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Rav Yitzchak Yosef
The Rishon Lezion Chief Rabbi of Israel

"...honor the name of his glory HaRav Rebbi Yaron Reuven Shlit”a. With him the words of Chizuk and Awakening are happily written..."

Yitzchak Yosef - The Rishon Lezion Chief Rabbi of Israel Head Rabbinical Judge of the Supreme Rabbinical Court

25 Kislev 5769 (i.e. 12/22/2008)

A Letter of Blessing

Several sections from the book “Yasem Midbar L’Agam Mayim” were brought to me, which is interspersed with teachings of Mussar and Hashkafa (Torah Ideology) as “from the mouth of Sofrim (authors) and their Sefarim (books).” This handiwork of the Mezake HaRabim, who with his words brings many together, honor the name of his glory HaRav Rebbi Yaron Reuven Shlit”a. With him the words of Chizuk and Awakening are happily written, s he had spoken in public, to rouse the sleepers and awaken the slumber to do complete Teshuva (repentance), to love HaShem and to serve Him wholeheartedly and with a yearning soul, to study Torah diligently and strengthen in the observance of Mitzvot, while simultaneously improving their character traits and deeds, because this is the purpose of man.

And we have been told the praise of the author, who left behind the temporary materialistic life in order to engage in the life of eternity, and cast away the yoke of the many accounts which men thought of, and HaShem granted him the privilege to sit inside the tent of Torah, and to sit between the knees of Torah Scholars, to yield himself to the Gdoley HaDor (The Great Rabbis of The Generations), and after some “time, their time, their times” he turned into, with Divine Assistance, a vessel that is full of HaShem’s blessings.

He then started to water the holy flock his overflowing fine wine, especially those among our brethren Beit Yisrael in the Diaspora, who unfortunately are far from Torah and mitzvoth. “They do not know nor do they understand they walk in darkness…” and “since he acquired [Torah] for himself, he acquires [Torah] for his fellow as well.” His words are a cure for the eyes, as they come forth from the Sanctuary, and he berated bringing back many people from sinning, praiseworthy is his share!

God, blessed be His Name, has also granted him the merit to be the founder of the BeEzrat HaShem Inc. organization for Torah and overwhelming kindness in the Holy Land and in the diaspora, for Zikkuy HaRabim and for strengthening the Torah  Scholars. With him, with a united plan, are two golden treasures, extraordinary Torah Scholars that are spreading their Torah teachings to the flock from our Holy Land. These are the Gaon HaRab Rebbi Efraim Kachlon Shlit”a, the author of important halachic books, and the Gaon Rebbi Yosef Chaim Mizrachi Shlit”a, Dayan and Rabbi in the city of Beitar.

This is the path where light dwells, that a person should acquire for himself a lot of Torah, pure fear of God, and be dedicated to the study of Mussar and the correction of character traits. He must humbly consult with the sages of the Torah, and make sure that his hand does not move out of their hand, and only when his time coincides with knowledge, does he set out to teach Torah to others. Then his heart can be confident that a mishap is certainly not going to come about through him.

Contrary to what happens in our generation, an orphaned generation with people who have not yet read and reviewed their own studies properly, and especially did not serve Torah scholars sufficiently, yet they go out to lead congregations publicly, and step on the heads of the holy nation. Worst of all is that they arrogantly say ‘I will reign”. Moreover, the [publicly] disagree with the Torah Scholars whose smallest finger is thicker than their waists. There are some who even dared to disagree, with extreme arrogance, against the Gdoley HaDor (The Great Rabbis of the Generations), who when they rise even lions are frightened, both in matters of Halacha and in matters of Hashkafa (Torah Ideology), may the good God forgive them.

Nothing further needed besides for a blessing of the Rabbi - the author Shlit”a, that he merit to make the blessing on the completed in the coming days, and his wellsprings of activities spread even further for long days and years of life in goodness and in pleasantness, a satiety of celebrations ans all the best, Amen!

With the Blessings of the Torah,

Yitzchak Yosef

The Rishon Lezion Chief Rabbi of Israel

Head Rabbinical Judge of the Supreme Rabbinical Court 


Endorsement for 'Ach Tov Leyisrael' By Rav Efraim Kachlon

25 Kislev 5769 (i.e. 12/22/2008)

I reviewed the book "Ach Tov L’Yisrael" Responsa in Halacha (Jewish Law) by the diligent Torah scholar of good reputation, the honoured Rabbi Efraim Kachlon Shlit"a, and I saw that his book is based on the Torah sages and he didn’t base it on his own opinion only. May he merit to write many more precious and beneficial interpretations in good taste, and to glorify the Torah.

With the Torah blessing,

Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef- President of Yeshivat Hazon Ovadia, Author of Yalkut Yosef

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