Todah Le’HaShem Part V

Updated: May 27, 2020

Article from: Alon HaKodesh (6) The Essence of Todah (Gratitude) 

“Don’t just tell him to say Todah…tell him to say a Beracha!” Rav Nissim Yagen zt’l

Parents traditionally [and rightly so] make a big deal about having their little children say Todah out loud to the unfamiliar relative that just gave them a delicious candy.  Although this is a great start, HaRav Nissim Yagen zt’l cried out that the real lesson should be to teach the child to say a Beracha.[1] While the two seem to teach the same message, a deeper introspection into the teachings of our holy Sages uncovers quite a lesson about gratitude, and thereby taking us further along our happiness journey.

“Anyone who’s ungrateful for the kindness of his fellow, will ultimately be ungrateful for the kindness of the Holy One, Blessed Be He” (Midrash Mishnat Eliezer perek 7)

(מדרש משנת רבי אליעזר פרק ז)   כל הכופר בטובתו של חברו לבסוף כופר בטובתו של הקב "ה