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A tough time

 A tough time

My name is Stefan, I’m 27 years old.

5 years ago I remember going through a tough time in my life. I didn’t seek out Hashem initially but He obviously saw I was lost. One day I was looking for some music to listen to on YouTube and came across a music video by Motty Steinmetz. I didn’t know anything about Jews back then. I watched the video and loved it.

Afterwards I recall asking myself “why do people hate Jews?”.

I typed that in on YouTube or Google and came across lectures by Rabbi Micheal Skobac (Jews for Judaism).

This was my first introduction into Judaism. 2 weeks worth of learning and I gave up on Christianity.

I tore out the New Testament and burned it.

Subsequently I searched for other Rabbi’s and came across Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi. Initially I thought he was too arrogant. I was so wrong. Such a humble and loving tzaddik. His shiurim got me hooked to Torah even more til this day. I also started supporting his cause a few months later. A short while after I was introduced to Rabbi Yaron Reuven. Another powerful speaker who teaches yirat shamayim. It’s been a real pleasure to see him and his organization grow so rapidly over the years.

I hope to see him even more successful in the future.

Also have to give credit to other Rabbeim who posted their shuirim. Each of which had their place in my Teshuva.

Rabbi Immanuel Schochet ZT’L. Rabbi Tovia Singer. Rabbi Blumenthal. Rabbi David Gottlieb (Jerusalem) Rabbi Yermiyahu Ulman

B”H, Thank you Hashem for looking out for me and helping get to where I am now.

Stefan Via Email

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