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ELI ARSHADNIA: From Air Force Non-Human Encounters To Saved by Gehinnom RTH PODCAST #7

Growing up in a modern Orthodox Jewish home and attending yeshiva, Eli Arshadnia found himself disillusioned with religious life, often frustrated by the apparent hypocrisy of leaders who failed to practice what they preached. This discontentment eventually led him to abandon his religious observance altogether, especially after joining the US Airforce and being deployed in Iraq, where his connection to his faith dwindled to nonexistence.

In the midst of a secular lifestyle marked by military service and mysterious encounters with unidentified objects and strange creatures, Eli's heritage as a descendant of the great Rabbi Yosef Karo seemed to be lost. His marriage was strained, and his role as a husband and father was far from ideal.

Everything changed once Eli saw the lecture about Gehinnom by Rabbi Yaron Reuven. Shaken to his core, Eli felt a calling to return to his religious roots. His transformation was nothing short of miraculous, as he began dedicating countless hours to Rabbi Reuven's Torah lectures, applying the teachings to every aspect of his life. The results were extraordinary; his family life flourished, and he became a beacon of faith and commitment.

Today, Eli's passion for Rabbi Reuven's teachings knows no bounds, and his biggest frustration is that more people are not benefiting from them. In this compelling episode of the 'Returning to HaShem Podcast', Eli shares his unique journey, highlighting the importance of these life-changing lectures for Jews and gentiles alike. Join us for Podcast #7, where faith, service, and transformation converge, painting a vivid picture of spiritual reawakening.

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