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The Yeshiva Student

The Yeshiva Student

I'm a 21 year old yeshiva guy from New York currently learning in Yerushalayim. I have always had a problem with wasting seed since my young teenage years, although I was always aware of the severity I never could quite overcome the nisayon.  Part of the reason I couldn't overcome it was due to the lack of communication of my problem. I never felt comfortable about speaking about it to my Rebbeim and for sure not family. 8 months ago I came across R Yaron Reuven 3 hour shiur on the Torah Anytime app (at the time it was the only shiur on the subject) I watched it in its entirety. From that moment on I was inspired to new levels and I began to fight my nisayon with all my might. I started holding back for appx. a month at a time. I soon realized I had to get help and I finally felt confident and comfortable going over to my Rosh Yeshiva and discussing how to obliterate the nisayon. All I needed was someone to help me win a solo battle, and knowing someone was helping me in case I fell. As I'm typing today it has been 110 days since I last tripped up, which is a record by far! I can't imagine the oilam habah you will be getting iy"h!! I'm still going strong!!! Without you, I would still be falling deeper! May HaShem bless you with happiness and all with what you need!!! He should give you lots of strength to continue giving shiurim and inspire others like me!!!!


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