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A Guide To Ethical Business


BeEzratHaShem Inc.

A GUIDE TO ETHICAL BUSINESS & WARNING Against The CASH ADVANCE BUSINESS Attention to all members of Am Yisrael,
It is with grave concern and a sense of urgency that we issue this warning regarding the perilous nature of engaging with the Cash Advance Business. Numerous Torah sources unequivocally highlight the inherent dangers of participating in such ventures. King Solomon, in his wisdom, enacted a Takkanah forbidding lending money with interest to both Jews and gentiles. Moreover, the rulings of esteemed Torah scholars unanimously condemn lending at Cash Advance interest rates, a practice prevalent even among businesses owned by Orthodox Jews. Notably, even the allowance of a Heter Iska does not sanction such predatory practices.
This predatory industry preys on individuals through usurious rates, perpetuating dishonest and exploitative business dealings. Regrettably, the proliferation of these practices not only harms our own community but also provides fodder for antisemitic sentiments. This Interactive Guide is full of information that will enlighten you with each picture you click. Click, Learn, Share, and Be Holy

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