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BARUCH TEASLEY: Hidden by Holocaust, Discovering True Judaism in Antisemitic World RTH PODCAST #4

Baruch Chaim Teasley, a native of Georgia, grew up in a secular Jewish home, deeply

impacted by the memories of three family members lost in the Holocaust. His early years were marked by a dislike for studying and a lack of connection to his Jewish identity, despite an inherent belief in God. His search for spiritual meaning even led him briefly to explore Christianity, a journey that solidified its lack of truth.

A trip to Israel and an impactful encounter with a Rabbi at the Kotel sparked his interest in his Jewish roots, but it wasn't until he stumbled upon a video by Rabbi Yaron Reuven on YouTube that his life began to dramatically shift. Inspired by Rabbi Reuven's frank and uncompromising approach to teaching, much like the bluntness of his own father, Baruch transformed himself from a reluctant student into a passionate learner.

Despite experiencing bouts of antisemitism by gentiles and even baseless hatred by some Jews, Baruch's journey continues to be one of resilience and transformation, deeply rooted in the Torah and the teachings of the Sages. His story serves as a testament to the power of self-discovery, the importance of truth, and the profound impact of embracing one's Jewish identity.

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