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Teshuvah: The Cure

Teshuvah: The Cure

True Words of Torah More Powerful Than Cancer

My Story started in 2015, when I found out that I had cervical cancer which was spreading rapidly and that I had maximum 6 months to live! I almost died that day instead!!! I couldn’t understand how this could happen!!! I as a “health freak”, would go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week, and would eat super healthy. Basically, I was a young woman full of life that loved going out dancing. Sadly I wasted my time though, in serious relationships that lasted years thinking maybe if I stayed long enough marriage would happen. Boy was I wrong!!! To top it all off the last relationship where we were together for 1 year and supposedly in love, when I found out I had cancer he dumped me instead of being supportive. At that moment, I told myself if this is happening to me it’s obviously a wakeup call to question my life and my way of living it.  

A few days later, after my cancer diagnosis, I found that a high school friend of mine who became a Rabbi for youth was organizing a religious trip to Israel. I said to myself I might have 6 months to live, so if I do pass away at least my last trip on earth would be in the Holy land.

So I called my rabbi/friend and told him my situation which he became very emotional about it. However, there was no place for me. The trip was completely booked! So I let it be. 2 days later he called me back, and said that he couldn’t let me down, he arranged everything to “squeeze me in” the group. Baruch Hashem I had the opportunity to pray at the Kotel and even went to Hebron at Abraham tomb, Rachel tomb, and many other tzadikim. A few days after coming home from Israel I got a phone call that they found a way for me to get operated ASAP. that was HUGE miracle from Hashem because in Canada Medicare is free and there is a waiting list of 6 months to over 1 years in most cases!!!!!

Baruch HaShem the operation was a success. The doctor who saw me after I woke up from surgery told me “I heard you went to Israel. I don’t know who you prayed to and what you did there, but you’re a lucky girl and G-d loves you. He added that the cancer which was spreading rapidly ended up by pure miracle concentrating in a small area which was east for him to cut it all away. As a result, I was blessed not to do any radiotherapy nor chemotherapy. Regardless of being saved, pathetically I still went back to my “goyish” life.

And yet, Hashem had mercy on me and gave me the chance the year after all of this nightmare to go back to Israel. But this time I wasn’t crying for a physical cure. I felt a sense of guild and went to the Kotel in Jersusalem to pray. Deep down inside I knew something was wrong on my end of the second chance deal with HaShem. Believe it or not, I was about to be a part of a bigger miracle. After I prayed at the woman’s section of the Kotel I looked to the left and saw there is a little wall. On the rim of that wall there was one CD. ONLY ONE CD and it happened to be in English writing saying “From Wall Street to the Western Wall” by Rabbi Yaron Reuven. So before taking it I asked around if it belonged to someone. But everyone responded no, and then a lady answered me to take it. Baruch Hashem I’m SO glad I did. Since that day I was hooked on Torah teachings. From the moment I started listening to the shiurim on the CD, I FINALLY started changing my ways, and never looked back. Thank you for changing my life and making it better every day.


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