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1 Million Daf

The World Needs More Torah!

Join Us.

Due to the difficult situation prevailing in Eretz Israel,

the BeEzrat HaShem organization is launching a special campaign of studying;

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What You Can Study

1 Million Dapim of


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(Men & Youth above Bar Mitzvah)

1 Million


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(Boys under Bar Mitzva)

1 Million Books

of Tehillim

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(Women & Girls)

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War rages in Israel. Hashem is sending us a message.

The message is to each and every one of us. The message is clear for those who learn The Holy Torah.

The message is.... It's time to become holy and bring more Kedushah to the nation.

In Order to increase merit in Am Yisrael and combat this terrible decree, BeEzrat Hashem is calling upon all Jews, to get closer to Hashem by taking on a pledge of learning or saying Tehillim.

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We are trying to get to

  • 1 Million Dapim Of Gemara - For Men and Boys over Bar-Mitzvah

  • 1 Million Mishnayot - For Boys Under Bar-Mitzvah

  • 1 Million Books of Tehillim Read

We have received from our sages that increasing Torah in times like these can help to turn the tide.

In all the history of the Jewish People when we have been called up to war the there has also been a calling to learn more Torah

It provides protection for the Soldiers & Civilians. Learning Torah could save lives!


May Hashem bless each and every one of those who contributes to this amazing endeavour, and May He Save us from these difficult times speedily.

Support & Brachot From Gedolei Hador

Sign Up

Sign Up
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This initiative is dedicated for the victory and safety of the Israeli soldiers, for the release and return of the lost and captives, and the success of our people.

Study is to be completed by Simchat Torah 5785.

May HaShem help us succeed.

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