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Charity saves from death

Charity saves from death

Hi rabbi I wanted to share something with you I know that I have so much hashgacha pratit that yesterday after I donated to you I was literally saved as they say צדקה תציל מי מוות  I took the psyllium husk flakes yesterday for the first time and apparently I’m allergic to it at 7 pm my air ways closed up and couldn’t breath my husband called Hatzaloh and they gave me the shot for the reaction I believe that if I didn’t donate I would’ve died.

That’s one story second story:

Also back in July I received a WhatsApp message to donate and i did , after I did  literally 20 min after I had a car accident and my daughter and I got saved. Someone ran a stop sign and even the Hatzolah guys here said you and your daughter seriously got saved without a scratch and Hashem loves you . My car got totaled.

Donna Attias

Via Email

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