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Messianic Judaism

Christianity with a Jewish Costume

Beware: Christian and Catholic Missionaries

For the first time in history, the missionary activity of the Christian church is succeeding in getting thousands of ignorant Jews to willingly abandon their heritage and fall into the idolatrous practices of the New Testament.  OVER 300,000 HAVE BEEN FOOLED INTO CONVERTING TO CHRISTIANITY IN THE LAST 25 YEARS, AND ITS ONLY GROWING EACH WEEK HaShem Yerachem!!! 


Believing in Jesus (aka Yeshua, Yeshu) is Idolatry

All educated Jews know that believing in Jesus (aka Yeshua, Yeshu yimach shemo) and/or the New Testament is considered 100% Idolatry according to the Holy Torah.  Despite the rare conversions and massive Pogroms at the time (over 800 years ago), the RAMBAM, seemingly prophetic, still wrote “Can there be a greater stumbling block than Christianity" (Hilchot Melachim 11:4).  The main thing that has changed since the time of the RAMBAM is the strategy—today’s Christian missionary is pretending to be Jewish and a representative of Judaism.  One of the many clever slick tongue ways of the Church to fool ignorant Jews under the falsehood teachings called Messianic Judaism.   

Messianic Judaism – It's a Modern Christian Religion

Messianic Judaism (Yehudim Meshichim יהודים משיחיים) is a modern Christian religion that only started in the 1960s. Unfortunately, this movement tries to combine beliefs in a false Mashiach with the Emet of the Torah in order to specifically appeal to Am Yisrael and lead us astray into Christian idol worship.   Idolatry is one of the worst sins a Jew can do according to the Torah. Similar to Jews for Jesus, Messianic “Judaism” is 100% Christianity with a Jewish costume that targets ignorant Jewish Neshamot.  Unfortunately, their tactic is working! 

With an annual budget of over $300 Million just to target Jewish people, an increase in ignorance among our own people, modernization of the still religious Jews, and the limited acknowledgement of the problem by the Jewish community as a whole, we are finding tragedies in every community. Losing approximately 300,000 Jews to Christianity in recent years is devastating considering how small our nation is. IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP! Fortunately, it is very easy to prove that Christianity, or any form of it, is complete falsehood and a man-made religion as you will see in the videos below. This is why one of the special projects of BeEzrat HaShem Inc. is to counter these missionaries and fight to save every Yaakov from falling into the hands of Esav, by simply educating them about the truth of Torah.  Our own Rabbi Efraim Kachlon has made over 40 different counter-missionary videos about the topic in Hebrew and Rabbi Yaron Reuven has made several in English.  We also spread the teachings of other great Rabbi’s that are experts in the field.   

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