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Why Don't Other Rabbis Talk About Wasting Seed?

A student of Rabbi Yaron Reuven asks, why don't other Rabbis talk about wasting seed, modesty and issues of Kedusha (Holiness)? Rabbi Reuven says, this isn't a new problem. All of the Gadolei Hador going back to the prophets and even Moshe Rabbeinu faced opposition to the whole truth of the Torah. And even Rebbe Chaim mi Volozhin says that in the time before MaShiach most rabbis will be Erev Rav.

THESE ARE THE LAST FEW DAYS OF SHOVAVIM ✨The TIKKUN helps Rectify The Blemish of The Past. Doing A Tikkun For Wasting Seed or Immodesty Here: http://TikkunHaBrit.Live Supports The Film & Teachings That Are Also The SOLUTION TO HELP OTHERS!! SHOVAVIM is a time of Cleansing The Soul. Rabbi Yaron Reuven says that issues of immorality impurify the soul and make it difficult to accept the teachings of the Torah and the Sages, and that any time someone goes against the Sages they usually suffer from these sins. SHOVAVIM stands for the first letters of the six Torah portions of: Shemot, Va'era, Bo, Beshelach, Yitro, and Mishpatim, and Terumah and Tetzaveh in a leap year. The next THREE DAYS are an auspicious time to do TeShuva and Tikkunim (rectification) for sins of immorality. And there is no better TeShuva than helping others overcome the same sins.


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