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Epitome of Avoda Zarah

Epitome of Avoda Zarah

Team HaShem TeShuva Story!

Baruch HaShem it is beyond a privilege to even write this... I am thankful to my Rav HaRav Yaron Reuven Shlita and also to Rav Mizrachi Shlita for showing me the Emet of HaShem.  Where do I start, I was born in a country which is the epitome of Avoda Zarah in the world and where if I can say we have one new idol and deity to worship every day and scores of people who have declared themselves to be G-d (HaShem Herachem) and in midst all this and just following what my family used to practice made me have extreme sense of apprehension as to why I should be bowing to new god and goddesses everyday... there was no logic to this...  Several years ago I reached crossroads in my life and I started researching more about G-d and I was researching on YouTube when out of blue I saw Torah and Science video of Rav Mizrachi Shlita and there was no going back.. I realized the fact that there is no one but HaShem and Torah is the only Emet in the world...  I watched nearly 800 shiurs of Rav Mizrachi Shlita and I came under the contact of my Rav.. Rav Yaron Reuven Shlita and listening to his Shiurs were like a big big reality check for me and it made me leave my old life behind for good Baruch HaShem.  I am currently studying for my conversion and doing KIRUV under the guidance of Rav Yaron Reuven Shlita and I would just say that I feel really blessed by HaShem that I am able to do my small bit in Team HaShem of Kavod Chacham. I would just say this to Am Yisrael that it's a privilege to be born Jewish and please do not take it lightly please keep the mitzvot, do TeShuvah. I would like to thank Rav Yaron Reuven Shlita, Rav Mizrachi Shlita, Rav Efraim Kachlon Shlita  and Rabbanit Reuven for their immense chesed towards me and also for the amazing work of KIRUV they are doing nonstop.

Vimesh DeSai

Team Leader

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