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RALPH New Jersey: The Boca Raton Synagogue Rebuke Heard Round The World -RTH #9

RALPH New Jersey: The Boca Raton Synagogue Rebuke Heard Round The World -RTH #9

Raised in the vibrant Syrian Jewish community of Flatbush, Ralph Safdieh grew up with a traditional understanding of Judaism, whereby he felt he could pick and choose which mitzvot to keep. Marriage and children didn't shift his perspective yet, but running into a seemingly inconspicuous YouTube video changed the trajectory of his spiritual journey. Rabbi Yaron Reuven's passionate rebuke against a controversial decision by the Boca Raton Synagogue struck a chord in Ralph. Impressed by the Rabbi's fear of Heaven and unwavering commitment to the truth, Ralph delved into Rabbi Reuven's lectures, catalyzing an introspective transformation.

No longer content with a pick-and-choose approach to Judaism, Ralph, along with his family, embarked on a journey of teshuva. The Safdieh household transformed into one that revered and upheld every Torah law. Inspired by the profound change in his life, Ralph joined Rabbi Reuven's Kiruv efforts, dedicating himself to Torah study with newer students of the Rabbi - a commitment he holds dear to this day.

Join us in this episode as we delve into Ralph Safdieh's heartwarming journey from a casual observant to an ardent follower of Torah.

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