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Rabbi Yaron Reuven

SINGLE DAY SIYUM SHAS By BeEzrat HaShem Pesach 5784

SINGLE DAY SIYUM SHAS By BeEzrat HaShem Pesach 5784

Former Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel Rav Shlomo Amar Joined as Guest of Honor Kimcha D'Pischa 5784 BRING JOY TO JEWS THIS PESACH Holiday Chesed Combined With Single Day SHAS EVENT WAR Has United Am Yisrael Around The World. Antisemitism, Terrorism And Poverty Have Impacted All Of Us. Helping Torah Scholars and Poor Jewish Families In Israel Has Never Been More Critical In Our Lifetimes. Over The Years, BeEzrat HaShem Inc. Distributed Millions of Dollars To Feed Jewish Families During Pesach and Rest of The Year. We Need Your Generous Donations Again!! Many Families Will Be Getting Food Baskets From Us As We Do Each Year. Further, Since We Need More Torah Merits For Am Yisrael's Protection, We're Back With The SINGLE DAY SHAS PROGRAM By 500 Avrechim (Torah Scholars). Each Avrech Will Receive Financial Assistance For His Family For The Pesach Holiday. The KIMCHA D'PISCHA With Both Torah & Gmilut Chasadim: KOLLEL SHAS In Jerusalem With 500 Avrechim (Torah Scholars) That Will Study and Complete The Entire Talmud Bavli Together In A Single Day For The Success and Protection of Klal Yisrael. Your Pesach Donation Will Help Us Feed Thousands of Poor Jews, Widows and Orphans In Israel While Also Bringing Protection To Klal Yisrael. There Is No Better Way To Fulfill The Clear Instructions Of The Sages This Pesach Than This. BE BRAVE, BE GENEROUS, BE LIKE HaShem!! GIVE GENEROUSLY #Pesach #Judaism #jewish #rabbiyaronreuven #Siyum #siyumshas #Torah
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