travel to Erets Israel and to personally meet and talk to Chacham Rabbi Efraim Kachlon, shlita. HaShem also blessed me by helping me creating the first Costa Rican facebook page called Costa Rica kiruv, where many can see the amazing work of BeezratHaShem organization as well as Rabbi Mizrachi´s work and many other orthodox rabbanim that dedicate their lives to kiruv. I write this with tears in my eyes, and I hope the Almighty give me more years to help Jews more and more to make teshuvah and return to Him. I am honored to belong to Beezrat HaShem team and help Chacham Rabbi Yaron Reuven, shlita and Chacham Rabbi Efraim Kachlon, shlita with this amazing endeavor. I want to thank the Almighty publicly, for taking me out of two idolatric cults consecutively and giving me the opportunity to help Jews do teshuva. I also want to thank with all my heart Chacham Rabbi Yaron Reuven, shlita and his wife Rabbanit Reuven for BeezratHaShem.org and their support and their magnificent kiruv work. Also thank Chacham Rabbi Efraim Kachlon, shlita for his constant and magnificent kiruv work and Chacham Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, shlita for his constant and magnificent kiruv work. May HaShem bless them all and all their endeavors with swiftness, rejoicing and peace. 

Jose Luis Alvarez Calvo

Translation & Subtitles

Shalom! Thank you for being truthful and giving us a chance to do, as it is written. I must have watched the original lecture four times. Most people are stubborn & do not want to listen. I tell people about honoring the Sabbath because Hashem commanded us to do so, yet they become like animals & defensive with ignorant excuses. This past week I spoke to many on keeping the sabbath. It has left an imprint because of the shootings on, and right after the Sabbaths. These events have happened quite a bunch of times. Hashem has demonstrated, HE is not playing around with His instructions. I've payed attention and out of the fire, Hashem continues to speak. Thank you for helping me become a much better version of me. Your work is amazing and when you speak, it feels like a heavenly voice, communicating with me. You are a voice from heaven. Heaven on Earth! I can't live a day without Torah, ever again. These are the best days of my life! I am so blessed to be alive and part of your organization. Baruch Hashem!

Ken Garcia

Via YouTube - The Right Way To Do Kiruv and Bring MaShiach

Shalom to all! I want to share all the things that have been happening to me since becoming involved with BeEzrat Hashem Inc.

I am a 52 year old woman, ex-christian, now Noahide, studying to convert to orthodox Judaism.  I never thought in a million years that I would not be a believer in JC. But last summer I started researching the origins of Christianity not from a christian perspective but more from a historical look. I also looked into why Jews do not believe in the new testament. I always read the old testament however not with the Hebrew Bible and not with proper commentary. The ten commandments I learned when I was 8 years old and I thought I was living it.

 However, I heard Rabbi Reuven speak about idol worship and that if you are a christian, you’re an idol worshiper! I was like, what? No way. I thought I do not pray to Mary statues, or bow down to temples. Christians know they are not to do any idol worship. Rabbi Reuven is always great about providing sources to back up what he says. I looked up the scriptures that he spoke about proving Christians were an idolatrous cult. There are too many to list however the one that really opened my eyes was Deuteronomy chapter 4 vs 23 and pretty much the whole chapter of 4. The other big one that was a game changer for me was the scripture in Ezekiel 18 vs 20. It says, " The soul that sins, it shall die! A son shall not bear the iniquity of his father and a father shall not bear the iniquity of his son; the righteousness of the righteous person shall be upon him and the wickedness of the wickedness of the wicked person shall be upon him. Vs 21 than says, " As for the wicked man, if he repents from all his sins that he has committed and he observes all My decrees and practices justice and righteousness, he shall surly live, he shall not die. Then it continues in 32, "For I do not desire the death of the one who should die-the word of the Lord Hashem/Elomin, turn yourselves back and live.  It was very clear what is the requirement for eternity was it never did mention J.C.  There are so many more scriptures to debunk the Christianity ideology. The powerful video of Rabbi Reuven’s, "Hashem took his millions back and gave me Emunah instead", talks about the Rabbi's wife and her conversion and what sources that convinced her to fully convert.  I was very blessed listening to it and studying the scriptures they shared. 

At the same time I was learning about Judaism, my oldest daughter was sharing with me the truth about Christian holidays and the root of all the traditions they do. I was horrified to learn about the true meaning of christmas and the deep truth of all the symbols used. Every day my daughter and I were learning more and more about all the lies that had been stuffed down our throat. Hashem was opening our eyes to what was true and how important Torah was. She told me she was going to convert and her husband was too. They were also going to convert six children. Not only were they going to convert but they would be orthodox.  I myself was good with being a Noahide and leaving Christianity.  I figured I would never make a good Jew and that it was my place to be a Noahide. However, Hashem reminder me that 22 years ago, I had seriously thought of converting to Judaism and had a feeling that my ancestry had been Jews from Spain. But when I talked to a christian about this they talked me out of it and I did not press in and let it go.  But last summer while my eyes were being opened, Hashem used my daughter and the spark in her was ignited. She did family research and found that we did have direct ancestry to Sephardi Jews. She also found that our family had been burned for their beliefs and the remaining ran out of Spain for their lives and had to hide their Jewishness. This made me so angry that I threw out everything that I had that pertained to crosses, Christmas or any christian dogma. I pondered on how my ancestors valued their relationship with HaShem and were willing to do what they could to keep their Torah alive or die to be with HaShem. But somewhere down the linage they changed their beliefs and no longer Jewish. Here I was living in the land of the so called free with all my religious rights, yet lazy and treating my relationship with Hashem so casually. I made up my mind that surely I could go all the way to fully convert to orthodox and I am in that process now.  

This is not an easy process. I live in the Bible belt of baptist, Pentecostals, non-denominational hard thumping JC loving and anti -Semitics. There are not any orthodox synagogues in my state. There are no kosher stores here either.  Now, there are some reform synagogues, but I really want to go orthodox. Every day I listen to the lectures by Rabbi Reuven and I study Tanach. I received the Rabbi's cd and gave them out.  I had to quit my job because it was questionable as far as honesty goes. As soon as I have a new job and am able, I will relocate to a Jewish community. It feels like my soul cries out to do this and will not be satisfied until I convert.  

If anyone thinks they are too old to convert, this is not true. It is a bit of a weird process to rethink all your beliefs but Hashem helps very much. Every day that I read the Torah, I find that I am reacting differently to people and also my thoughts are changing for the better. Before, I would easily lose my temper if I felt I was being violated or manipulated. But now I catch myself and I have no desire to defend myself in a rude manner. Every day I work on it and look at my weakness and make a decision to repair or fix them. I do teshuva on a regular basis and see how to correct myself. I am constantly watching my eyes and ears. This is a lot to do but it is possible even after 50 years. But the one thing I kept hearing the Rabbi say is that we must make the effort and HaShem does the rest. So I make the effort to the best of my ability.

Reading the Torah and Tanach. has not only helped me in my thoughts but also in my health. One night I dreamt that I could not breathe and I had to call an ambulance. When I woke up, I found myself in a panic and it felt like I could not catch my breath. I almost did call 911. But I calmed down nonetheless it scared me because it was so out of the blue. I wrote the Rabbi and he suggested to make sure I had removed all my idols and also to read the book of Psalms. I did this and immediately this stopped the weird panic attacks and I felt so much peace. So every day I try to read Psalms along with the Torah. I try to read the commentary in Hebrew to get the full effect which I think works better.
I also listened to Rabbi Reuven lectures on the Rambam on diet and exercise. Currently I am overweight but three months ago I started practicing the Rambam's principles on food. I have since lost 18 pounds and my cholesterol has dropped to 200 points into the normal range. My doctor had wanted to give me statins but I chose to research other alternatives, plus I had no money for the prescriptions. When I returned to the doctor he was very surprised to see that my levels were in the normal range. I told him my Rabbi prayed and HaShem healed me. He could not deny what the lab work said and told me that now I did not need the cholesterol medicine. Now I am not saying get off your prescriptions. But this did work for me. I still have lots of work to do regarding my weight but I will continue to follow the Rambam's outline for eating and exercising. 

 I cannot thank this organization (BeEzrat HaShem Inc.) enough. All I can do is continue to do Kiruv to show support and learning Torah.  This is an exciting journey to which I am blessed to be part of and connected to. Blessings always to Rabbi Reuven and his team!

Y. Zahara

Via Email

      Team HaShem TeShuva Story!

Baruch HaShem it is beyond a privilege to even write this... I am thankful to my Rav HaRav Yaron Reuven Shlita and also to Rav Mizrachi Shlita for showing me the Emet of HaShem. 

Where do I start, I was born in a country which is the epitome of Avoda Zarah in the world and where if I can say we have one new idol and deity to worship every day and scores of people who have declared themselves to be G-d (HaShem Herachem) and in midst all this and just following what my family used to practice made me have extreme sense of apprehension as to why I should be bowing to new god and goddesses everyday... there was no logic to this... 

Several years ago I reached crossroads in my life and I started researching more about G-d and I was researching on YouTube when out of blue I saw Torah and Science video of Rav Mizrachi Shlita and there was no going back.. I realized the fact that there is no one but HaShem and Torah is the only Emet in the world...  I watched nearly 800 shiurs of Rav Mizrachi Shlita and I came under the contact of my Rav.. Rav Yaron Reuven Shlita and listening to his Shiurs were like a big big reality check for me and it made me leave my old life behind for good Baruch HaShem. 

I am currently studying for my conversion and doing KIRUV under the guidance of Rav Yaron Reuven Shlita and I would just say that I feel really blessed by HaShem that I am able to do my small bit in Team HaShem of Kavod Chacham.

I would just say this to Am Yisrael that it's a privilege to be born Jewish and please do not take it lightly please keep the mitzvot, do TeShuvah.

I would like to thank Rav Yaron Reuven Shlita, Rav Mizrachi Shlita, Rav Efraim Kachlon Shlita  and Rabbanit Reuven for their immense chesed towards me and also for the amazing work of KIRUV they are doing nonstop. 

Vimesh DeSai

Team Leader

      Team HaShem TeShuva Story!


Growing up as a typical secular Jew, celebrating the high holidays, my father doing Kiddush on Shabbat followed by a movie, TV or video games, and the family going out to eat at the cheesecake factory once in a while, I was never aware of the true importance of what being Jewish actually means. Nobody ever told me. It also didn’t help that I was born and raised in San Francisco, attended a public school and followed the ways of the goyim.


When I was 18 years old my parents decided to move to Miami. After being convinced by my older brother, who was attending college in Florida at the time, that there is a bigger Jewish population out here in Florida vs San Francisco. I hated the idea at the time because I was very comfortable and “happy” with my life in California. But of course I had no choice, so we moved.


My older brother and sister were getting stronger in Judaism trying to get me involved with Rabbis and synagogues and going to events and Shabbatons etc. I had a little more of an idea of what the life of a Jew consisted of. However, I still retained my secularism, still no one told me that I had to change in any way. So I continued on as usual.


I started making new friends, some Jewish, some not, still living the secular life, not keeping Shabbat or kosher. I started putting on Tefillin but if I missed a day it wasn’t the end of the world. As time went by I met my girlfriend of almost a year. A non-Jew.


One day I came to my sister’s house and she was listening to a Rabbi on YouTube. I asked her who that was and what was he saying. She told me his name is Rabbi Mizrachi. She advised me to listen to his lecture. The lecture was called “The Streets Are Full of Israeli Blood”. I started listening and I was hooked. One lecture after another. It felt like an addiction. Once in a while he would raise his voice and send a shiver down my spine. He would explain the importance of Judaism and how one who doesn’t keep Shabbat is considered a goy and has NO SHARE IN THE WORLD TO COME! I was in shock. I knew I had to change. My first thought was: how do I tell my girlfriend?


I wanted to start keeping Shabbat and make big changes in my life to become more observant in Judaism. I built up the courage to tell her. One day driving home I called her and told her that I wanted to start keeping Shabbat. She had no idea what I was talking about. With my little knowledge, I proceeded to explain that I can’t drive, can’t light fire, I have to have a few meals, etc. She agreed and thought that it didn’t sound too bad. So we would “keep Shabbat” in our way leaving the TV on and eating cold food. Only issue left was she still wasn’t Jewish.


One of the lectures that I stumbled upon B”H was The Debate where Rabbi Mizrachi debates a Christian professor. I knew I had to present this to her. One evening I go to her place and tell her about this interesting debate between a Rabbi and a Christian. She was open to it. The first time we watched it, she fell asleep. I was nervous. I thought she didn’t find it interesting and I started to get worried. The next day we tried again, this time she watched the whole thing. She thought it was very interesting and that the Rabbi had good points and questions regarding things that the new testament says. I said, Great! Now part 2 and 3…


After a while of lectures, we knew that it was going to be impossible for us to continue being together unless she converts. We came across a lecture where Rabbi Mizrachi had a guest speaker. He introduced his guest, Rabbi Yaron Reuven. He resided in Boca Raton, 15 min away from where she lived. He said that he had lectures at his place every Tuesday evening at 9 PM. We emailed him letting him know that we will be attending and that we would like to talk after. We were both nervous to stay after the lecture and approach the Rabbi regarding the situation. I was particularly nervous that he would tell us that the conversion process was going to take a few years or even worse that we could no longer be together. He informed us of what we needed to do during the conversion/Teshuva process. We learned about shomer negiyah, how to pray, keeping kosher, we learned that we can no longer go to certain places that we used to go i.e bars and lounges etc. As time went on we started learning, I bought myself a Shulchan Aruch, Tehillim, Chumash, I even went out and purchased my first Masechet Berachot. She was taking on modesty, listening to lectures, learning Chumash and the Jewish holidays, halachot, etc. After a few months of intense learning, I knew she was going to be my wife. Next thing we know we are at the Bet Din in New York with Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Haim. After the successful completion of her conversion we flew back to Florida that same day. A month and a half later we had a kosher chuppah and wedding, officially moved in together and started a new life together as observant Jews.


Baruch HaShem now I am learning Gemara, Halachot, Mussar and Parashat Shavua daily under Rabbi Reuven’s supervision. The way we were led to Rabbi Mizrachi, then Rabbi Reuven, and the Siyata Dishmaya we had throughout the whole processes, it is impossible not to see HaShem’s hand in it all. We are extremely grateful for these amazing Rabbis and their holy work that save countless families all over the world, including ours. Be’Ezrat HaShem they will continue to save souls on a global scale and together as righteous Jews we will merit to hasten the Geula and see Mashiach speedily in our days!

Sunny Gigi

BH Films & Digital Media

      Team HaShem TeShuva Story!


I was born in Minneapolis, MN but when I was very young my dad decided to take a business opportunity in Guatemala. My mother was ecstatic, she is Salvadorian, so we would be next door neighbors to my family on her side. So we packed our bags and moved to Central America.

My mom was a Christian, now she doesn’t really have a religion, my dad is a nonreligious catholic. There is an extremely low number of Jews in Guatemala (at least that I knew of), and even the very few Jews that I did know, were extremely secular. Point is, I grew up knowing nothing about real Judaism, except that some don’t mix meat and dairy for who knows what reason and that they celebrate Chanukah instead of christmas. Even though our parents baptized us, made us do a first communion and a catholic confirmation (the three initiations into the catholic church), my sisters and I weren’t raised religious in catholicism or christianity. We explored some catholic and christian churches with our parents, but decided that wasn’t for us, it never felt right. I always believed in G-d, and I even prayed to Him sometimes, I just never identified myself with any particular religious group.

Years went by, I left Guatemala and came back to the U.S for college and lived a normal college life. During my senior year, I started exploring some churches again. I remember sitting in mass, trying to get into it but would always catch my mind wondering, thinking about other things, I just couldn’t connect. I had a friend who was a hardcore christian and whenever he would talk to me about it, which he did very often, I would notice that after a while I would stop paying attention and would just wonder when he’s going to stop talking. I even thought if I also spoke about it with enthusiasm and pretended to be a devout christian, maybe my heart would follow. It never did. After a while I gave up on it, decided I wasn’t a fan of getting JC shoved down my throat and that I was right years ago when my sisters and I decided that we weren’t destined to be good christians.

I went back to a non-religious life, doing whatever I wanted. I still believed there was a G-d but I connected to Him in my own way. I graduated college and shortly after started working at a nice, big, fancy company, everything was good. I started dating this guy; he was good-looking, funny, great company and a Jew. Some people warned me: “Be careful with him, Jews have a tendency of only wanting to marry other Jews! Make sure you’re not wasting your time!” I was 23 at the time, and not looking to get married any time soon, after all, I had to establish my career and become the CEO of Google before I could settle down and start a family, so I just ignored them. We would go out, like all secular couples do, go eat, drink, hang out with other friends, movies, etc.

Sometimes I would ask him questions about Judaism, like “Why do women have to cover their hair?”

Him: “For modesty”

Me: “How does covering your hair make you modest? It’s just hair.”

Him: “Hair is considered attractive, so in order to help men watch their eyes and keep away from sin, women cover their hair.”

Me: “That’s not fair, why do the women have to cover their hair, because the men can’t control themselves? WHY DO THE WOMEN HAVE TO SUFFER BECAUSE THE MEN ARE ANIMALS? THAT’S SEXIST!” (If it’s not obvious from my response, I used to be a feminist)


As we would get into these debates, he would tell me what he knew, but he was secular so it wasn’t much. Most of the time he would end the argument by saying, “I don’t really know, you would have to ask a Rabbi.”

One day he told me he wanted to start keeping Shabbat, I responded, “Um ok, what’s Shabbat?” He told me from Friday sunset to Saturday nightfall, you don’t go out, and you have a meal. I thought that didn’t seem so bad, we’ll just stay in and watch movies Friday nights and we’ll go out on Saturdays. So we started “keeping Shabbat” together.

Then one day he told me about this interesting Rabbi he started listening to, who can prove the Torah is real and all other religions are fake. Even though I wasn’t a religious anything, we all want to believe that the religion we are born into is the right one, so I was intrigued. He introduced me to the lectures of Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi. I was hooked. We were listening to Rabbi Mizrachi’s shiurim every day and I truly believed the Torah was real (and still do). My boyfriend and I would discuss the newest posted shiurim with such excitement; it was like a whole new secret world had been opened to us.

So then things got real. What do I do? Should I become a Jew? There are so many rules though! And if I do convert, I don’t want to convert for a man, I want to do it for HaShem. Who would I even go to for help? I live in FL and Rabbi Mizrachi lives in NY so that’s not really an option, and it’s not like I know any other rabbi. Then, Hashem had mercy on me and gave me some Siyata Dishmaya. I was listening to the newest Rabbi Mizrachi shiur and he introduced a guest Rabbi who came to tell his life story. He shared how he used to be a multimillionaire on Wall Street, he was secular and was married to a non-Jew, had a simple surgery gone wrong, almost died, was battling for his life and then started becoming religious and getting his wife into it. She ultimately converted and now they both live as orthodox Jews doing kiruv and helping Am Israel. This was Rabbi Yaron Reuven. After I heard his story, I was shocked! His story reminded me of my own, and even more crazy, he mentioned he lived in FL! I immediately Googled him and found out he lived 15 minutes away and had weekly lectures at his house.

My boyfriend and I decided we were going. We met with Rabbi Reuven after the shiur, told him about our situation and talked about the possibility of conversion. Long story short, I started intense daily Torah studies under the supervision of Rabbi Reuven. I remember being so worried that Mashiach would come and I wouldn’t be finished with my conversion process. I prayed every day to HaShem that He please wait for me, I wanted to be Jewish when the Geulah came. The day Rabbi Reuven told me I was ready and he would call the Beit Din to set up a time and date, I was beyond happy and excited, I’m pretty sure I cried. With the help of HaShem I had a kosher Orthodox conversion in Queens, NY.

Baruch Hashem, that boyfriend who helped me discover the truth is now my husband. We had a simple kosher chuppah, which was exactly what we wanted. Throughout our journey to Judaism we kept each other strong, motivated, and when things got hard, never let each other forget that the sacrifices we were making were worth it, just to get closer to Hashem and the ultimate Emet. I’m not going to lie, conversion is tough. Everyone who takes upon themselves this amazing journey will have to make sacrifices. I gave up my fancy well-paying job, my friends, I strained relationships with my family, faced discrimination, and much more. But you know what? With everything I lost and with every hardship I faced, HaShem payed me back beyond sevenfold! I can truly say that we’ve never been happier.

Hashem says in Devarim (4:29):

“From there you will seek HaShem, your G-d, and you will find Him, if you search for Him with all of your heart and all of your soul”

This is a promise from Hashem, whoever truly wishes to find Him and find the truth, Hashem will help you, I tell you from personal experience. How else can you explain someone who knew nothing about Judaism and the Torah, chose to take upon herself all of the mitzvot? It would be much easier just to be a righteous Noahide, and keep 7 mitzvot instead of 613! But the Torah is so sweet, it’s addictive, I just couldn’t settle for second best. I wanted closeness to Hashem and I wanted to be part of the nation that HE chose to be HIS!

This is the reason it breaks my heart to see natural born Jews mistreat the precious gift that was given to them. Secular Jews who have no idea what it means to be Jewish, or worse, religious Jews who complain about how burdensome the mitzvot are, HaShem Yerachem! They were born into royalty, yet they choose to hang out in the slums. Some have to work hard to earn their Judaism. So if you were born Jewish, please don’t waste the precious gift HaShem gave you, many yearn for that gift and are unable to obtain it.

Now, Baruch Hashem, even though we still have a lot of Teshuva to do, we do our best to live an observant lifestyle under the guidance of our dear Rabbi and Rabbanit Reuven, keeping the mitzvot and trying to help others find their way back to Hashem, just like we did.

My last note is this: Rav Efraim Kachlon, Rabbi Yaron Reuven and Rabbanit Levanah Reuven’s Mesirut Nefesh is beyond imaginable. They sacrifice their lives, time and resources for Am Yisrael without expecting anything in return, purely for the sake of Heaven. The help that they have given my family alone, cannot be repaid. They are doing what many of us cannot or will not do, the least we can do is support their Zikkuy HaRabim. May HaShem bless everyone who supports their holy work. Be’Ezrat Hashem we will all have a part in bringing Jews back to HaKadosh Baruch Hu!

Batyah Gigi

Event & Fundraising Coordinator

      Team HaShem TeShuva Story!


I was born in the Soviet Republic of Uzbekistan during the cold war between United States and Soviet Union, and the continued war of Soviet government on any form of spirituality.  As a result for many generations, my family was completely secular.  Growing up, I knew that I was a Jew, but I had no idea what it meant to be a Jew, except for the fact that my mom would always tell me that I have to marry a Jew. And when I grew up and received my first passport, the government in the section of Nationality put a stamp labeling me a “Jew.”  During my high school years, I learned that my father had to be a member of the Communist party in order to keep his job, otherwise, that position would not be available for him as a regular Jew.  I didn’t have a Bar Mitzvah and didn’t even know what it was or what it meant.  I never kept Shabbat and didn’t even know how to spell it.  After I finished school, I was admitted to Tashkent State Technical University along with my very nice and smart Russian friend.  

In the University, we met a fellow by the name Alex with a big Jewish nose.  We quickly became friends.  Back then, life in a Socialist country was a constant hassle: shortage of everyday necessities such as food, water, electricity, and other basic supplies was a norm.  Very few people could afford to own good books.  However, my father-in-law was very successful in many areas and was able to obtain an impressive collection of books.  Among them was couple of religious Jewish books, which were very hard to come by. I don’t recall any of these books, as it had no meaning to me back in those days.

During the third year of our college journey, my friend Alex immigrated to Canada.  We lost touch due to lack of technology and danger of being put under surveillance by the KGB for having contact with people overseas.  Sixteen years later, when I was already living in the United States, one of my high school friends send me an email that somebody by the name Alex from Uzbekistan is looking for me on social media. After all those years, we got in touch again and soon I learned that Alex lives in Florida, became an orthodox Jew, and had wife and kids.  I was very surprised to hear that he became religious.  My family and I were very distant from Judaism.  My wife always fasted on Yom Kippur and to support her, I joined the club.  That was the extent of my religiosity.  When I asked my friend what happened to him, and why he became religious; his answer shocked me to the core.  He said, "I became religious because of you."  I remember that moment, my entire life flashed before me and I couldn’t find anything to support Alex’s statement.  He told me that during our college years, when he was visiting me at my apartment, that he was surprised to see a big Jewish book collection.  One book drew his attention and he asked me if he could borrow it.  Apparently I lend him the book.  He read the entire book and it changed his outlook on life.  That book was Chumash.  It was extremely difficult to be an observant Jew back then in Uzbekistan.  Absence of Jewish schools, synagogues, learning materials, kosher food, etc… There were very few religious people and they were hiding their identity for a good reason.  But after moving to Canada, Alex found everything he needed to start his journey to Judaism.


Little by little, he started to direct me towards the derech by sending me lectures and articles, he gifted my first Chumash, and we even started to learn on the phone sometimes.  Alex pushed me to have a Bris, and then he signed me up with Partners in Torah organization, which helps people around the world to study Torah with a partner.  I was very lucky to get Rabbi David Jacobson from Los Angeles as my learning partner.  We started learning together once a week on the phone and until today, we still do B’’H.  When the time was right and I had to start praying with a minyan, Rabbi Jacobson put me in contact with Rabbi Dovid Horowitz who is the Rabbi of Makor Hachaim, the shul in the area where I live. B’’H, my family and I have been members of Makor Hachaim for the last 8 years.


Few years back, I came across lectures on YouTube by Rabbi Yaron Reuven. I was very inspired and touched by his passion and love of Torah.  Soon after, during my family vacation in Florida, I learned that Rabbi Reuven was giving classes a few miles away from where we were staying.  It took a few attempts, and my wife and I finally made it to the class.  It was a magnificent experience to listen to Rabbi Reuven in person.  After the class, the Rabbi spend over an hour talking to me and my wife. This was the moment that gave me an opportunity to become a member of BeEzrat HaShem team.  I began to work on the Torah & Science movie and distribute CDs with the lectures and flyers.

At some point, we decided to start a learning group at our shul, Makor Hachaim.  Few people got together and we started learning the Chofetz Chaim book, the Laws of Proper Speech.  Classes were given by Daniel Hersko Ha’Levy, who has a huge respect for Rabbi Reuven.  Rabbi Reuven was very kind to provide guidance when Dany Hersko and our learning group were in need.  The classes were so good that we decided to publish them on the web so we can have access to the material and share it with the world.  I started a website called www.Torah4You.com and now we have many hours of Torah classes available to anyone who is interested.  Looking back on my life, I realize how lucky and privileged I am to be a Jew. 

P.S.  My favorite book of all time became “To Remain a Jew” by Rabbi Itzchak Zilber zt’l.  It is a very inspiring book, which teaches by telling the story of a life of a Jew in Soviet Russia.  Rabbi Reuven has used some the materials from this book in his classes, it was fantastic.

Albert Beyzer

BH Films

      Team HaShem TeShuva Story!


Hi everyone, my name is Yishai ben Avraham; to be honest my story is spread out over multiple locations and there have been multiple ups and downs in my teshuva till I met Rav Yaron Reuven.


The spark of Judaism that I received and my desire to convert happened in the most unexpected place and time. I had this strange desire to start putting Tefillin, keep mitzvot and start fasting on Yom Kippur and Tisha B'Av while reading about Judaism online and Jewish topics like Hanukkah, Shabbat and the Holocaust. This spark started at around age 10-11 in Saudi Arabia out of all places. I even started fighting with my parents to let me fast on Yom Kippur at least, as I need to keep the fast since I am reaching bar mitzvah age and need to practice. My parents were not the most happy and my father started showing me all kinds of anti-Semitic imagery to try to get me off from Judaism; mainly because I started to tell everyone in my class that I want to become Jewish (It was a Muslim country after all). I started doing research on Judaism, teaching myself basic Hebrew and learn all I could about Jewish history from a very young age. I also developed a deep desire to one day go and live in Israel. Since I was not in a place where I could meet any Jews and kept moving from place to place; I became highly depressed and slowly my desire towards Judaism mellowed down; even though I kept reading and researching about Jewish history, Israel etc. 


 I then came to Canada 5-6 years later (2011) and started high school in Calgary. My best friend there was Israeli, and of Jewish origin (though not halakhically Jewish) and I started to convince him about how much he should keep his faith and how amazing are Jewish people. He was just the opposite and his family criticized Jews and Judaism. I never understood why someone would look down upon the best religion in the world.


Even before reaching adulthood I was thoroughly convinced about Judaism, but just didn't know how I could do my conversion. Sadly, I ended up reaching a Reform synagogue in Calgary and ended up doing a ''conversion'' there after ''studying'' with the Rabbi for 6 months and not even doing Brit Milah (thankfully I burned the ''conversion'' certificate as Rav Yaron told me to). After a while, I started to feel weird about the shul as I remember that one of the first topics that I researched about Judaism in Saudi Arabia was Tefillin. I never saw anyone in the synagogue wear them. Though they wore tzitzit and read the Torah and had prayer services, it was strange why they would not wear this. 


Thankfully, I got to see a lecture from Rabbi Mizrachi in 2014 (a few months after my Reform conversion) and knew about the whole truth. I decided to not tell my parents, friends or anyone and quickly left the city for Vancouver. There, I went to Chabad and other Orthodox synagogues where I started learning about Judaism and Torah for the first time in my life. I met with students of the PTI yeshiva on a regular basis. However, they unfortunately told me that there was no Beit Din in Vancouver and so I have to move to a different place.  


I was really torn between moving to Israel for my conversion or staying in Canada. I sadly had to face a lot of double standards from both the Israeli government (who denied me entry to the country; possibly because I lived in Saudi Arabia) and the Beit Dins in Canada, some who refused to speak to me till I moved to a Jewish area and in other cases, talk to a Rabbi that they would recommend me and not just anyone I was connected to. Even though I taught myself to read Hebrew and knew many things; somehow they needed more convincing. Just like the Jewish Agency that never told me why my Israeli visa was rejected. 


I didn't have any support or way to reach out to anyone and was in a very bad financial state. I decided to go back to India and stay with my family rather than face any more of this. I reluctantly told myself that my purpose was probably to just remain a Noachide. 


However, at that time I had already taught myself a lot about Judaism and still felt that it cannot be that I am only supposed to be a Noachide. I had started to watch shiurim by Rav Yaron Reuven and 2 of them caught me by surprise (Wasting seed and why non-Jews cannot keep Shabbat). This is because no one ever mentioned them to me. And his style of speaking is something I really connected with. This was especially so, after I heard his life story. 


Now, it was Tu B' Av 5776 (August 18, 2016), while at my uncle's office (where I was working) I made a random call to Rabbi Yaron Reuven. I was convinced that I need to talk to him and explain my situation and start helping his organization. It was like 3 AM in Miami, but the Rav still picked up the phone and decided to talk to me and answer my questions. He said that he can help me convert and that I should get in touch with his assistant Vimesh who lives in India. 


Ever since then, I have been following Rav Yaron and have watched almost all of his Mussar Pirkei Avot series, which truly helped me to do Teshuva more than anything else. Besides that, being part of Team HaShem and sharing his clips on Facebook has not only saved me from dangerous encounters with my anti-Semitic family (especially from my uncle who made it his life mission to stop me from watching Rav Yaron's shiurim and threatened to harm me physically and quite possibly kill me), but also from falling into depression after all the double standards I continue facing from Batei Din and the Israeli government; and from losing faith and keep being stronger in Torah and mitzvot. I have seen my spiritual life improve beyond measure and I am a firm believer in spreading the Rav's message everywhere. 


I am now aiming to finish my conversion soon with either the Beit Din in Queens, NY or go to Israel and study with Rav Zamir Cohen (Recently, I had a miracle, as Rabbi Zamir Cohen approached me and offered me to come to his yeshiva in Beitar Illit. He said he could fix the issues I have with the Israeli Ministry dealing with visas etc. 


I still have a long way to go in achieving most of my spiritual goals, but there is one thing that has saved me from a roller coaster of a life I have had so far (especially the past 3 years) and strengthened my resolve to be a part of Am Yisrael  - Zikuy HaRabim and the firm words of Rav Yaron Reuven. 

Yishai Srivastava

Subtitles & Kiruv Marketing

      Team HaShem TeShuva Story!



Hello everyone, I hope all is well. I am a bit hesitant to share my story of Teshuva (till some extent, a lot more to do) but every time I read or watch a Baal Teshuva or a convert story, it's an exciting journey that brings me much more closer to G-D by shaking the dust and making me investigate my actions. Very helpful!!!


G-D willing I hope this inspires someone else also to not only share their stories but do more for HaShem and earn more for eternity!!!


I came to US for college from Ethiopia 5 years ago and we didn't have fast, cheap internet back home.

Having the world’s information at my hands was an exciting thing and I felt I can use it to my advantage.

My primary goal in life at that point was to make as much money possible. I looked at the people that went to college and obviously they made decent living but I craved more. So I started searching more about famous entrepreneurs and trying to learn their common traits and so forth but in the back of my mind I had one question and that was why get money and I kept answering to do good, help others but then I would ask why do good, who told you to do good. It was a question that didn't answer but non the less the earthly pleasures money can get was enough for me to research these billionaires. At some point I found that the being Jewish increases your likelihood of being a billionaire and this was fascinating. I was always oblivious to Israel and The Jews and figured nothing major out of it. Just worldly political matters. Although when my brother taught me "the old testament" as a little kid, I remember being so excited asking him are we the Jews and he said no and it did break my heart even as a little kid. 


So back to when I was in college, I started doing more research on this matter and the more I did basic google searches I learned that the logical earthly explanation of Jews success on earth was their intellect. But unfortunately if you search about Jews on the internet and their success what comes up is conspiracy theories that is drenched with the worst type of stupidity and hate. 


Since I was a kid I always rooted for the underdog and the more I saw how the Jewish people were persecuted by the nations throughout time and how still the internet is hating on them, I developed an affinity to them plus they just keep winning!!! Then I started asking people around me what they thought about Jews and their answer had fear and discomfort in their tone. So obviously I got a little paranoid at that point figured maybe the illuminati is true and maybe I should not try to be a billionaire but then I said to myself I'm not gonna be broke my whole life and I'm def not gonna be scared of any illuminati, I got G-D on my side (as if G-D is my side kick). So more research continued.


One day everything changed. I saw this paper that concluded about how Jews were smart because they made religious learning their tradition. By then I would have been familiar with Chabad, Jewish understanding of the world and even Rav Yosef Mizrachi's lectures but took it as a source of pearls of wisdom just like Tony Robbins. 


I didn't take The Torah seriously but I understood " the narrative" (that's how low I was). From Rav Mizrachi lectures I also understood about public revelation of The Torah but didn't see much of it rather than the fact that how every other religion besides Judaism started with folklore or one person’s experience.


But then couple of ideas clicked in my head


The Jews are obligated to not intermarry with other nations

The Jews are also obligated to study the Torah diligently

The Jews are obligated to teach their children Torah and pass it to every generation

The Jews have been doing this for 3,000 years

The brain is like any muscle, with training it can be improved

If you take a body builder that works out every day and have their kids also keep working out and they also marry to body builders ten generations later those kids are going to be very strong.


Same concept, if The Jews studied Torah, married their offspring to other Jews who studied Torah, made their children also study Torah in a couple of generation their kids are going to be very smart.


But that was not the main thing.


Why would the Jews study anything and develop their brain 3000 years ago. There weren't lawyers, programmers and doctors back then. No one succeeded back then by training their brain. There was no earthly incentive to learn. EXCEPT the incentive had to be BEYOND EARTH. 


When The Nation Of Israel received The Torah, I could not imagine the shock that went through them. THE CREATOR OF ALL REALITY spoke to them. If it really happened it would have traumatized (in a great way) all 3 million people that were present. If it really happened, you would be a fool not to follow what THE CREATOR would command you to do especially with all the warnings and consequences that would follow if you don't.


So taking The Revelation at Mount Sinai as True, it makes sense why The Jews would be the smartest nation on earth. They did not marry outside of the nation and The Jews would learn Torah for 3000 years even when all the nations were ploughing fields because they had Fear of G-D. and Fear motivated them to take Torah study, marrying within the nation and teaching children Torah seriously thus affecting generations to come.


I listened to lectures more and I started doing more research. Although I was convinced I had to answer some questions that always made me see religion as folklore. The major one I had and most people have is the age of the earth. I have attached a link about an explanation of Dr. Schroeder work by Rabbi Moshe Zeldman (Aish Torah) about relativity of time according to mass and gravity. 


Here is the jist, when you try to swat a fly, the fly responds fast. From our perspective it seems as if the fly is fast but from the fly's perspective we are very slow. The fly doesn’t see it self-moving very fast it sees us as very slow. Time is relative according to mass (the law of relativity by Einstein).


Taking that as True, The Torah' description of 5 days of creation before Adam was created VS humans’ calculation of 14.8 billion years since the big bang can be the same observation just at two different locations of mass thus having different perspectives on time. One is seeing it from earth perspective from a human and the other is the perspective of The Torah outside of earth before human was created. Also think of this, when The Torah describes the creation of reality it describes a fluctuation between evening and morning and call each cycle a day but it’s not the day that we are familiar with because sun and moon were created on the fourth day. How can it be the fourth day that the sun and moon were created? The sun should have been created before the first day!!!


Please watch the video attached as it is a great explanation to this also watch Dr. Schroeder's whole take on Torah and science. Great content. He lectures at Aish Ha'Torah in Jerusalem.


Once I learned this, I knew science is playing catch up on The Torah. The Torah's claim no matter how crazy it may sound, it was not there for a false or wrong way. It had a divine purpose that a mere mortal with a dying brain cannot simply comprehend. Then came also about how dinosaurs were mentioned in The Torah, chariots in the red sea, proof of the sun stopping for Joshua at war by Nasa, the number of planets described in The Torah accurately, how the healing of circumcision on the 8th day couldn't have been invented by man and so forth. The more you learn the more you understand that the world is a complete falsehood hiding Judaism and how fortunate one is to align and die as a G-D fearing person according to Torah.


So a year later, I knew much more but I was not changing. I was still acting like a brute animal. No change in middot. Even knowing all of these and knowing its true didn't change me. I did not Fear G-D.


Then came my first encounter. I got thrown out of college (thank G-D it was a "liberal arts protestant college") and I was ready to be deported. I had 50k worth in student debt and my family couldn't afford it. I couldn't bear the shame of being deported. I had no one to rely on. I was homeless and hungry I couldn't save myself. Everything looked bleaked. Then I prayed to G-D out of fear of problems to help me and vowed to change my ugly ways. I found 2000 dollars in one day which I needed heavily with no job. I knew I just witnessed a miracle and I couldn't be ungrateful anymore. But that didn't cut it. I continued being a fool. Then I got another problem. Same thing deportation, being scared of humiliation. This time I firmly undertook on myself to be modest. It was a huge leap for me and Thank G-D with constant shuir by The Rav's and dread of G-D's punishments I became a modest and morally fit man. Started GAURDING MY EYES, then the whole nine yards. Best decision of my life. Blessings came and although I needed to do more my problems were alleviated. 


If I can tell you anything is to know that the Torah is true. Not believe. If you are on an 80 story building and forced to jump you don't believe you will die you know you will die. A person at that moment can easily say I believe I can fly and it would not be a false statement. When you say I believe in G-D you are saying I have doubts if G-D exists. Most people confuse the word believe with faith. Faith is knowing all good and all bad comes from The Creator for our ultimate benefit. Very hard thing to reach and I’m trying every day to accept that but I think everyone should know that G-D is not a figment of our imagination and The Torah is from G-D and every small or  big, bad or good, vague or clear comes from G-D. We are G-D's figment of imagination.


Second thing, get Scared of G-D's punishments. In this generation of useless anxiety and material blindness, its hard but fear G-D. Best way listen to Shuir constantly. For instance The last Shuir I listened to (what happens when you treat G-D with casualness) gave me so much clarity that I literally felt safe. As if I knew with full confidence that if I listen to this shuir consistently I would make it to heaven or at least out do my past delusions of earthly gains. Consistency is key, grab headphones get the app so even if you are doing something else you are still listening. EVERYDAY. 


Third but not last, help others do Teshuva. Send a link, give cds, brain storm ideas, support monetary and time wise. JUST DO SOMETHING. ITS SCARY TO BE ASKED WHY YOU DIDNT HELP OTHERS. IT REALLY IS. but don't let it come at the expense of your righteousness. It’s easy to slide to sin on this one. Don't go to the club to do Kiruv. Most likely you will sin. 


The Rav taught that even Avraham Avinu had to leave the environment he was initially in. Safe to say us much more. Rav Yosef Mizrachi also taught in a recent lecture "Don't bring The Torah down to their level rather bring them to the level of The Torah". With the internet we can use YouTube ads to target all secular Jews in Israel with great shuirs. Short and to the point. The best thing it would barely affect our righteousness but give them the message 24/7 every time they open a foolish YouTube video. We need money for this so let’s step it up on monetary gain and obviously Invest on the right stock. By low on earth and cash in heaven very high!!!  Maximize kiruv tremendously.


With G-D's will we will do Teshuva, Am Yisrael will do Teshuva and all of humanity will do Teshuva before The Righteous Messiah arrives.


Last but not least Rav Yaron Reuven, Rav Efraim, Team HaShem Thank You Thank You Thank You. Let’s try our best every day!!!



Must watch Shuir: What Happens When We Treat HaShem With Casualness

Shuir about 14.5 billion vs 5.5 days: The Great Clash: Issues of Judaism & Science

Amanuel Bayable

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Sharing this experience to sanctify HaShem's Name. 


Last week you've published a short video from Rabbi Efraim Kachlom where he has taught us about the importance and effects of reciting Kriat Shema before bed time. I had shared the lecture on my social media. 


Shortly after i could see with my own eyes the teaching in real life situation.


My oldest child started out of nothing to cry and scream whist sleeping middle in the night. I woke up and run to the bedroom. 


I've remembered the lecture immediately and recited the first paragraph of Kriat Shema in hebrew until Baruch Shem Kevod Malchutot Leolam Vaed.


Immediately and on the spot,  the scream and the cry stopped completely still during the sleep.

I saw it with my own eyes. 


I've returned to bed, with a grateful heart that what we learn here on this platform is REAL,  TRUTH and applicable. 


Thank You for your commitment in spreading the EMET of HaShem.

We recite the Kriat Shema and the 10 commandments :) 


Please forward to rabbi Efraim this feedback with my gratitude. 

Kind Regards,



Via Mobile App Testimonials

Being Muslim I’m converting into Judaism after listening to this person respect

Syed Ottman

Via YouTube - Bitachon B'HaShem PART 10 Is Divine Punishment Good or Evil?

Finally an option for on the go!


The app is great. It works very smoothly and provides easy access to shiurim/lectures and the ability to study Torah.


I have to say thank you to Rabbi Yaron Reuven for being one of the unfortunate few rabbis that actually speaks of the pure, unfiltered truth that is HaShem’s Torah. As a recent Ba’al Teshuvah, it was very difficult for me to see reason in acting on my being Jewish until Rabbi Reuven opened my mind to the truth I had been fighting not to recognize.


Our evil inclinations can be very strong, but with the few ‘Rabbis of Truth’ it is possible to make up for lost time and changing lives from sin towards righteousness no matter what the age or previous mistakes made. Everyone has a chance.


Excuse the rant, but I’m very passionate about Torah and after having all my former doubts addressed by the rabbi, I felt inclined to share my story in the hopes to positively affect other, Baruch HaShem. Thank you again, Rabbi Reuven and the developer of this great app. May it help many more find the truth of Torah and the overwhelming ecstasy of HaShem’s wisdom. Through Torah, we find purpose and the same purpose it’s been since the world was created, B”H’


Via Apple App Store

May HaShem strengthen Rabbi Reuven he is such an amazing personality ! We are truly blessed to have him !!! He is always available for any question, consultation, problem, Torah discussion, and yet toils constantly for our souls, sacrificing  his time , money , worry , and lots of effort for us. Even if we don’t feel it now, we will feel it in the future , when the truth becomes clear, bH. Thank You Rabbi Reuven for inspiring us to become our better selves. May HaShem bless all those that help his children come home!


Via BH Refua Shlema Tehilim Whatsapp Group

You devote so much of your time and energy to doing things that aren't always easy, but that make a big difference. You saved our child's life. We appreciate and gratefully acknowledge your kindness.  It will always be remembered by the family of Israel.  May HaShem bless you and your family forever. 


Best regards from Yaakov Israel 


Thank You. 





Yaakov Israel

Via Handwritten Letter

I'm a 21 year old yeshiva guy from New York currently learning in Yerushalayim. I have always had a problem with wasting seed since my young teenage years, although I was always aware of the severity I never could quite overcome the nisayon.  Part of the reason I couldn't overcome it was due to the lack of communication of my problem. I never felt comfortable about speaking about it to my Rebbeim and for sure not family. 8 months ago I came across R Yaron Reuven 3 hour shiur on the Torah Anytime app (at the time it was the only shiur on the subject) I watched it in its entirety. From that moment on I was inspired to new levels and I began to fight my nisayon with all my might. I started holding back for appx. a month at a time. I soon realized I had to get help and I finally felt confident and comfortable going over to my Rosh Yeshiva and discussing how to obliterate the nisayon. All I needed was someone to help me win a solo battle, and knowing someone was helping me in case I fell. As I'm typing today it has been 110 days since I last tripped up, which is a record by far! I can't imagine the oilam habah you will be getting iy"h!! I'm still going strong!!! Without you, I would still be falling deeper! May HaShem bless you with happiness and all with what you need!!! He should give you lots of strength to continue giving shiurim and inspire others like me!!!! 


Via Mobile App Testimonials

Rabbi Reuven, Thank You! 

     Hashem Thank You for blessing me that Rabbi Reuven emailed me and made my day my night my Purim! 

     Rabbi Reuven, you have made such a huge mitzvah by emailing me what you did! I have tears! I pray for you and yours since I started to learn with you. I pray for you for all you have shared and taught me. I pray for your family and your new baby boy, Yosef. Everyday I pray for you and yours & many times more than once. I am not interested in speaking of me as Hashem knows our thoughts and deeds. He knows me. He knows with all due respect how much I have grown to love you with respect as a Rabbi for all you do & want to do for so many. And ask nothing in return but Kiruv! This is why Hashem will bless you with all! As I beg Him. I am speaking from the bottom of my heart. Even though I was always Shomer Shabbat, after I started learning with you I started to read the Torah Chumash for The Parashas, Hashem Please, now every Shabbat ! I can’t walk to my Temple as it’s very far unless I stay at The Rabbis guest house which many ppl want to also.  I also started to volunteer at The Cupboard, The Dorit & Ben J Genet,  which is a food pantry to deliver for the Jewish families and Holocaust survivors etc. B”H, started being again strictly Kosher out of the home as opposed to eating you know fish pasta salads rice veggies wherever. B”H, now strictly home as always and out too. ( so of course a lot of ppl don’t understand why ..who cares).  B”H, the list goes on. Fyi, my dad, may he rest in eternal peace forever by Hashem, was orthodox as well. He Loved Hashem more than words can say as you . Only ppl who love Hashem can understand this and each other. My mom passed also however it will be two years. As well a beautiful humble G-d Fearing woman! Oh how she loved Hashem. To hear her pray was like hearing the gates open for her. I apologize as it’s Purim and I became a bit emotional now. Just wanted you to know about the most important human beings Hashem blessed me with I called father and mother. B”H, I also have been blessed with an amazing humble boy and girl who are young successful adults that I miss so much and love without words.  ( I have been divorced for almost 7 yrs now .. trust me I did all to save it to the very end and would of stayed just for the kids and family .. 26 yrs for Shalom Bayit . ) Hashem knows why He wanted this divorce. That’s enough for me. Again, pardon I shared this too. 

    Rabbi Reuven, as you can see I can write you forever all I have learned from you and with you and for you. I pray for you and yours because of all I am doing and because Hashem sent you to me for every and many beautiful reasons. 

    When you have said many times and you say it many times, how much you love Hashem, that’s when I knew He sent you to me.  As my dad loved and my mom loved and my kids and I love Hashem as you! 

     Thank you Rabbi Reuven for answering my email with all you have going on and so many ppl needing of you. Thank you for your amazing words in that email. Thank you for sending the prayer for Refuah Shelayma. 

     Hashem bless you and yours with great health strength and happiness and parnasaah and hatzlachah with all you need and want and make all easy and effortlessly on your part as you so much deserve Rabbi Reuven! 

Thank you!


Via Email

Your'e the real deal.Your'e a compassionate,honest beautifull man.Thank you for your amazing gift box.The encyclopedia which shows how the torah can often be proven scientificaly, boosted my bitachon(trust in GD) tremendously.Thank you so much Reb Yaron.You're a humble,compassionate Rabbi.Your'e Amazing!May GD bless you and your family this up and coming year.May GD grant you health,wealth,spirituall growth and the time to enjoy it

Jack Sharfstein
Via YouTube - Amazing Questions About God From Hollywood (32)


I’m Ahmed her son. 
Me and my family have been born in Egypt. I always knew that something is wrong with Islam and Christianity, I was always attracted to Judaism even though they brainwash us about the Jews and the Torah. I never believed them and never observed Islam. We immigrated to the U.S, my mom also didn’t like Islam, she took us to churches, but I never liked churches and their teachings, but still loved Judaism and wanted to learn more about it. I came by your YouTube page, and started listening to shiurim. And I watched the one about the falsehood of Christianity and Reform Judaism. And you referred to watch Torah and science by rabbi Yosef Mizrachi. And I watched them and became moved, and showed them to my mom. She was amazed. She decided to be a noahide. And I decided to convert to Orthodox Judaism, and I’m now in the process. And I meted the rabbi, and he is guiding me about what parts of Torah to learn now, and when I get higher and still want to accept the 613 mitzvot I’ll convert beezrat hashem. And soon Be’Ezrat HaShem we will move to live in the community. Now I watch your shiurim about mussar, and I’m watching my eyes and Brit. Also I keep Shabbat 99% and observe the other festivals 99% until I convert beezrat hashem. Thank you, you saved us from avoda Zara, and lead us to the truth.


Via Email

Awesome teshuvah story alert! Start at 1:42 through 1:54. I heard this story last night. I felt so joyful after hearing this story. More than I expected. So much so that I decided to listen to it again today. Today I realized that the person in this story is Reb Chaim Kachlon, Reb Efraim Kachlon's father. Wow. So this story has to do with *me*. Because if Rav Chaim had not done teshuvah 30 years ago, what would have become of his son? Then what would have become of Rabbi Yaron Reuven? Then where would I be in my own teshuvah process? Rabbi Yaron Reuven and his classes have been an immeasurable help with my teshuvah, Baruch HaShem!. Listen to this amazing story about a proud Israeli martial artist, and how he comes to know Hashem....

MUSSAR Pirkei Avot (174) Connecting to God’s Business

Nehama Nehama

Via Facebook

Thank you, Rabbi, for an important message. My husband and I were pastors in a church and from our first exposure to Judaism to conversion was about 10 years. The process was not easy, nor should it be, but well worth the sacrifices. We couldn't be more spiritually fulfilled.


Emunah Murray

Via YouTube - Are You Converting For The Right Reasons?

In a world where nowadays people's mentalities are controlled by secular music, television and the environment around us, we find ourselves only consumed with the negative influences with out even realizing it's impact on our souls. And what makes a person happy in this day in age is temporary, leaving one searching for something else to fill the void. If we can just listen for one moment and take the words and advice of our Holy Rabbis, and beloved Sage's we would be able to find true hope and the meaning and purpose of our lives. I can honestly say of myself I was this person constantly having negative thoughts and my life was horrible, but once I was introduced to the truth I've never been the same! Baruch HaShem ☝️ and thank God for Rabbis like Yaron Reuven and Ephraim Kachlon and the whole Be'Ezrat HaShem organization 🙌 who dedicate their life's too the Emet! A few minutes can change an eternity!

Pedro Reyes

Via Facebook

Dear Rabbi Reuven,

I hope that this letter finds you in good health. Amen.

I wanted to share some personal information with you.

Semptember of 2017, I noticed that I couldn’t swallow my Sabbath challah!

No matter how many times I tried to gulp down some water. This seemed very strange…as I had never experienced anything like this before.

In quick succession…every day, thereafter I quickly discovered a new type of food that I couldn’t swallow, which was just about everything!

I always thought that in a few days …it would get better…until Passover.

I was suffering….I couldn’t eat my food normally anymore, unless it was pureed.

I decided to stop the guessing….and find out, what was going on with me, medically.

After seeing a gastroenterologist, he set an appointment with me, to have a upper endoscopy of my esophagus.

A few days later, he called me….to come into his office, for the results of the biopsy.

The doctor told me: I had Esophageal Cancer.

My whole world turned upside down, that day!

I was so angry with Hashem, for striking me with this dreadful disease….that I stopped observing Shabbat.

I just kept loosing weight…because I couldn’t swallow food.

I am down to 90 pounds, at 5”5 tall.

I am weak as a kitten, and can barely swallow liquids.

Everyday, I can feel myself dying…a bit more, than the day before. I literally, “Feel the Sword at the Back of My Neck”!

My brother, took me to a Torah lecture, and arranged a personal meeting with Rabbi Mizrachi, at a magnificent shul, in Flushing, Queens in New York.

I confessed that I was no longer Shomer Shabbos, to Rabbi Mizrachi.

He told me, that my suffering…was helping me to cleanse my soul of all my sins…throughout my lifetime. And told me that I would be cut off from my people, a huge disgrace!

I promised the Rabbi I would try to keep Shabbat, but I found myself too angry with G_D!

Until…the day, YouTube suggested one of your Torah lectures.

After listening to your life story:

I finally found a Rabbi, that knew what it felt like to have the Ax on His Neck!

After listening to one of your lectures about keeping Shabbat, I knew that I had to do complete Teshuva.

I am happy to say…that, for the past 3 months, I am Shomer Shabbos.

Can you please tell me, which Tehillim I can pray?

I no longer have the strength to stand, during Shemoneh Esrei. So, I must sit, during Amidah.

My Hebrew name is: Rivka Bat Sorra Baila.

Rabbi Reuven, I am in great need of a Miracle! Listening to your recent Torah Lecture, I realized that Hashem is not happy with me.

I want Hashem to Heal Me.


Thank you for your beautiful soul and Doing Kiruv for Klal Yisrael.

You are such an amazing Balle Teshuva, and I can’t Thank you enough, for your Fiery Torah Lectures, that speak directly to my heart and soul.

Wishing you All The Best.


Roberta Klein

Roberta Klein

Via Email

For Pesach cleaning this year I decided to search through my closet and throw away any immodest clothes that I’m not wearing anyhow. Baruch HaShem and thank you to Rabbi Yaron Reuven and his wife for the inspiration. My holy Jewish sisters, please do the same.

Not just the obvious items.

Skirts that were just a bit too tight or barely covered my knees.

Shirts that were obviously not modest but maybe if I put another tight shirt under them they could somehow pass as ok?

Shoes with heels that clearly communicate something other than “Sarah Imeinu”.

Bathing suits for...?

I have no idea why I still had this garbage.

“According to the master-kabbalist the Arizal, the souls of the final generation before Moshiach's arrival are reincarnations of the souls of the generation of the Exodus. Just as then it was in the merit of the women's faith that the Israelites were redeemed, so, too, it will be in the merit of the righteous women of our generation, and their unwavering belief in the Redemption, that we will be redeemed once again.”


Malka Esther Glass

Via Facebook

Homosexual to Conversion.

I’m a 19 year old make in California. A couple years ago (age 17) I was atheist. Im not Jewish, though now I’m in the conversion process. What I’m about to say is incredibly difficult to reveal, for no one but Hashem knows about this journey.


At the age of 17, my way of thinking was to follow my desires. My desires were money, narcism, homosexuality, and other disgusting acts. I only did this because every indication I has was saying it’s the correct path in life, that the pursuit of happiness is doing what you feel is best. One day, I had some new material to consider.


Someone gave me a cd titled, “Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi’s Torah and Science”. Through him, I came upon Rabbi Yaron Reuven’s story. I never knew what a Jew was before those lectures. I also didn’t know what a non jew has a stake for not following the laws of Noah. After much investigation, proofs and verification, my conclusion was the Judaism is beyond reasonable doubt (comparing to my alternatives)..

On those CD’s. I herd something shocking. It’s against the Torah law to be a homosexual!!!! I didn’t believe it!!! I clearly recall nervously searching for any sources that said it was fine but I really found nothing conclusive…I had to admit that I was wrong. I felt as if I was in one huge nightmare, wishing to wake up. My whole reality has shattered and I hysterically cried at the fact that I have to cut these negative actions / desires out of my life.


Baruch HaShem for these two Holy Rabbi’s who brought down from the Torah that I can overcome this. I listened to them word by word. I switch from audiobooks on entrepreneurship to listen to their CD’s with every second I had. Day by day I felt as if a nuclear bomb had dropped on me and that I had to withstand the threshold of being blown away.


I did teshuva every day and prayed from a English Tehillim. The mussar of these two Rabbi’s powered me through each spiritual battle. Finally…I was winning!!! I did less lustful actions to the point of non at all. Not even the thoughts come to my mind as they once did before.. It wasn’t cabalistic insights or sweet love happiness shiurim that helped me fight this nuclear blasts of the Yetzer with sexual lusts… It was fear that these two Rabbi’s implanted within me from all the constant rebuke and mussar lectures..


Baruch HaShem I was saved, I love the Jewish Nation and I thank you all for your observance and servitude in the mizvot that led to such a influence upon my life. Bezrat Hashem may Hashem bless Rabbi Yaron Reuven and Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi for saving my life. I look up to all of you Am Israel…

Goyim 1212

Via Website

Back in January 19 2017 my friend handed me a cd of Rabbi Yaron’s and I ended up watching his lectures and I was so inspired by his story. I was at the edge of my seat listening to every word he said. The video was called “Hashem took back his millions and gave me emuna instead” I liked it so much I said to myself I need to speak to him, so my friend gave me the Rabbi’s number and we spoke for 2 hours on January 22, 2017 and Rabbi was explaining to me the connection to Hashem and keeping Sabbath, kosher, and modesty. I never thought every thing, every challenge comes from Hashem, and how important it is to connect to Him and pray to Him. My amazing Tshuva story continues as I continue learning and growing and doing my best in keeping Sabbath, kosher and modesty, as I have already threw away all pants and non kosher items. I was forever inspired and forever changed by that one video! Go ahead and watch it! it’s like a movie you will be at the edge of your seat! Its  an amazing amazing story.


I highly recommend watching Rabbis lectures, getting in touch with him and if you’re lucky he will give you 2 hours of his time :D May Hashem always continue to bless and guide Rabbi Yaron in the right path and helping people in their lives whether it be, keeping shabbat kosher modesty covering hair, and advising people on giving lots of charity and masser. He is definitely the go to Rebbe who has a lot of very valuable things to say. ANd his wife has amazing style dressing modest too :D She was very helpful :D

Stella Ilyayev

Via Website

Rabbi Yaron, May Hashem bless you with all the blessings of His Torah. When was in a yeshiva everything I learned I memorized it. I got married started practicing filmmaking not only I cant memorize my leanings but also I forgot what I have learned in past. So true guarding your eyes are the key to success. Thank you. ill work on it harder.

AK Studio Films

Via YouTube - GUARD YOUR EYES Secrets of Rav Ovadia Yosef zt"l

Torah Here is Priceless


I was raised as a Christian who attended a school where Jews and non-Jews believed in JC. AS years progressed and I saw the lies and inconsistencies in falsianity and the supposed new testament, Hashem led me to the Reuven Family. Rabbi Yaron Reuven and the Rabbanit took me under their wings and patiently showed me the truth of the Torah. With tremendous kindness and chesed from Hashem, I was able to convert to orthodox Judaism and have been learning from Rav Yaron ever since. If you like to learn serious mussar, refine your middot, and develop a stronger sense of fear of heaven, Rav Yaron Reuven is the rav you’ve been praying and searching for…his Torah is priceless.

Simcha Ruth

Via Website

*True Words of Torah More Powerful Than Cancer*

My Story started in 2015, when I found out that I had cervical cancer which was spreading rapidly and that I had maximum 6 months to live! I almost died that day instead!!! I couldn’t understand how this could happen!!! I as a “health freak”, would go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week, and would eat super healthy. Basically, I was a young woman full of life that loved going out dancing. Sadly I wasted my time though, in serious relationships that lasted years thinking maybe if I stayed long enough marriage would happen. Boy was I wrong!!! To top it all off the last relationship where we were together for 1 year and supposedly in love, when I found out I had cancer he dumped me instead of being supportive. At that moment, I told myself if this is happening to me it’s obviously a wakeup call to question my life and my way of living it.  

A few days later, after my cancer diagnosis, I found that a high school friend of mine who became a Rabbi for youth was organizing a religious trip to Israel. I said to myself I might have 6 months to live, so if I do pass away at least my last trip on earth would be in the Holy land.

So I called my rabbi/friend and told him my situation which he became very emotional about it. However, there was no place for me. The trip was completely booked! So I let it be. 2 days later he called me back, and said that he couldn’t let me down, he arranged everything to “squeeze me in” the group. Baruch Hashem I had the opportunity to pray at the Kotel and even went to Hebron at Abraham tomb, Rachel tomb, and many other tzadikim. A few days after coming home from Israel I got a phone call that they found a way for me to get operated ASAP. that was HUGE miracle from Hashem because in Canada Medicare is free and there is a waiting list of 6 months to over 1 years in most cases!!!!!

Baruch HaShem the operation was a success. The doctor who saw me after I woke up from surgery told me “I heard you went to Israel. I don’t know who you prayed to and what you did there, but you’re a lucky girl and G-d loves you. He added that the cancer which was spreading rapidly ended up by pure miracle concentrating in a small area which was east for him to cut it all away. As a result, I was blessed not to do any radiotherapy nor chemotherapy. Regardless of being saved, pathetically I still went back to my “goyish” life.

And yet, Hashem had mercy on me and gave me the chance the year after all of this nightmare to go back to Israel. But this time I wasn’t crying for a physical cure. I felt a sense of guild and went to the Kotel in Jersusalem to pray. Deep down inside I knew something was wrong on my end of the second chance deal with HaShem. Believe it or not, I was a bout to be a part of a bigger miracle. After I prayed at the woman’s section of the Kotel I looked to the left and saw there is a little wall. On the rim of that wall there was one CD. ONLY ONE CD and it happened to be in English writing saying “From Wall Street to the Western Wall” by Rabbi Yaron Reuven. So before taking it I asked around if it belonged to someone. But everyone responded no, and then a lady answered me to take it. Baruch Hashem I’m SO glad I did. Since that day I was hooked on Torah teachings. From the moment I started listening to the shiurim on the CD, I FINALLY started changing my ways, and never looked back. Thank you for changing my life and making it better every day.


Via Website

I am a Baal Teshuva of soon to be 18 years, up to 5 years ago I had a hard time fitting in with the community, A Chabad Shul that everyone drove on Shabbat. I could not understand how this was happening. I have been watching Rabbi Mizrachi and what he said about driving on Shabbat and I was confused! Then I watched Rabbi Yaron Reuven Shiur and he gave me the inspiration to be a leader and up to this day I am growing daily with his Shiur Torah and I am part of team BeEzrat HaShem inc and I am helping change on person at a time to become Shomer Shabbos!!! Rabi Yaron Reuven is an amazing Rabbi listen to him 


Via Website

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