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ADAM ZUVIV: Secret Advice Turns Aspiring Doctor Into Torah Lover-RTH Podcast #11

In Episode 11 of the "Returning To HaShem" podcast we meet ADAM ZUVIV. Growing up in a traditional Jewish home in Boca Raton, Florida, Adam Zuviv was charting a course toward assimilation. His public school education and scant observance of mitzvot had little in common with his grandfather's devout life in Morocco. Although he worked on Shabbat and indulged in non-kosher food, Adam retained a semblance of his Jewish heritage, attending synagogue with his father as a gesture of respect.

A turning point came when Adam's curiosity about his faith coincided with a recommendation from a more observant friend at his synagogue. "You should look into Rabbi Yaron Reuven; his lectures and life story are very interesting," his friend advised. Intrigued, Adam soon found himself engrossed in Rabbi Reuven's 'Era of Mashiach' series, based on the teachings of Rav Elchanan Wasserman. This series became his catalyst for taking Torah Judaism seriously.

Adam captures his transformative experience saying, "Once you get on the train with Rav Reuven, it's hard to get off because you don't want to let go of that feeling of the fire of Torah." Today, Adam’s life goals have realigned. While he remains dedicated to his medical career, it takes a backseat to his primary focus—his devotion to Torah study and observance. Tune in to this episode to explore Adam’s remarkable journey from casual observance to wholehearted commitment to Torah.

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