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Christianity to Jewish Conversion

Christianity to Jewish Conversion

Torah Here is Priceless


I  was raised as a Christian who attended a school where Jews and non-Jews  believed in JC. AS years progressed and I saw the lies and  inconsistencies in falsianity and the supposed new testament, Hashem led  me to the Reuven Family. Rabbi Yaron Reuven and the Rabbanit took me  under their wings and patiently showed me the truth of the Torah. With  tremendous kindness and chesed from Hashem, I was able to convert to orthodox Judaism and have been learning from Rav Yaron ever since. If  you like to learn serious mussar, refine your middot, and develop a  stronger sense of fear of heaven, Rav Yaron Reuven is the rav you’ve  been praying and searching for…his Torah is priceless.

Simcha Ruth

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