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Isaiah's Prophecy Of The Israel Iran Hamas War

There's a prophecy in the book of Isaiah about the Israel Iran war. First it started with an attack by Philistine from the west and then Aram from the east... The prophet also tells us the key to win this war and all wars. How can Israel win the war against Iran, Hamas and all her enemies? Rabbi Yaron Reuven brings strong mussar and multiple Torah proofs from David HaMelech, as well as the prophet Isaiah and the Beit HaLevi, that reveals the answer.

Watch the latest Full Shiur for more current news & Torah wisdom: ISRAEL AT WAR: DIVINE MESSAGE INSIDE IRAN ATTACK

A Few Divine Messages were provided recently that were warning us of this attack by Iran. Unbelievable Precision from Above that will shock anyone with working ears and working minds.

Many are asking if this is the beginning of the biblical war of Gog U'Magog? Why Is HaShem allowing Iran to attack Israel? Should we be worried? Excited? Grateful?

Today we will address all this and more BeEzrat HaShem. New Chidushim will be unveiled for the first time you ever hear it in this Shiur. Hold On To Your Sofas, and Be Holy.

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