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Conversion to Judaism

Conversion to Judaism

Learn Torah. Apply Torah.

What is converting to Judaism?


Converting to Judaism is the process by which an individual who was not born Jewish becomes a member of the Jewish community. Unlike some other religions, Judaism is not a proselytizing faith, meaning it does not actively seek to convert people from other religious traditions. However, Judaism does have a process for individuals who are sincerely interested in joining the Jewish faith.

It's important to note that conversion to Judaism is a serious and significant decision, and the process can take several months or even years. Additionally, the requirements for conversion can vary, especially between the different branches of Judaism. Individuals considering conversion are encouraged to engage with a local rabbi or a Jewish community to guide them through the process.

Jewish Converts Have a Special Place in Am Yisrael

The Torah tells us 36 times to love the converts. That is 3 times more than the second most mentioned mitzvah, to observe Shabbat, which is mentioned 12 times.


Why is loving a convert mentioned so often?


HaShem wanted to make sure we understood how special these Jews really are. We also see this in our Amidah prayer, in the blessing of the righteous, the “righteous converts” are mentioned before “us”, aka regular Jews. When someone converts for the sake of Heaven, they have a very special place in Am Yisrael. 

What Jewish Conversion Requires

Conversion to Judaism is a two-part process.  First is the required Torah learning, and the second is applying what you're learning to your life.  The only way to complete an authentic Orthodox conversion would require you to move to a Jewish community and  have an Orthodox Rabbi sponsor you to go in front of an Orthodox Beit Din (Jewish Court).  There is no other acceptable way in today's world to convert.  Some claim that they can convert you without it, but it will create a life full of problems and regrets you will not want to live through.  You cannot be a Jew without a local Rabbi and Jewish community. There is much material that we’ve produced and recommend for people who want to convert. 

You can download our Conversion Syllabus or start by watching the four part lecture below, if you haven’t already. Also watch the rest of the videos on the playlist. 

BH Conversion SYLLABUS


There are many books to read for conversion and teshuva. Here are some:

Jewish Conversion to Judaism

To Learn Hebrew (not necessary for conversion):

This Learn Hebrew with Rabbi Shalom Gold is the best program that I've seen, as they send you an email with a zip file to download the workbooks to print and use, the audios, as well as the videos to get a visual of what is being taught. I think that this is great for adults and children alike and highly recommend for all Jews and people that want to convert to Judaism to purchase this for themselves.


The videos also include amazingly beautiful and educational tours of the Holy land, that you can watch 1,000 times with excitement. Neither I nor anyone at BeEzrat HaShem Inc. owns or have any financial relationship or benefits from this recommendation. We are simply happy customers and know that this is good for our students and nation. This too is Torah.   

IMPORTANT BIG SIN ALERT:  Please be reminded that although The Shema Yisrael Torah Network will send you a link to download the Hebrew learning program to your computer, the Holy Torah forbids one from sharing that link with other people, in order to have them avoid purchasing it themselves. Sharing this link with anyone outside of your household would be 100% gezel (stealing), and we all know that the Torah forbids one to do a mitzvah by way of sin (i.e. learning Torah or the Holy language by stealing it). Enjoy the learning and may HaShem continue to bless you.


- Rabbi Yaron Reuven

To learn entire Tanach and Mitzvot

To learn entire Tanach and Mitzvot with details (high-level learners only AFTER conversion, and AFTER Artscroll Chumash has been completed with commentary at least twice.  

  • MeAm Loez Torah Anthology set

BH Spanish Conversion SYLLABUS

The BH Syllabus is Now Available in Spanish

Also Check out the BH Spanish Facebook Page

BeEzratHaShem Castellano


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