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Rabbi Yaakov Zamir 
Chaver in the Supreme Rabbinical Court, Jerusalem

"With the divine assistance, they affect many Jews and bring them closer to Torah and Mitzvot in pleasant ways..."

Chaver in the Supreme Rabbinical Court, Jerusalem

I would like to give my warm recommendation to the holy and great organization called ‘BeEzrat HaShem Inc.’.

This organization was founded in the year 5776 (2016)  by two golden treasures the genius and important Rabbis Rabbi Yaron  Reuven Shlit”a and Rabbi Efraim Kachlon Shlit”a.

The Holy One, may His Name be blessed, gave them  rhetorical skills, their mouths speak as great things as pearls, and in  this organization, they give Torah classes in Halacha, Haggadah, weekly  Torah portion.

In addition, they give lectures on Judaism and Mussar in Israel and abroad.

Furthermore, they fight missionaries, printing and publishing holy books, etc.

As we know, how much our Sages praised and discussed  at length the status and reward of the ones who engage in ‘Zikkuy  HaRabim’ (Kiruv) as they said: “The one who does ‘Zikkuy HaRabim’, is  rewarded for the merit of the Mitzvot of everyone”. (Pirkei Avot 5:18)

And even more, they said (Pirkei Avot 5:19): “Whoever  does ‘Zikkuy HaRabim’, no sin will come to their hand.” And we know how  much the Holy Zohar (Shemot page 128) wrote how great the reward is of  the one who does ‘Zikkuy HaRabim’, absolutely amazing, and the Peleh  Yoetz discussed it at length (Erech Mezake).

Hence, I call out to all our brethren of Israel to  come help BeEzrat HaShem, and contribute significant monetary donations  to their cause, to help the above-mentioned genius Rabbis so they can  continue these holy activities with even greater strength.

With the divine assistance, they affect many Jews and  bring them closer to Torah and Mitzvot in pleasant ways and Baruch  HaShem they are seeing fruits from their toil.

Besides from giving lectures and Torah classes, they  publish CDs containing Torah classes, publish Halachic books, posters  about Torah subjects, and Kiruv packages containing books and CDs.

In addition BeEzrat Hashem Inc. accompanies and guides  people who undergo a conversion process, they teach and guide them  throughout the whole journey, giving them emotional and at times  financial support to help Ba’alei TeShuva and Righteous Converts to get  closer to Torah and Mitzvot.

Further, the organization assists families of Avrechim  (Torah Scholars) and poor families by having a food distribution before  the Jewish Holidays.

And all of those who help and support will be blessed  from Heaven with all possible good, and HaShem will fulfill all of their  requests for the good, Amen.

I give my blessing to the genius Rabbis, Rabbi Yaron  Reuven and Rabbi Efraim Kachlon Shlit”a, may HaShem give them the merit  to continue more and more for many years in their holy activities to  sanctify HaShem’s Name in public with good health and Heavenly Light  until 120 years, Amen.

I take this opportunity to bless the genius Rabbi Yaron Reuven Shlit”a for the publishing of his new book named “Yasem Midbar L’Agam Mayim” (He Turns a Desert to a Lake of Water) containing Mussar talks about Torah and Mitzvot.

May HaShem give him the merit to continue to bring to light all of the Torah Chidushim that his soul received at Mount Sinai.

With the Blessings of the Torah,

Rabbi Yaakov Zamir

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