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Noa: Daughter of Intermarriage Converts To Orthodox Judaism

This Is The Amazing And Empowering Story Of Noa Who Came From An Assimilated Family, Discovered The Light Of Judaism, And Now Engages In Ziukky Harabim With BeEzrat HaShem Organization.

The "Be'Ezrat HaShem" organization is a unique organization that combines Torah, charity and chesed in one place. We take care of the spirituality of the people of Israel by spreading the Torah and Judaism, and also the material needs of the people of Israel by distributing food products or distributing scholarships to needy families, single mothers\fathers, avrechim, orphans and widows, so that they don't lack anything and can celebrate the holidays and Shabbat, as well as just a weekday, with abundance and joy, and with a full stomach.

Help us help them, and support our charity project by donating:

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