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BeEzrat HaShem Inc. is a Jewish 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization committed to solving the spiritual ignorance and moral crises we have in the world today.  We have become the leading provider of teachings of the topics of Wasting Seed, as well as proving the existence of Avodah Zarah in sheitels/wigs today.  We’ve also become one of the leaders in the teachings regarding Immodesty & Sexual exploitation, Conversion to Judaism, Anti-missionary, and Mussar (Character Development).  By unapologetically teaching and proving the Emet (Truth) of the God of Yisrael and His Torah to every person that desires it, countless people are finally being given the tools to choose to live wisely. 


Helping Jews, Converts and Noahides around the world in their Torah observance begins and ends with serious and honest education.  Through daily free lectures, Questions & Answers sessions, and even personal guidance on critical life matters, we’ve succeeded in improving the lives of countless people around the world.  We utilize different media platforms to ensure our videos, books, CDs, and writings reach our growing audience and aim to publicize the Torah in every corner possible.  Our videos and writings are mainly in English and Hebrew, but also have some subtitle translations to other languages, thanks to the commitment of our wonderful volunteers.  We make sure to include Biblical and historical sources for everything that’s being said so that anyone can double-check the authenticity of what’s being taught, as well as learn the topic further on their own.  Once you realize that the message has a source, and the source is divine the conversation changes. 


Though some may disagree with our straightforward no-nonsense approach, even our greatest challengers cannot dispute the honesty and integrity of our work. They may not like what they hear, but they know it’s true nonetheless. Our goal is to provide Da’at Torah in all areas of life. At times this can include subjects that have become taboo in the modern Jewish world.  While many Jews wonder about it, few discuss openly and with biblical honesty. This commitment to the Emet may seem like fearlessness or lack of sensitivity, but it’s quite the contrary.  Because we fear the Almighty and love His children, we have the moral and Biblical obligation to uncover the truth that no one wants to tell them. To be a light to the nations, we must start by showing all aspects of the light!

Newest Lectures

Rabbi Yaron Reuven

הרב ירון ראובן

Rabbi Efraim Kachlon

הרב אפרים כחלון 


HaShem Took Back His Millions Movie Premiere Event



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Baruch HaShem, after nearly 18 months of hard work, the inspirational TeShuva life story of Rabbi Yaron Reuven is back! But this time it’s a MOVIE. Grab on to your chairs, get the popcorn and tissues ready and get ready to be INSPIRED!

Please join us for The 3RD ANNUAL HOSHANAH RABBAH ALL NIGHTER with Rabbi Yaron Reuven for our highly anticipated movie release! 


Cong. Shaarei Tzion 
242-256 174th St
Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160

Date: 10/19/19

Time: 10:00 pm - 6:00 am
(Movie will be shown at 10:30 pm)

Subtitles will be available in:  

Hebrew (עברית)





With German Russian and Korean coming soon

NEW! Alon HaKODESH 17 Tishrei Edition -  גיליון תשרי

AH 17 - Tishrei Edition.jpeg

500k Emergency Campaign for South Florida Jewish Teen TORAH CHALLENGE


Attention Am Yisrael: The TORAH CHALLENGE Program with Rabbi Yaron Reuven has been explosive and making beautiful positive changes in many homes already. Parents send their Jewish teens to learn Torah with us, we feed them, give them $15 stipend, and return a Righteous Jew that's doing TeShuva:  
ONLY ONE PROBLEM...We Are Nearly Out of Money to even keep the lights on!!!!

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Latest Publication:

Doresh Tov 2nd Edition

NEW Book by Rav Efraim Kachlon

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