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ARIAH BEN YISRAEL: OTD From Stamford Hill to Secular Success & Back to Torah - RTH PODCAST #5

In the latest "Returning to HaShem" episode, we delve into the inspiring journey of Ariah ben Yisrael. Raised in Stamford Hill, England, Torah study was an integral part of Ariah's early life, influenced deeply by the legacy of his pious grandfather, who met a tragic end in the Holocaust while clutching a Sefer Torah.

Struggling with rejection by his Yeshiva, Ariah veered into secular life, achieving success in the US food distribution industry. Yet, his Jewish roots remained unshakeable, resonating within him and driving his search for spiritual fulfillment. It was Rabbi Yaron Reuven's lectures that catalyzed Ariah's return to Judaism.

Now a fervent practitioner of Teshuva, Ariah, alongside his wife, has ignited a spiritual revival among his circle of old friends. Tune in to listen to Ariah's heartfelt narrative of re-embracing his faith and heritage.

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