It’s Time To Shed Light On The Jewish Business of Chinuch

Article from: Alon HaKodesh (10) Chanukah Edition w/ Official NEW Publication From Rav Ovadia Yosef zt'l

Baruch HaShem after being partners in everything for nearly 15 years, my Rabbanit and I have shared every thought and experience together.  During the preparations for the miraculous days of Chanukah, we found ourselves sharing our miracles of the past, present and the ones we’ll need from HaShem for the future.  Real Torah chinuch (education) for our children and the rest of HaShem’s children is a constant topic of discussion.  Regardless of what country or Jewish community you go to, there are so many confused adults that used to be children.  Indeed there are so many confused children that will one day become our next generation of adults.  How is it possible that the generation with the most freedom and abundance of free information since Mount Sinai is also the most confused about HaShem?   It all agrees with the prophecies of the End of Days, yet we just can’t get ourselves to accept this reality without a fight to make things better.  Without extraordinary Emunah in a miraculous Divine Intervention it is very easy to become pessimistic about the future.  As David HaMelech said:

“And those who know Your Name will trust in YOU, for YOU have not forsaken those who seek YOU, HaShem.”  (Psalm 9:11)

וְיִבְטְחוּ בְךָ יוֹדְעֵי שְׁמֶךָ כִּי לֹא עָזַבְתָּ דֹרְשֶׁיךָ יקוק (תהלים ט יא)