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Honoring the Sabbath

Honoring the Sabbath

Shalom! Thank you for being truthful and giving us a chance to do, as it is written. I must have watched the original lecture four times. Most people are stubborn & do not want to listen. I tell people about honoring the Sabbath because Hashem commanded us to do so, yet they become like animals & defensive with ignorant excuses. This past week I spoke to many on keeping the sabbath. It has left an imprint because of the shootings on, and right after the Sabbaths. These events have happened quite a bunch of times. Hashem has demonstrated, HE is not playing around with His instructions. I've payed attention and out of the fire, Hashem continues to speak. Thank you for helping me become a much better version of me. Your work is amazing and when you speak, it feels like a heavenly voice, communicating with me. You are a voice from heaven. Heaven on Earth! I can't live a day without Torah, ever again. These are the best days of my life! I am so blessed to be alive and part of your organization. Baruch Hashem!

Ken Garcia

Via YouTube - The Right Way To Do Kiruv and Bring MaShiach

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