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DAVID NEW YORK: Learning About Punishments Made Me Love God RTH PODCAST #16

In Episode 16 of the Returning to HaShem Podcast we meet David, a charismatic Jew living in New York with an all too relevant story of growing up as a secular Jewish boy despite attending a modern Yeshiva. After some of his teenage friends convinced him to start observing Shabbat, David began watching shiurim by different Rabbis to learn more about the purpose of the mitzvot and fill in the gap of the things he didn't learn in school.

This would ultimately lead him to watch a shiur by a charismatic "No Nonsense" approach Rabbi that used to be a Wall Street executive--Meet Rabbi Yaron Reuven. Watching shiur after shiur by Rabbi Reuven, filled with sources for every statement and clarification of the consequences of our actions, David says "The Rabbi built my foundation of Teshuva."

Tune in, learn and be entertained by how David retells his story of how he fell in love with HaShem after learning about all the scary punishments people typically say they don't want to hear about. Learn, Enjoy, Share and Be Holy.

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