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Jewish Public Warnings

Protect your spiritual health.

It's an Important Mitzvah – Not Lashon Hara

Although often confused as Lashon Hara, there is a very important mitzvah to warn the public of a physical danger and even more so of a spiritual one.


Unfortunately, in our times, there are a lot of speakers that call themselves Rabbis, who modify the Torah to please the public for financial gain or to increase their own popularity.


There is no concern of the spiritual danger they are subjecting their listeners to. They do not provide sources, since of course, there are no sources for Sheker (lies) in the Torah. Listening to any of these speakers is forbidden by the Torah and anyone who supports them, with money or with views, will receive punishment in the next world just like they will.


Please keep in mind that the BH Rabbis tried reaching out to all these people privately before exposing them but unfortunately were unsuccessful in getting these reshaim (wicked people) to correct their wicked ways, and received permission from big poskim to expose these fakers.

If you are concerned about your spiritual health, please listen to the playlist below.  

As it is written:  

"Turn away now from near the tents of these wicked men, and do not touch anything of theirs, lest you perish because of all their sins" (Bamidbar 16:26)