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The ONLY religion that started with millions of witnesses.

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What Is Judaism?

Judaism, a monotheistic religion, originated at the time of the ancient Hebrews. Its foundation rests on a belief in a singular, transcendent G-d. G-d revealed himself at Mount Sinai 3300 years ago, and gave the Torah (Hebrew Bible) to the Ancient Hebrews also known as the Israelites. This is when Judaism Began. The Followers of Judaism lead a religious life guided by the Scriptures and the accompanying Oral Law. Today this is represented by Orthodox Judaism, a multifaceted lifestyle for the Orthodox Jewish community, guided by Torah (legal) principles, and many traditions.

What Is Judaism?
Why Is Judaism Different?

What Makes Judaism different from all other Religions?

Our Torah – Given to an Entire Nation by HaShem

It is the only religion that started in front of millions of witnesses, when G-d gave Moshe Rabbeinu and Am Yisrael the Holy Torah on Mount Sinai. 

There are 80,000 (approx) religions and cults on the planet. All of them without exception

started with a revelation to only one or two people.

Judaism is the exception, According to the Torah there were approximately 3,000,000 people who heard G-d speak in a national revelation.

This is the ONLY time in history that any group has even claimed that a group of people heard G-d speak.

How Did Judaism Begin?

How Did Judaism Begin?
The Founders

Judaism begins approximately 4000 years ago. When Hashem chooses Avraham, together with his son Yitzchak and grandson Yaakov, to be the forefathers of a chosen nation. A nation that would be holy and, 'a light unto the nations'. He would also give this nation a special homeland.

The children of Yaakov go down to Egypt for a 210-year slavery, at the end of which G-d promises to rescue them and bring them to a mountain where he will give them his Torah.

His holy book of instructions for how to live life and bring the world to perfection.

What To Do?

What do you do in Judaism?
The Mitzvot

While some religions are based on action without belief, belief without action or simply birthright, the Torah teaches us that all three (Birthright, Belief and Action) parts are what makes a Jew Jewish.

The Torah contains 613 Laws or Mitzvot. Not all apply today, To keek Shabbat, keep kosher and to pray are a few.

Keeping the Mitzvot are what keeps a person connected to Hashem.

Can You Convert?

Can you convert?
Converting & Repenting

Although one who converts to Judaism does not have the biological birthright of a natural born Jew, his/her actions of believing and following the Torah completely leads to them being gifted a new NeShama (soul) from Heaven that can be at a higher level than one of a natural-born Jew. 


Similarly, a Jew that has not followed a life of Torah, and thereby putting their spiritual status of Judaism on suspension, can acquire it back and even get his NeShama to a higher level than nearly anyone by doing the holy act of TeShuva (returning to the ways of HaShem and His Torah).

Wat Does Judaism Believe?

What does Judaism Believe?
Judaism's 13 Principles of Faith 

Judaism is the original and most ancient monotheistic religion, with the Holy Torah as its foundation. The RAMBAM’S 13 Principles of Faith best describe the foundation of the Jewish faith:

1. G-d is the Creator and Guide of everything that has been created. He alone is the cause of all that exists.

2. G-d is absolute and unparalleled unity, He is one.

3. G-d is incorporeal, He is free from all anthropomorphic properties, and He has no likeness at all.

4. G-d is eternal, the first and the last.

5. G-d should be worshipped exclusively. He is the only one to whom it is proper to pray to. One should not pray to any foreign false gods.

6. All the words of the Prophets in the Torah are true.

7. The prophecy of Moshe Rabbeinu was true, and his prophecy is superior to all prophets who preceded him and all those who followed him.

8. The whole Torah (Written & Oral) was given to Moshe Rabbeinu, and it is the same Torah we possess today.

9. The Torah will not be changed, and that there will be no another Torah given by G-d.

10. The belief in G-d's omniscience and providence.

11. G-d rewards those who observe His commandments and punishes those who transgress His commandments.

12. The coming of the Mashiach and the messianic era.

13. The resurrection of the dead.

What Now?

Now What?
Growth through Torah

Rabbi Yaron Reuven has helped thousands of students grow stronger, healthier and be happier in all areas of their lives. This includes spiritually, mentally and physically. By helping Jews reconnect to their great history and find a connection with the creator of the World. Join. Learn. And discover Real Judaism.

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