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Filling the Void

Filling the Void

In a world where nowadays people's mentalities are controlled by secular music, television and the environment around us, we find ourselves only consumed with the negative influences with out even realizing it's impact on our souls. And what makes a person happy in this day in age is temporary, leaving one searching for something else to fill the void. If we can just listen for one moment and take the words and advice of our Holy Rabbis, and beloved Sage's we would be able to find true hope and the meaning and purpose of our lives. I can honestly say of myself I was this person constantly having negative thoughts and my life was horrible, but once I was introduced to the truth I've never been the same! Baruch HaShem ☝️ and thank God for Rabbis like Yaron Reuven and Ephraim Kachlon and the whole Be'Ezrat HaShem organization 🙌 who dedicate their life's too the Emet! A few minutes can change an eternity!

Pedro Reyes

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