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SHIMON WOLDMANN: Russian Jew In Germany Finds God In Torah RTH PODCAST #13

In Returning To HaShem Podcast Episode 13, we meet Shimon Woldmann, a Russian Jew whose life in Germany was marked by secularism and a detachment from his Jewish roots. Despite a bar mitzvah promise to lay tefillin daily, it would take years for Shimon to fulfill this commitment, a testament to his belief in the importance of keeping one's word.

Shimon's academic and professional journey led him from law studies to a partnership in a construction company. But amidst his success, he felt an internal void, a longing for deeper meaning in life. This search for purpose eventually led him to confront the pivotal question: Can the Torah's divine origin be proven?

His search for answers led Shimon to the online teachings of Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, and subsequently to Rabbi Yaron Reuven. Despite the physical distance, Shimon found a spiritual mentor in Rabbi Reuven. Engaging with the Rabbi's lectures online and seeking guidance over the phone, Shimon embarked on a transformative journey into Orthodox Judaism.

Shimon's story is one of profound change — from his secular roots in Russia and Germany to establishing a Torah-centric life. His tale highlights the power of online learning and long-distance mentorship in the digital age.

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