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Yonatan Hoorizadeh: Purpose of Life, GOD vs. AI, Choosing A Rabbi, Shabbat Test RTH PODCAST #2

Born in Iran, Yonatan Hoorizadeh Immigrated to the USA at the age of 12, and grew up as a secular Jew in the Persian community in Los Angeles California. Throughout his successful career building his Cybersecurity firm, Yonatan has done work for major corporations such Walt Disney, CHASE, and AT&T. This analytical mind of an engineer came in very handy when the time came to answer the hard questions he's always had about the Purpose of Life. The trouble wasn't find a Rabbi, rather finding a Rabbi that will tell him a "completely truthful answer" to satiate his yearning soul. This all changed when he was introduced to Rabbi Yaron Reuven. Watch and learn how Yonatan decided to change his life, choose a wife, and even run his growing business after getting the clarity he's always needed. This story will both inspire and educate you, and even give you some secret about the best way to invest your money. Enjoy it and make sure to share.

To Learn More About Yonatan Hoorizadeh's Cybersecurity Consulting services you can visit him at or connect with him via LinkedIn

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