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Teshuvah from “Hashem Took Back His Millions”

Teshuvah from “Hashem Took Back His Millions”

Back in January 19 2017 my friend handed me a cd of Rabbi Yaron’s and I ended up watching his lectures and I was so inspired by his story. I was at the edge of my seat listening to every word he said. The video was called “Hashem took back his millions and gave me emuna instead” I liked it so much I said to myself I need to speak to him, so my friend gave me the Rabbi’s number and we spoke for 2 hours on January 22, 2017 and Rabbi was explaining to me the connection to Hashem and keeping Sabbath, kosher, and modesty. I never thought every thing, every challenge comes from Hashem, and how important it is to connect to Him and pray to Him. My amazing Teshuva story continues as I continue learning and growing and doing my best in keeping Sabbath, kosher and modesty, as I have already threw away all pants and non kosher items. I was forever inspired and forever changed by that one video! Go ahead and watch it! it’s like a movie you will be at the edge of your seat! Its  an amazing amazing story.

I highly recommend watching Rabbis lectures, getting in touch with him and if you’re lucky he will give you 2 hours of his time :D May Hashem always continue to bless and guide Rabbi Yaron in the right path and helping people in their lives whether it be, keeping shabbat kosher modesty covering hair, and advising people on giving lots of charity and masser. He is definitely the go to Rebbe who has a lot of very valuable things to say. ANd his wife has amazing style dressing modest too :D She was very helpful :D

Stella Ilyayev

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