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ELCHANAN ALCIDE: From Haiti's Shores to Judaism's Heart – RTH Podcast 12

In Episode 12 of the "Returning To HaShem" podcast we meet ELCHANAN ALCIDE. Born amidst the fusion of Christian and witchcraft idolatrous beliefs in Haiti, Elchanan's spiritual journey seemed unlikely according to all statistic reality. It was only after relocating to Florida that the sparks of Judaism ignited within him, introduced by a learned cousin and fanned by lectures from Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi. Yet, the flame would turn into a roaring fire when Elchanan and his brother, Netanel Yosef, came across the teachings of Rabbi Yaron Reuven.

Elchanan's transformative moment arrived when he discovered Rabbi Reuven's weekly lectures were held a mere 20 minutes from his residence. The first live lecture was an epiphany. While the teachings mirrored those he had encountered online, the spiritual resonance was incomparably profound in person. This revelation would be the catalyst for Elchanan's transition from a curious listener to an orthodox Jewish convert, subsequently finding a devout wife and prioritizing the Torah in his household.

Join us in this awe-inspiring episode as we trace Elchanan's extraordinary path from the diverse landscapes of Haiti to the rich tapestries of Judaism. His story serves as a testament to the boundless power of teshuva and unwavering dedication to truth.

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