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Parashat Bereshit: Challenging The System

Rabbi Yaron Reuven brings a critical Mussar lesson from Parashat Bereshit (Book of Genesis 1:1 - 6:8) about challenging the system and what questions to ask to keep us on the path to Gan Eden and out of Gehinnom.

Helping Am Yisrael @ WAR for Survival The Heartbreaking Cases Are Storming In...


AM YISRAEL IS UNDER ATTACK and Fighting For Survival. The Death Toll and Victims are rising, but that only tells you a small part of the story about the victims here. Rabbi Yaron Reuven and Rav Efraim Kachlon are both In Jerusalem with the Team BeEzrat HaShem in different parts of the country trying to help those that are in need--Spiritual or Material.

Whether it's getting Countless Tzitzits for Israel's soldiers that are going to battle and in desperate need of a mitzvah to protect them, or helping families that are locked in their houses during this War and do not have money to buy food. There are too many cases to list, and too little time to waste a minute. The victims are rising and the calls for help are beyond comprehension. We need as much money as possible to help as many people as possible, and time is of the essence. Please Help Us Help Am Yisrael. As Our Holy Sages Teach "Those Who Are With Am Yisrael During Their Sufferings, Will Merit To Be With Them During Their Salvation."

Watch Rabbi Yaron Reuven's latest Stump The Rabbi on Parashat Bereshit and the Torah perspective on the murderous acts of Hamas terrorists on the Jewish people.

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