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The only thing on my mind was $$$

The only thing on my mind was $$$

Moved to a big city from another state 15 years ago and was working 7 days a week, and the only thing on my mind was $$$. Similar to the business Rav Reuven was in.

Every Saturday when I was driving to work, I used to see families going to shul and when I was coming from work the same, seeing then coming back from the shul.

Week after week seeing this, it kinda started making me to think about it and I told myself, one day I will do that as well.

Once I was making an appointment with one of my clients, and he mentioned to me that he can only come on Saturday, because Sunday is the day he spends with his God, and at the moment I didn’t pay attention to what he said, but right after I hang up, it hit me, that a non-Jew spends his time with his God and me someone who shouldn't even be at work, will have to do it. So I called him back and told him that, I can’t make it this Saturday, since I had another app and can only do it on Monday.

Since then I slowly started going to the shul, and now, years after, I have a family, thanks to Hashem, and keep Shabbat and going to the synagogue every day, to my synagogue that I opened with Hashem’s help.

Also, a friend had the same issue that Rav Reuven had, hemorrhoids, and was out for months from work, I handed him the CD with the Wall Street story. a week after he decided to keep Shabbat, and now a person who couldn’t get married for over 40 years, got married and keeps Shabbat for a year, thanks to your life story, his life changed, completely.


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