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What Is The Torah Perspective of An LGBTQ Jew?

Why has it suddenly become popular among frum Jewish communities to invite openly homosexual comedians like Modi Rosenfeld and others to Shabbat and Pesach events? Rabbi Yaron Reuven explains how an LGBTQ Jew can follow the Torah, and addresses the recent trend of Rabbis and Jewish community leaders that seem to have forgotten or disregarded the halacha, as well as a fundamental principle of Jewish faith: HaShem doesn't change and His Torah doesn't change.

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Worst of it all he's "married" to a goy and says in an article that they keep Shabbat together.

Woe is to him for the chillul Hashem and the endless sins he's doing and will have to "pay the bill" in Olam Haba.

He thinks nothing at all is wrong with what he's doing, even though Hashem says in His Torah that it's an abomination. I just don't understand how these people can get past those outright words that need no commentary at all!

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