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Unity (Achdut)

There was once a well-known strict Rosh Yeshiva that helped orchestrate a special Rabbinical event in Eretz Yisrael. This sold out special event was where many of the leading Rabbanim and important people in the Orthodox Jewish world came to get some chizuk from one of our holy nations’ G’dolie HaDor. When this Rosh Yeshiva arrived at the event with his son (a young Rabbi) ticketless a few minutes after the doors closed, he was horrified to learn that the security guard was instructed not to let anyone in without a ticket. Since he helped orchestrate the event, he was initially confident that he can negotiate his way inside. After a few minutes of negotiating to no avail, the Rosh Yeshiva started losing his cool. This embarrassment in the freezing cold continued for well over an hour. In complete disbelief at his own misfortune, he was committed to telling off his colleagues as soon as the event was over.

As soon as the doors opened, with hundreds of people coming out, he quickly targeted his “friend” in the crowd and started spewing out all of the frustration built up in the last couple of hours. With a calming trick up his sleeve, his friend let him finish his yelling. Quickly he surprised him by letting him know that the Gadol HaDor is still inside, and he can make it up to him by bringing him to the Rav as a one on one meeting. Quickly the feelings of frustration were replaced with excitement as the three ran inside to have the meeting of a lifetime. When introduced to the old and wise Gadol, the friend didn’t forget to mention what happened to this important Rosh Yeshiva, who proudly happens to have some of the highest standards in his Yeshiva. With a low but strong voice, the Gadol surprised the three Rabbis with an unusual request. “Can you please tell me a little more about how you felt tonight, being outside in the freezing cold as this event was going on?”

Dumbfounded and in a bit of disbelief the Rosh Yeshiva said it must be like being in Gehinnom. Pressing for more details, the Gadol responded “can you please tell me a little more about how this was like being in Gehinnom?” In complete disbelief, the Rosh Yeshiva opened up his heart and started elaborating about how awful he felt being outside in the freezing cold. Nearly bringing himself to tears, the Rosh Yeshiva explained how terrible it was, especially being in front of his young and impressionable son. “Kvod HaRav I was so embarrassed and felt so alone and rejected. I felt like I was a nothing, a nobody! It was like everything I ever did was an utter failure, as I was excluded and separated from everyone I know. I was helpless and nothing could take away that feeling that seemed like it would never end. I just couldn’t understand why did HaShem do this to me? I worked so hard!!!”

After a moment of silence to let the emotions settle, the Gadol responded with a short and wise response that can teach the listeners a lifetime lesson. “Maybe HaShem wants you to know the feelings of the students you rejected from your strict Yeshiva for not having the same background as you, or the right yichus (pedigree) or financial blessing. Maybe after they tried everything to get into your strict Yeshiva, but nothing worked, they felt embarrassed, alone, rejected and like they are nothing and a nobody! Like everything they did was a failure since they are separated from everyone they know. Maybe they are also asking why did HaShem do this to them since they worked so hard!!! They’re also young and impressionable sons of HaShem. Do you have an answer for them?”

We’ve all heard the stories, and maybe even lived through a few Yeshiva rejections of our own, yet no one seems to be doing anything for the sake of Klal Yisrael. Most are so scared and distraught from the current Yeshiva system, that they simply deal with it quietly and just want their own kids to get in anywhere. And if they don’t succeed, they simply go to the default option of Secular Hebrew or Public school (R’L). Even the family and friends that agree with them, only agree quietly and behind the scenes, lest they voice the truth out loud and get their own kids thrown out due to strange new findings that the kid is not a good fit (lo shayach). But what about the next child of HaShem? Are you really allowing him to go to public school, despite the ba’al MeAm Loez calling that act equivalent to Avodah Zarah (idolatry)?[1] What happened to the “Achdut” (unity) of Am Yisrael that every other speaker mentions in their lectures? What happened to the Unity of Klal Yisrael every pamphlet and website reminds us of?

I am not a prophet or the son of a prophet, but I can assure you that during this Tisha B’Av, you will hear about Ahavat Yisrael (love of your Jewish brothers), Achdut, and other related coin terms that convince people to donate, no less than a couple of times per every single lecture you listen to. Every channel, every organization, and we’ll all tune in and agree to the NEW NO Sinat Chinam policy, as if it’s not the same thing as the last 2000 years. Yet, nothing will change, everyone then goes back to their own busy lives, the Yeshiva rejections will continue to damage our nation, ignorance of the truth will grow along with assimilation and kefira, and the words of the charismatic speaker with good intentions will be forgotten like a big storm that has passed.

"וקרעו לבבכם ואל בגדיכם ושובו אל יקיק אלקיכם" (יואל ב יג)

“Rend your hearts and not your clothes, and return to HaShem your God” (Joel 2:13)

But you don’t have to listen to me. Just listen to HaShem as He delivers His holy words of rebuke through the prophet Yoel telling us today how our Tisha B’Av fast is a waste of time if it’s not accompanied by an authentic ripping of our hearts to do TeShuva.[2] HaRav Nissim Yagen zt’l used to say “fasting without TeShuva is simply a diet.” Rabbotai HaYekarim, our next generation of Jewish kids are growing up completely clueless of the beautiful truth of Torah, and the parents are too busy paying for it. Is it a surprise that many so called religious kids aspire to be more like the goyim than our holy Sages? Millions of dollars were raised in various overnight online campaigns recently just to pay for some rare cure that may help heal a beautiful little Jewish baby[3], fund another few buildings, pay for a chupah of a young orphaned bride, and help a few people make Aliyah to Eretz Yisrael. Yet the campaign we published to help us save the souls of over 250 young kids that the Yeshiva system failed, remains 96% unfunded. These are all important campaigns that help the people as well as the givers, but only the unfunded one will assure them getting into a good Olam HaBa.

If you’re a Gvir with a big bankroll that funds every Jewish Building Campaign’s 4x matching bonus, why not fund a real Yeshiva, with top notch Rabbi’s, that also accepts every Jewish kid, no questions asked? Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Chasidish, Yemenite etc.Instead of asking them what country their grandfather suffered in, why not ask them to come learn Torat Moshe?No money, no problem, we’ll find a donor.Not up to speed, no problem, we’ll assign you a tutor or an after school program.No yichus, perfect, we’ll rely on your grandfather Avraham Avinu. If you’re a parent sending your kids to Yeshiva, why not start a new type of “useful” community club by getting all of the other parents together to plead with the Rosh Yeshiva how you can all chip in to help everyone on the “rejection list” get into this holy Yeshiva?If you’re a kid that the Yeshiva system failed, then share this with everyone you know, and don’t ever give up on HaShem and His Holy Torah.Jews are not always the best representation of Judaism, even if they have a beard.Only HaShem, His Torah, His Sages, and those who emulate them are.HaShem tests those He loves[4], and we need you learn more Torah so you can be the next true Jewish leader.


[1] See MeAm Loez Parashat Yitro pg. 190 (English edition) [2] See Rashi on Gemara Ta’anit 15A [3] The insurance company ended up paying for it, but donation only returned if each donor asked for the money. [4] See Deuteronomy 13:3

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