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Teshuva Music PART 4 – Preparing for Yom Kippur 2022

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The ONLY way to do COMPLETE Teshuva

Rabbi Yitzchak Blazer Alav Ha-Shalom, the talmid of Rabbi Yisrael Salanter says that yirat shamayim is the only fear in the world that you have to work on acquiring. The only thing that we should be scared of is HaKadosh Baruch Hu. And that's the one thing that naturally we're not scared of at all.

What's the proof? We sin. We sin without event feeling bad for it. A person can simply spit in Hashem's face and not even feel bad about it. So that means that all the talk about bitachon, emunah, belief in Hashem, faith in Hashem, Hashem loves you, and all that nice stuff...that's all mumbo jumbo if you're missing yirat shamayim – real fear of HaKadosh Baruch hu.

If you're missing fear of HaShem it means that you understand Who you're dealing with.

The Beauty of Fearing HaShem

The beautiful part about yirat shamayim is that if you have yirat shamayim, fear of HaKadosh Baruch Hu, it will eventually lead you to bitachon. But if you have bitachon by itself, it will not lead to yirat shamayim because it could be false.

We're scared of the unknown, the future, everything but Hashem. Hashem says, oh you're afraid of something that's not Me as if it's in your control, the punishment for that is that I'll actually make what you're afraid of happen. That's the measure for measure.

Now this when you delve into it deeper, it's actually scarier than it sounds. When a person is afraid of something and it's not HaShem, they're bringing the punishment on themselves. This is by not having bitachon (confidence in HaShem). Not understanding completely that HaShem is the one that runs the world. He's the only one that decides whether success or failure will happen. We are only responsible for the effort. By giving anything else other than Hashem the power to decide we are in essence bringing a punishment on ourselves. This is because we're limiting Hashem.

Not Enough Time for Teshuva

HaKadosh Baruch Hu is fast forwarding things. Why? There's not much more time for us to do teshuva. There's not much more time for us to finally get the message and start working on ourselves. That's even if a person starts doing teshuva today and starts to actually take things seriously. Like starting to keep Shabbat, starting to put on tzitzit, starting to learn Torah. I'll tell you the truth, I never said this before, but I have to. There's no guarantee that he's going make it to Olam Haba anyway. That's because of all the filthy sins we made our whole life.

Meaning, let's say you start doing teshuva. You keep Shabbat – Chazak u'Baruch. You keep taurat mishpacha – excellent. You start learning Torah – amazing! But realistically, there's no assurance we make it to Olam Haba anyway.

There's only one ticket.

The Ticket to Olam Haba

There's only one ticket that can give us a chance to actually get to Olam Haba. It's not two, not three. And there's no discount.

The Gemara in Masechet Sanhedrin, they ask Rabbi Eliezer Ben Hurkenos: how do we make it at the time of Mashiach? There's war, depression, recession, anarchy, all types of stuff. How do we make it?

Rabbi Eliezer Ben Hurkenos says: a person should toil in torah and gemilut hasadim. Meaning: philanthropy. What philanthropy does Hashem care about? Does Hashem care about you donating to some zoo so you can save an elephant maybe? Gemilut hasadim means overwhelming kindness. The highest level of kindness is to save other Jewish neshamot from losing Olam Haba. You do this by spreading the truth of the Torah to them. By spreading the emet to them – uncensored, unhindered and pure.

This is the only ticket that we know of which could help us.

That's why in Sefer Yechezkel (Ezekiel), the prophet says: don't let your sins from the past be the stumbling block of your future. Get other people to do teshuva, Yechezkel says. Why? You don't have enough time to do it. This is why doing mitzvot is no longer enough.

Everyone here has to get at least 10 Jewish people to do teshuva this year. Every person here, and that's just the starting point. Helping people do teshuva is the only way a person can truly do teshuva anymore.

If you're doing teshuva Chazak U'baruch! But you're still carrying this sack of sins. It doesn't go away

Do Kiruv – Be like The Eternal Stars

The Zohar says in page 322 from Matok Midvash: those who make the public righteous are like the eternal stars. Just like the stars are eternally standing because they were instilled by heaven to light the world as it says in Genesis 1:16. That's who the people who do kiruv are according to shamayim.

Who are these people who do kiruv? Who are these people that make the public righteous?Those are the ones that rebuke and obligate am Yisrael and sometimes even hurt, sometimes even hurt them and force them to observe the ways of the Torah. And they also will be standing forever just like the stars stand forever

The Zohar HaKadosh says: who are the people that actually are considered above all in the eyes of HaKadosh Baruch Hu? He says look I created the heavens in a certain way

to be symbolic of certain things that I appreciate, certain things that I have and so on and so forth. He says everyone knows what a star is. A star could be a planet, could be the sun and so on and so forth But everyone knows that a star, generally speaking, is a

shining bright light that not's going away anytime soon. Even if when a star explodes approximately once every 25 years, even then, the light that comes that emanates from that explosion lasts for years, for centuries. It's by the way one of the torah proofs, that was made by scientists that the world cannot be more than 6000 years old.

This is why doing mitzvot is no longer enough. Everyone here has to get at least 10 Jewish people to do teshuva this year. Every person here and that's just the starting point.

Helping people do teshuva is the only way a person can truly do teshuva anymore.

Do You Find out More about Doing Kiruv Learn with Us on Your TeShuva Journey?

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