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EFRAIM ARIZONA: Gunpoint Burglary, Missionary Conversion Scandal, Barbershop Kiruv RTH PODCAST #3

Updated: Jul 11

Get ready to witness the most amazing "Barbershop Story" ever! Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona's Bukharian Jewish community, Efraim Uvaydov grew up as a secular Jew, with limited knowledge about Judaism. This changed dramatically when he began receiving a series of messages from HaShem that captured his attention. From defending himself during a burglary to falling in love with a pastor's daughter, to navigating a health crisis and the Missionary Conversion Scandal, his journey was anything but ordinary. The cherry on top was that the only person who could assist him happened to be the world's most intimidating Rabbi, Yaron Reuven.

After watching and being inspired, if you find yourself in Arizona in need of a haircut, look for Efraim at one of his Made-Men Barbershop locations: These are the only barbershops that proudly display a huge sign on the wall declaring, "GOD IS GOOD."

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