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Segulat HaRASHASH Kiddush Cup

A very special wine cup with holy names according to the secrets of the Kabbalah .


Segulat HaRASHASH Kiddush Cup
Based on the teachings of the Holy Sage and Kabbalist Ribbi Shalom Sharabi (The RASHASH) who was one of the Gdolei HaDor 300 years ago, This Special Kiddush Cup Was Made In Jerusalem By Jews and Doesn't Need To Be Toveled In Mikvah.


These Are Excerpts From The Writings of The RASHASH Regarding This Segula:
"These Letters That Are Written On This Cup Are Keys To Gan Eden That Open The Gates Of Mercy...
There Is Nothing From Above That One Cannot Attain By Using These Letters...
There's No Sickness In The World That These Letters Cannot Bring Healness To...
And These Are The Rivers To Come Out Of The Abyss That's Under The Cave Of Machpelah Which Is Under Gan Eden, and Their Segula Are Great And Awesome Things...
And If You Mention Them Ten Times After Havdalah, You Will Be Successful The Whole Week...
And It's Good To Write Them On A Cup..."


Available in Silver and Gold.

Segulat HaRASHASH Kiddush Cup

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