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Vision & Mission


Cure our morally bankrupt world by teaching the Emet (Truth) of the God of Yisrael and His Torah to every person that desires it. 


The Problem:  Ignorance & Manipulation of Truth


Although an estimated 4.25 billion people claim to believe in the God of Yisrael and His Torah, only about 3 million (0.003 billion or > 0.1%) are actually following it's exclusive teachings. The combination of ignorance and the intentional perversion of the holy Torah has led countless people towards immoral lives despite being considered by many as religious. Materialism, Sexual Exploitation, Promiscuity, Immodesty, Dishonesty in Business, and the desecration of Shabbat have become a standard in today’s world. As an example of ignorance, a PEW Research study found that 94% of American Jews [mistakenly] believe that working on Shabbat is permissible for Jews.  Although the Torah laws of Shabbat are only relevant to the Jews, all of the ethical laws are relevant to everyone.  With an increase in every negative social statistic, we’ve clearly liberated and enlightened our society into moral bankruptcy. 


The Solution: Free Education That Pays Forward


Our mission is to bring back the Divine Light of Torah to fix the world. Within a decade, become recognized as the industry standard in successfully changing and curing the lives of people towards a morally correct life in accordance with the Torah. This success will enable and encourage countless other Rabbis, teachers, and organizations to repeat the process and magnify the effect around the globe.  Curing the world’s moral bankruptcy can only be done with Divine assistance. This is why we named ourselves BeEzrat HaShem (with God’s help). 

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