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REUVEN TELLER: Convert To Judaism Becomes Chasid? – RTH 21

In Episode 21 of the "Returning To HaShem" podcast we meet Reuven Teller, a special Convert To Judaism who also became a real Chasid.  While many determine affiliation to Chassidut by superficial matters like clothes and location, the truth is that Chassidut is determined by ideology and dedication to the Torah more than anything else.  Born far removed from any Jewish communities with a secular Jewish father and non-Jewish mother, Reuven's young Neshama had an unusual interest in Judaism at a young age.  His connection to online shiurim quickly became an addiction to HaShem.  This got to the point where he did everything possible to chase HaShem's presence in his life and become one of His Chosen People.

Realizing that it wasn't enough for him to just be Jewish, Reuven joined Chassidut and dedicated his life to learning Torah.  Along the journey, Reuven meets Rabbi Yaron Reuven and develops an important relationship that is still helping Reuven reach even higher levels in Torah, Kedusha and even Zikkuy HaRabim.  Tune in to this beautiful story of how the lack of satisfaction with the standards, and a determination to continue growing in Torah can literally bring them to their own salvation in this world and the next.  Enjoy, Share and Be Holy

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