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Sponsor a Lecture - Reach thousands of people around the World.
Bronze (SINGLE SHIUR) $1500



Our lectures reach thousands of people around the world. According to recent statistics from our Youtube, Facebook, Website and other channels, these lectures are watched approximately 6,000,000 minutes per month. Just imagine being part of 6,000,000 minutes of Torah Learning and mitzvot, and what that will make your Olam HaBa look like. With growing full-time staff members & overhead costs, increased technology cost, free product giveaway, short film production, and special programs like the KIRUVSTORE.ORG, the average local lecture costs us between $1500 to  $4000 to produce and put online for free viewership. It may seem to the viewer online like a simple Online Video, but a lot has to happen in order to make that difficult endeavor look so simple. Partner with us on whatever level you want to SPONSOR your very own lecture or FULL SERIES, and we'll include your name in the lecture itself, as well as on the video. Most importantly, inherit the reward in Olam Haba for every minute that video is watched forever.

Sponsor a Lecture - Reach Thousands (Bronze, Silver, Gold Level)

מחירהחל מ- 1,500.00$
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