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From Islam to christianity to Judaism

From Islam to christianity to Judaism


I’m Ahmed her son. Me and my family have been born in Egypt. I always knew that something is wrong with Islam and Christianity, I was always attracted to Judaism even though they brainwash us about the Jews and the Torah. I never believed them and never observed Islam. We immigrated to the U.S, my mom also didn’t like Islam, she took us to churches, but I never liked churches and their teachings, but still loved Judaism and wanted to learn more about it. I came by your YouTube page, and started listening to shiurim. And I watched the one about the falsehood of Christianity and Reform Judaism. And you referred to watch Torah and science by rabbi Yosef Mizrachi. And I watched them and became moved, and showed them to my mom. She was amazed. She decided to be a noahide. And I decided to convert to Orthodox Judaism, and I’m now in the process. And I meted the rabbi, and he is guiding me about what parts of Torah to learn now, and when I get higher and still want to accept the 613 mitzvot I’ll convert beezrat hashem. And soon Be’Ezrat HaShem we will move to live in the community. Now I watch your shiurim about mussar, and I’m watching my eyes and Brit. Also I keep Shabbat 99% and observe the other festivals 99% until I convert beezrat hashem. Thank you, you saved us from avoda Zara, and lead us to the truth.


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