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HaRav Ohayon David
Rav of Alfei Menashe

"...keep writing in a clear and straight way, through deep research and study of the order to shed light on the clarity of the practical Halacha..."

6 Kislev 5769 (i.e. 12/3/2008)

I saw the composition of the dear Torah scholar Rabbi Efraim Kachlon,  who collected halachic matters and interpretations by our sages, which  keep us alive, as its written: "A tree of life is for its holders", and  knowing the actual practical Halacha is the main point for us, as our  sages taught "God has no benefit and delight in the world outside of His  four amot of Halacha" and I have also seen the support letter by the  genius Rabbi Rosenberg shlit”a.

I give my blessing to the author to spread the Torah  and glorify it, and he shall never fail and may we merit sanctifying His  name. "A wise son would make his father rejoice"

And for this I have come to sign with the blessing of Torah

Rabbi Mordechai Yitzchaki- Rav of Moshav Porat

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