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What is Pesach?

Pesach is a festival that celebrates the Exodus of the Am Yisrael from the Slavery of the Egyptians.

It is celebrated for seven days in the land of Israel and 8 days outside of Israel. It is Celebrated on the 15th Nissan. The night in which the Exodus Began.

What is Pesach?
What Do We Do on Pesach?



  • No Chametz Allowed


  • Eating Matzah


  • Seder Night & Reading the Hagaddah

No Chamets?

Chamets or leavened bread is strictly avoided on Pesach. This includes any product that has one of the 5 grains, Wheat, barley, rye, oats and spelt. If one of these grains are in a food and that food has been allowed to rise by being left to stand for 18 minutes according to Halacha, that food becomes Chmets, and can not been eaten, benefitted from or owned on Pesach

Nowdays The Beis Din brings out a guide. Showing what foods are Kosher for Pesach.

Click Here for the Jsor Pesach Guide, a comprehensive guide for what foods are sold Kosher for Pesach, and guide for foods that can be bought (like fruit and vegetables, and how to prepare them.

Jersy Shore Orthadox Rabbinate Pesach Guide

Taste the Chamets? Kosher Your Kitchen

Utensils used in the year also need to be Kosher for Pesach.

This is either done by purchasing new, or Koshering.

Check out the Yalkut Yosef guide below for Koshering your kitchen

Sell Your Chamets

For the entire festival of Pesach it is Forbidden to


from Chamets

What if you have a large amount of Chamets too valuable to destroy?

Chazal instituted a way of selling Chamets. This is done through a Beit Din.

Please make sure chamets is sold by 11:45am EDT on 22nd April 2024

Click Here to sell your Chamets

Check out this video on the importance of not having chamets on Pesach

No Chamets?
Sel Your Chamets

Eating Matzah

There is a Mitzvah in the Torah to eat Matzah on Seder night. While leaving Egypt, the Jews had to rush out so fast that' there was not even time for the bread to rise '. Therefore, the Torah commands to eat unleavened bread on Seder night.

The Matzah is also a symbol of leaving Egypt, and commemorated becoming a 'free people'.



Eating Matzah

Seder Night & Reading the Haggadah

Seder night (The first night of Pesach inside of Eretz Yisrael and first two nights outside)

Is a very special night, with a big potential to bring a lot of Bracha.

In order to bring down this blessing, Chazal instituted a 15-step guide to go through

known as the Hagaddah

Click Below to download out BH Pesach Haggadah

English Pesach Haggadah Cover.jpg


New Pesach Haggadah Cover.jpg


Seder Night & Reading The Haggadah

Basic Laws of Purim

Basic Laws

Basic Laws of Purim

Basic Laws of Pesach

Check out this video of the laws of Pesach

Preparing for Seder Night

Kimha D'Pisha

There is a special Mitzvah to give money for poor families to be able to make Pesach, as this can be very expensive.

Many Families Will Be Getting Food Baskets From Us As We Do Each Year. 


Your Pesach Donation Will Help Us Feed Thousands of Poor Jews, Widows and Orphans In Israel While Also Bringing Protection To Klal Yisrael.

There Is No Better Way To Fulfill The Clear Instructions Of The Sages This Pesach Than This.

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-01 at 12.14.06_a5abbbbf.jpg

Preparing the Haggadah

Try to prepare the Hagaddah before seder night, so that one can go through it smoothly.

Check out this video for inspiration

Amazing Stories for Your Seder Table

Preparing For Seder Night


Kids Section

The Pesach Story for Jewish Kids

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